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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:30 AM BST

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Last few weeks this website suffered from an overloaded database.

Time-outs made pages load incomplete and most pictures didn't show. It was also impossible to write new articles and add new files.

So we decided to transfer the database to one of our own servers and with this the problem is now solved.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Gaming Made Easy - ONLIVE - Games On Demand service

General Gaming News

onlive gaming

OnLive is launching the world’s highest performance Games On Demand service, instantly delivering the latest high-end titles over home broadband Internet to the TV and entry-level PCs and Macs.


Powerful Gaming Made Easy

  • Connect to OnLive with your TV, PC or Mac and start a game
  • Your game runs in a state-of-the-art OnLive game server center
  • OnLive connects you to game servers through the Internet, instantly sending your controller actions upstream and the results back downstream at blinding fast speeds
  • Enjoy ultra high-performance gameplay on your TV or entry-level PC or Mac

 OnLive instantly connects you to the hottest games through your broadband Internet connection.

ONLIVE microconsole

OnLive delivers the hottest games from top publishers for instant, high-performance play on TV, PC or Mac. OnLive is currently in Beta test. Interested in helping? Sign up here.

The British Academy Video Games Awards - BAFTA

General Gaming News

by Claire Claws

ritish Academy Video Games Awards

The GAME British Academy Video Games Awards take place on Tuesday 10 March to celebrate the best games of the last twelve months.





I hear you thinking :  "But CoD4 is older then 12 months !  It should have been CoD: World at War..."




That is why I hope LEFT 4 DEAD wins all awards it is nominated for.

 View here all Video Games Awards Nominations

Vista Anti-Lag (VAL) 1.1.1 - Get rid of Wireless Spikes

General Gaming News

Vista Anti-Lag (VAL) Optimizes your wireless Windows Vista (all editions)

Its a known phenomenon in World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, and many more games online that Windows Vista cause you to have spikes every ~60sec. VAL fixes this for you!


Windows Vista works best with non-standard wireless settings. Some settings result in many WLAN card (example Linksys) to 1.5 sec dropouts now and then, every 30-60sec. Especially in the gaming comminity or downloads, these lag spikes are not welcome.

That is what VAL does. It removes these spikes.

- Removing 'Lag Spikes' 'Lag Peaks'
- No dropouts with Skpye & VoiceOverIP
- Download at full speed without any hassle.
- Lagfree games on Windows Vista
- Best thing is, its FREE!

Tech info: Vista Anti-Lag was written in Visual C ++, and uses the official WiFi API of Windows Vista to several corrections in the wireless connection. This will fix dropouts and ping peaks with wireless. The project is only for Windows Vista (32bit and 64bit)

So.. Start using this tool if you are having wireless peaks on your Windows Vista.

Download Vista Anti-Lag 1.1.1

Voice communication for gamers - Mumble 1.1.7

General Gaming News


Mumble is an application to allow voice communication, especially in games.

This program was designed as a high-quality voice communication tool for gamers. It includes game linking so that voices from other gamers can come from their characters and features echo closure, so that loud speaker noise won't be audible to other players.

The good quality and low delay time of the application make it a great addition to a gamers PC.

What's new in Mumble 1.1.7 :
· Brings in a slew of new Positional Audio plugins, along with support for the Logitech G15 (and compatible) LCD devices. It also fixes all known bugs and defects.

Newly added Positional Audio plugins:
· Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
· Call of Duty 2
· Call of Duty 4
· Call of Duty 5


Download  Mumble

Try out Mumble :  Mapmodnews test server - IP - port 64738

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