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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:11 AM BST

Modern Warfare 2 PC - Hacker calls a nuke without getting 25 kills

CoD Modern Warfare 2

And the Modern Warfare 2 Hackers story continues..... 

Modern Warfare 2 - getting Clan Members into the same Game

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 destroyed the way we like to play Online Team Games.

We used to have clans... We still have clans.

But how can you play, with a group of people, MP Modern Warfare 2 ??

multi gaming clan

Clan (computer gaming) as explained by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Next bit by VMK-Ninja

For those of you with over 8 members playing; try this :

Select one member to pick the game type you are wanting to play ,then get everyone else to open steam friends and select that member ,right click and there is a option for join game when he gives the work click join game and there you go all in the same game ,mixes the teams up but works ,we manged to get 15 of us into domination last night

If you want certain teams ,same sort of idea get one member to create a party then on his word go same again and depending on numbers you'll end up on the other team.

Hope this helps some of you

And dpelchat added....

But even this doesn't work all the time. In some instances, both team leaders need to be synched and join the game at the same time, else it will not work. Also, if you are more than 4-5 in a party, you will not be able to start an HC game. Real ***

MW2 - Activision shoved the Gaming Press around

CoD Modern Warfare 2

By Ben Kuchera from ars technica

What we (and Activision) learned from Modern Warfare 2

Spacewar!, developed for the PDP-1 in 1961 < Spacewar!, developed in 1961

PC gaming doesn't matter.

The launch of the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 was met with disdain, boycott groups, and petitions. The angst was mostly due to the lack of support for dedicated servers, a fact that has done much to harm the community around the game and limit its reach as a title used in competitive circles.

But who cares? The majority of gamers will experience the game on consoles, and PC gamers don't need things like a console for tweaking the game or support for mods. Infinity Ward and Activision locked down the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 to make sure it was played how and when they want. New content is coming for the game, buts let's hope that the Microsoft exclusivity doesn't extend to the PC. It's bad enough that Modern Warfare 2 snubbed the modding community completely—although not before taking all its best ideas—but making PC gamers wait for the only add-on content available until Microsoft decides it's OK for Activision to sell it to you is the worst kind of middle finger.

You can shove the gaming press around...

There was only one way to review Modern Warfare 2 : on a Xbox 360, in Santa Barbara, under the watchful eye of Activision. Accepting the paid trip, along with room and board, was the only way you were going to get a review before launch. Joystiq noted that this broke their ethics policy, but they went anyway. (Clarification: Joystiq contacted us to make clear that while their writer accepted the room in Santa Barbara, airfare was not provided) Who can say no to a review destined to bring in traffic? Shacknews refused to call their coverage a "review" because of the ethical issues inherent in the situation, but that stance was unique.

The vast majority of news outlets didn't disclose how the review was conducted, or added a disclaimer after the nature of the review was made public. This proved to Activision that if you're big enough, you can dictate the exact terms of any review, and no ethics policy will make news outlets turn you down.

Why spend all this money on flying journalists to a resort in Santa Barbara? Because it works. Activision refuses to comment on the review situation, and the Metacritic score for the game stands at 94 percent.

When it comes to Tony Hawk: Ride, Activision just took things to their natural conclusion, held a three-hour event where the press could review the game, and refused to ship it to anyone. We've heard that for its next blockbuster title Activision is planning to simply visit game reviewers at work, punch them in the kidneys, and then write the review for them.

The gaming press, to its eternal credit, will thank Activision for the readers.

Modern Warfare 2 - Will there be mod tools in future?

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Mod Tools MW2

Yes, we currently plan to release some Mod Tools for Modern Warfare 2 for PC in the future. No eta or date has been set on when you can expect them however. Other than that, there hasn't been much movement on them. If this progresses, I'll let you know.

There would definitely need to be a patch for the inclusion of mod tools and for the use / testing of them. I'm sure once the release date of the tools is closer, then I'll have those details for you.

Right now though, I'd consider the Mod Tools as something that we'd like to add. Not something that is guaranteed to be added as I know game updates, patches, and DLC are currently the priority of the team.

Modern Warfare 2 - Dedicated Servers from TeknoGods

Dedicated Servers for MW2 PC, a work in progress but all goes well.

Modern Warfare 2 - Dedicated Servers from TeknoGods

More about the Dedicated Servers from TeknoGods: Modern Warfare 2 without a Steam Connection

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