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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:33 PM BST

YES... IWNet is now DOWN !


First the playlist update, then 1.0.182 update and now, as the icing on the can't play MW2 cake, IWNet is down

No comment from Infinity Ward on all what's going on in these last 2 days.................


May 4th 2010 latest :

Modern Warfare 2 - Steam - IWNet servers can't handle DLC day

MW2 - Patch_mp.ff is different from the server

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 patch_mp.ff - Update 1.0.182

 Yes.... you can get Patch_mp.ff is different from the server.

This is because not ALL players/hosts having the updated file yet

or YOU dont have the updated file.

It is every time the same thing when MW2 gets a ,unannounced, patch update........

Modern Warfare 2 PC Playlist Update on 02/02/2010

CoD Modern Warfare 2


We released a playlist update around noon (Pacific Time) on Feb 2nd on the PC Version of Modern Warfare 2.

I understand many users are reporting disconnects after player one or more matches since the playlist update. We're aware of the issue and will be releasing another playlist update soon to address it. I'll keep you posted on any further details that come my way.


And, again ! , a temp-fix workaround from PC Community :

Steamfolder/steamapps/common/call of duty modern warfare 2 (or whatever it is named)/zone/german or english/

and delete mp_playlists.ff or rename the mp_playlists.ff to mp_playlists.ff.backup.

Modern Warfare 2 Playlist Update Error and Kick

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Playlist Update ERROR

Seems the "new" MW2 Playlist can't be uploaded to client's pc. So players can't play anymore.

The engine doesnt have enough rule buffer space. So it cant write the data, so nothing is patched, and therefore maybe causing players to be kicked aswell.....

More here and a fix : Modern Warfare 2 PC Playlist Update on 02/02/2010

Good Morning IW, We need to talk about last night...

Satirical letter to Infinity Ward by jdough4                                                                                                                   

Good Morning IW, We need to talk about last night...              

Lets face it, it was horrible. I don't know any other way to say this - its not me, its you IW.

Look, I'm not going to say we haven't had fun, because we have. But, it hasn't been easy.

I've put up with your quirks and bad behavior. I've done everything I could do to make this work and I think it could still work, maybe, if I could just see some effort from you to make it work.

I've not news for you IW. Our relationship isn't just about you, its about me too. So far, it seems like I'm the one doing most of the work trying to keep this going. I've spend hours forwarding ports and reading message boards trying to improve our connection. If you'd just give me a clue what you want it would be easier. But no, I have to hear it off the street - "IW likes it when you put on the uPnP and if you go DMZ - ooooohhh baby!"

How do you think it makes me feel to have to hear that from a stranger instead of from you?

Speaking of strangers. I'm tired of your promiscuity with these hackers. Oh sure, you tell me, "Honey, you know I don't do that with other guys" But we both know that just isn't true. I feel like I need to wear a latex bodysuit or something. Franky, I'm afraid I'll catch something from you now.

Which brings us to last night. Were you on drugs? One minute you would spaz out, the next you were moving really slow. We could talk for a second and then you'd just shut down on me. Then start up again like nothing was wrong, but babble some kind of gibberish about a playlist at me over and over and over again.

I hate to say it IW, because we have had some good times, but if are going to stay to together you are going to have to clean up your act.

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