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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:09 AM BST

Call of Duty Activity Book

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Air strikes, 7 kill helicopters, rifle mounted grenade launchers

What do they have in common? Well for starters, they’re all things that a child will never get to enjoy for himself. The thrill of the sniper head shot or calling in murderous German shepherds on your enemy in a game of Call of Duty is tucked far away in the corners of the rated “M for mature” box, sadly. But what if there was a way to get the youth of today in on all the polygonal war recreations that modern gaming has been tasteless nice enough to bring us, but without getting their precious little mitts all bloody? Well, today there is a way. We present you with the latest installment in our hallowed Activity Book series, the Call of Duty Activity Book For Kids.

Call of Duty Activity Book

Gaming Gadget - Call of Duty and Phillips AmBx

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Discover the new way to experience the full force of PC games. With amBX your room becomes part of the action thanks to a new range of PC gaming peripherals that takes the game beyond the screen and engages your senses in a way you’ve never experienced at home before. 

Plunge into the visceral action of Call Of Duty World at War or CoD4. Armed to the teeth, amBX will bring an extra dimension to the firepower of your weapons. Dynamic lighting reacts with the pinpoint precision of surgical strikes. Light and sound reflect the blinding intensity of the explosions.

Let amBX highlight the cinematic intensity of Call Of Duty's stunning graphics. Blinding explosions are reflected in the light and sound system, and precision strikes identified with the dynamic lights.

Simultaneous airflow and vibration gives players that extra-sensory boost to keep you immersed in the tumult of ultra-modern warfare. Dedicated amBX effects are used to reinforce the impact of explosions – grenades and machine guns – and bullets.

More about amBX - Watch video

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Big video game fans prove crucial to the industry

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NEW YORK (AP) — They stand in line outside stores waiting for midnight launches of new video games. When they get home after a long day, they plop down in front of the TV not to sit back and watch, but to play.

They're known as "core gamers." They are people like Greg Wilcox, who writes about video games and has bought roughly 100 this year, and people like Mark Hengst, who's in law enforcement and says daily gaming gives him an "interactive form of escapism." And there's Wyatt Du Frane, a geology graduate student who's been playing since he was a little boy.

"I like their scope," said Du Frane, 28, a student at Arizona State University. "A movie is only a couple of hours. A video game is more like a book or a TV series, where you can kind of continue the story."

For the video game industry, core gamers are proving crucial. Their willingness to regularly, loyally buy new titles — no matter what — gives the industry a better chance of success than other businesses that rely on discretionary spending vulnerable to the recession.

"As long as hard-core gamers have a job, they will continue to buy games," said IDC video games analyst Billy Pidgeon.

The industry's ability to lean on core gamers is a bit of a twist, because video game makers have been working hard to grow by expanding their mainstream appeal.

Top 10 most pirated games of 2008

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by: TalkeR

Who can guess what the most pirated game was from 2008? No its not Far Cry 2, or Call of Duty 4; its not one many people will have considered.The list which was compiled by blogging site, TorrentFreak and can be seen right here:


    # Name Estimated Downloads
    1 Spore 1,700,000
    2 The Sims 2 1,150,000
    3 Assassins Creed 1,070,000
    4 Crysis 940,000
    5 Command & Conquer 3 860,000
    6 Call of Duty 4 830,000
    7 GTA San Andreas 740,000
    8 Fallout 3 645,000
    9 Far Cry 2 585,000
    10 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 470,000

The list is a very rough guide but it although it is very insightful, with 1.7 million downloads of Spore, this amounts to a huge £51 million estimate loss. No wonder they are resorting privacy invading software such as DRM when they are making losses on such a huge scale. Perhaps most surprisingly on the list is The Sims 2, with 1.1 million downloads. The "strategic lifestyle simulator" was originally released just over 4 years ago in late 2004.

I am sure this list will provoke a huge response from game publishers with EA's Mariam Sughayer already stating that a large number of the downloads will be broken and incomplete games.

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