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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:08 AM BST

Robbski Game Review : Medal of Honor : Airbourne

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by Robbski


Actually , its pretty cool,

Although you need a pretty hefty pc to get anything decent outta it and when you have more than 2 enemy's on screen at once the fps goes down the toilet to unplayable crappy levels. It does have its charms ,would like to see a patch to improve the severe drop in frames but i can live with it

You get to parachute jump into any area of the map , ( there are five skill drops to discover on each map ) like atop a rooftop or through a window or atop a greek column) which adds to replay factor

You can head for green smoke areas for all you noobs out there or head for the red areas( from the neat briefings) for a full on nazi gun fest battle from the outset....

As you progress through the levels which can for the most part have their objectives tackled in the order you want ( until the last bit of each level which is forced on you till the end but thats a good thing cause it builds suspense )

The weapons are pretty meaty and once proficient you get to bolt on improvements like bigger magazines or faster reloading blah blah

Just made it to the fourth level , and i will certainly be going back to tackle the levels differently , making it easier or harder as i see fit

Good old melee attack is still there and does take a couple a bashes to crack some skulls which is cool

So to sum up , if you like your FPS , with a WW2 flavour get it

Ok just finished it ( single player ) but i'll go through it again and get more of the secret landings and upgrade different weapons..( the more you use a gun or nade a progress bar goes up and you start to get little upgrades , these upgrades stay with you through your entire campaign so it doesn't disapear after each level

Played the Multiplayer a couple of times , last night i was playing the Operation Neptune Map ( D-Day ) with big NAzi bunker on top of a hill and gunho yanks starting at a farm building ( but can parachute in anywhere) which is slightly changed from the single player ...

But the graphics seem toned down in quality and im still getting crappy lag which kinda spoils things really isnt fluid gameplay at all.

Robbski Game Review : Ghost recon advanced warfighter 2

General Gaming News

by Robbski

Finally got this and im not so keen on it...

So what follows is Robbski's review

Its just so damn slow to play , the bots are a little stupid and you end up fragging the dirty mexican banditos yourself.

Graphics are nice , but gameplay isnt for me , doesnt reward rambo style run and gun tactics , which is total loss.

example . you send your 3 men squad to a bit on the map ( even providing cover for them , i might add) they start moaning and *censormode*ing 'under fire' or 'im hit' when a dirty mexican terrorist hell bent on blowing up americans shoots them. by the time i can get the situation under control by fraging the sniper they are all dead. leaving robbski to do his rambo thing until i pop round a corner and get fragged by a sniper in the next valley.

im on the second level in some quarry and yes you can tackle the maps in any way you want , but im fed up dying ...

You also get this little drone flying thing to spy out enemy positions , but the drone is right in front of some artillery piece your meant to blow up and it cant see it ...soooooo Robbski has to personally haul ass to the suspect position... peek into the dark cave and soundly gets his melon ( head ) shot to shit...

After several attempts and clocking the idea to send a bot in first :) the situation is normal again ..

Maybe im just not ready for non linear games .. i mean i like getting told where the hell to go , like follow this corrider then shoot bad guys.. simple huh

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