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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:09 AM BST

Gaming Widescreen Fixer - ratio & resolution

General Gaming News

There are many games that do not support widescreen properly. These games usually let you set a widescreen resolution, but do not adjust the field of view (FOV) accordingly. This causes the top and bottom of the screen to be cropped. Because of this issue, blooguard decided to develop a program that will adjust the field of view for the aspect ratio of your monitor.

       1280x960 - Fix disabled                                               1536x960 - Fix enabled
1280x960 - Fix disabled - BF2142.exe +widescreen 0 +szx 1280 +szy 960   1536x960 - Fix enabled - BF2142.exe +widescreen 1 +szx 1536 +szy 960

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with 3 monitors. The aspect ratio and HUD are corrected.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

These games are currently supported:

  • In Battlefield, you will notice a slight change when you zoom in or out with weapons.
  • If you use Microsoft Windows Vista, you need to have either UAC disabled or run the program as administrator.
  • If you're having problems with any of the Battlefield games, reapply the latest patch and see if it helps.

Widescreen Fixer v1.65.0. Updated for latest MW2 and Wolfenstein.

Download Latest version Widescreen Fixer v1.65.0

The recommended version for use with Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 with PunkBuster enabled is v1.32

Download Widescreen Fixer v1.32

In Read More more info

Robin Williams plays Call of Duty

PLAYSTATION 3 - MAG Beta Key Giveaway

General Gaming News

MAG 4.5 beta for North American residents in the United States and Canada.

PLAYSTATION 3 - MAG Beta Key Giveaway

They unleashed a second wave of Playstation 3 MAG Beta keys for shooting fans who want to spend their Thanksgiving weekends having fun while giving them a little constructive criticism. Hopefully, this second and enormous batch of codes will be enough to get through more than a day’s worth of requests (not that they mind the demand!).

To get a key, simply click on the image or text link below and follow the instructions that you’ll find on the other end. Remember, all keys are on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to get your beta access code as soon as you can — as yesterday proved they’re going fast.

To get your MAG Beta code, click here.

See read more for video and weapons list.

Modern Warfare 3 Video Trailer.....

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

PC Gaming isn't dead, but it is under fire!

General Gaming News

Modern Warfare 2: The Battleground for PC Gaming ?

by Eric Frederiksen

Every once in a while (every 10 minutes or so), the death knell of PC gaming is cried out by someone or other. And once in a while, it seems like they might be right. PC gaming is not, however, going anywhere.

With such an open platform that allows anyone to get in without buying a dev kit, there will always be something to play. Nonetheless, the release of Modern Warfare 2, to me, signals one of the loudest shots fired from the bow of a major publisher against PC gaming.

Freelancer Mitch Dyer commented on his twitter feed earlier today that he was ranked one million something in Modern Warfare, meaning that in just 12 hours, the game has sold over a million copies on one platform. Any doubt that this game would be huge should be a distant memory by now.

The two console versions are pretty much feature-identical, as far as I know. It comes down to preferences for controllers and online service. Beside that, they're the same game.

But then there's the PC version.

The thing about PC gamers is, they expect certain things out of their games, things that have always been there as far back as Quake. First and foremost is the exclusion of support for dedicated servers. Back in the Quake II days, I remember logging into the same server (Nostromo) every night over the summer to play deathmatch over dial-up. On the 360 and PS3, matchmaking is an accepted part of the platform.

PC Gaming isn't dead

To not have that, as little an inconvenience as it may be in reality, seems like a major affront to PC gamers. Having the option to get familiar with a server and the group that shows up there has always been one of the benefits of the game, along with having the option to vote users off the server if they're being disruptive without having to wait for an admin to get to it. Also, when the game isn't hosted by a player, no one gets the home field advantage and no one affects the game when they pull the plug mid-match.

Of course on the publisher side, you get problems like servers with weird settings that encourage cheating and most importantly, servers that don't verify that your copy of the game is legal. That's the big thing. By having the entire online game run through a service, you force all your users to verify their copies of the game if they want to play online. Even if it means no clan home servers and worse, no local play.

Another missing aspect is the lack of console access. The best way to describe a PC gamer, to me, is to compare them to those car nuts that build hot rods from scratch. PC gamers build their systems, know the specs of every part in their computer, and have everything set-up just the way they like. Check out their World of Warcraft interfaces when they get to higher levels, and you'll see something that barely looks like the same game. Similarly, some gamers like to have their shooters set-up just-so. Tweaking the field of view settings and sensitivity of the controls are things gamers expect to have the option to do as necessary. Instead, Infinity Ward has told gamers that they'd like them to play the game as they designed it, regardless of any user preferences that may not conform to what the publisher thinks is important.

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