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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 06:51 AM BST

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1. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer UPDATED !
Almost 175.000 downloads ! "OUR" PC Modern Warfare 3 Field of View changer, made by AgentRev, has been updated ! The latest version of the FoV Changer, v1.9.446.0 , has an increased FoV limit. Version Changes: Combined MP and SP into single EXE Increased FoV limit to 100 due to ...
by VRANDAS on 09/17 04:02AM - Story - 14,775 Hits

2. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 gets Multiplayer maps from MW2
by Al McCarthy Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward has all but confirmed that classic Call of Duty maps from the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, could be heading to Modern Warfare 3. The Call of Duty community recently noticed that two maps were accidentially listed in the Private ...
by VRANDAS on 06/22 12:40AM - Story - 3,123 Hits

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC and PS3 Patch and DLC 2 ERROR !
Today Infinity Ward updated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with patches for the PC and Playstation 3. The PS3 got Patch 1.16 (29 MB) and PC MW3 got updated to version 1.9.433. And.... 2 Face Off maps , a new gametype, are added to the game for FREE ! ...
by VRANDAS on 06/21 10:30PM - Story - 11,078 Hits

4. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer for MP and SP UPDATED !
Almost 100.000 downloads ! "OUR" PC Modern Warfare 3 Field of View changer, made by AgentRev, has been updated ! Changelog : Fixes some crashes caused by specific .NET 2.0 setups, and the code has also been slightly optimized. You can find the latest v1.8.423.0 version of the MW3 FoV ...
by Claire Claws on 06/04 01:52AM - Story - 19,191 Hits

5. MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator - The FIX for PC MW3 DLC files problem
With the MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator you can play the regular playlist with ALL your friends again ! MapModNews created one ZiP file with ALL you need for properly disabling the 1st Modern Warfare 3 DLC files; so you can join regular lobbies (non-DLC players). The file offers you two choices : ...
by VRANDAS on 05/26 03:37PM - Story - 10,065 Hits

6. Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE - PS3 Patch 1.15 and PC Patch 1.13
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Update - Patch Notes The PC MW3 patch 1.13 is now live. And the PlayStation 3 Patch 1.15 will be available soon. The PS3 Patch was sheduled for in mid-June, but it seems Infinity Ward managed to push out this update sooner. The official ...
by Claire Claws on 05/26 03:15PM - Story - 7,363 Hits

7. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 - FACE OFF - Content Collection 2 Launch Trailer
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 2 Launch Video Trailer. The Second DLC Collection contains new Multiplayer/Survival Mode Maps, Special Ops Missions and will bring the Face Off gamemode.
by Claire Claws on 05/17 08:30PM - Story - 3,334 Hits

8. Modded MW3 lobby - Crosshair and Radar gone...
After you joined a modded lobby, in Modern Warfare 3 PC Multiplayer, your Crosshair and Radar are missing. How to get it back ? Simple; delete your config file. 1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to: C:|program files|steam|steamapps|common|call of duty modern warfare 3|players2 2. Locate and delete config_mp.cfg Next, verify ...
by VRANDAS on 05/14 11:53PM - Story - 4,964 Hits

9. This weekend MW3 Double XP for PC Gamers who can't play....
Attention : When you bought the MW3 Content Collection 1 earlier this week you can't play the old maps with mates who didn't buy the DLC. The Modern Warfare 3 MP different files error occurs if 2 conditions are met : * You have the DLC. * The host / ...
by Claire Claws on 05/11 06:28PM - Story - 1,956 Hits

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Content Collection 2
Modern Warfare 3 - Content Collection 2 3 Multiplayer Maps: Sanctuary, Foundation und Oasis 2 Special Ops Mission: Kill Switch and Iron Clad 4 New gamemode “Face-Off“ maps: Getaway, Lookout, Erosion and Aground Release on May 15th for Xbox Elite. But, and something is going wrong here, on May 22nd ...
by VRANDAS on 05/11 12:21AM - Story - 3,308 Hits

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