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Sunday, August 20 2017 @ 04:54 AM BST

Flash Game - Call of Duty 1

The very first Call of Duty in a flash version.... 


Mouse - Aim and fire.
A / D - Move left / right.

Game - Obama vs Zombies

 Obama vs Zombies

Game Description:
Zombies are attacking the White House and Obama is left to fend for himself. Find weapons and survivors to fight your way through waves of zombies until someone comes to your rescue.

Game Instructions:
WASD - Move character. R - Reload. Space - Switch weapons. ESC / P - Pause game Mouse / Mouse click - Aim / Shoot weapon.

The game is loading below or in read more.

Game - Zombies in da House

Flash Game : Zombies in da House

Game Description: Zombies have taken over the city. Defend yourself til rescue arrives or be bombed with the zombies.


Game Instructions:
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Press R to reload.
Hold spacebar to use alternate weapon.

Funny Call of Duty 2 Flash version Game

Someone made this playable flash version of the Call of Duty 2 Game. Just funny....

Description: Kill as many enemies as possible with your super machine gun in this interesting shooting game to score highest points by staying alive for maximum longer time. To complete your mission, you need to be very careful in avoiding their attack as you have limited health. Also you have 30 bullets in each magazine and it will take time to reload automatically.

Instructions: · Aim and Shoot = Use Mouse

COD 5 Nazi Zombie Hotel Demo

Why this Free Online Game game is called COD 5 Nazi Zombie Hotel ? No idea.  But it looks fun. :)


Free Adult Flash Games Online

Adult Flash Games

Amateur Surgeon Amateur Surgeon

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Amateur Surgeon: Christmas

Bible Fight Bible Fight

Candy Mountain Massacre Candy Mountain Massacre

Candy Mountain Massacre 2 Candy Mountain Massacre 2

Death Vegas Death Vegas

Dungeons and Dungeons Dungeons and Dungeons

Fairway to Hell Fairway to Hell

Fantasy Telemarketer Fantasy Telemarketer

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2 Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2

Floater Floater

Gigolo Assassin Gigolo Assassin

HRmageddon HRmageddon

Kill Thy Neighbor Kill Thy Neighbor

Meowcenaries Meowcenaries

Mr. Mullet Mr. Mullet

My Lil' Bastard My Lil' Bastard

Nine Billion Miles From Earth Nine Billion Miles From Earth

Orphan Feast Orphan Feast

Pizza City Pizza City

Rock Paper Scissors Deathmatch Rock Paper Scissors Deathmatch

Schizophrenzy Schizophrenzy

Spell My Finger Spell My Finger

Twirl and Hurl Twirl and Hurl

Vending Machine Champ Vending Machine Champ

Viva Caligula Viva Caligula

Worst Game Ever Worst Game Ever

Zombie Hooker Nightmare Zombie Hooker Nightmare

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