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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:10 AM BST

Modern Warfare 2 - IWnet_ Invalid Version Error

CoD Modern Warfare 2

When you try to connect to IWnet then it gives error : IWnet_ Invalidversion.


Updating MW2 in Steam doesn't help.

Waiting on more information and possible fix.

Update :

Unknown WHY files got corrupted /set-back to older version. But....

47. Modern Warfare 2 - IWnet_ Invalid Version Error

Solution: Verify integrity of game cache. To do this open the steam menu, right click modern warfare 2 and click properties. Go to local and select verify integrity of game cache.


Un-install and Re-install MW2

Full list of ALL Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Errors - Freezes, Crashes and Install problems

Selling or Buying a PC copy of Modern Warfare 2

CoD Modern Warfare 2

by Vrandas

Selling your PC copy of Modern Warfare 2

You can't sell or even give away your Modern Warfare 2 PC Game.

Not all MW2 owners are aware of the above fact.

Why ?

The game has to be registered on Steam and it can not be re-registered to an other Steam account.

And so this same fact goes for buying a "used" copy of Modern Warfare 2 on eBaY as well.

Without getting the, used for this copy, Steam-account with it : the game will be useless ! SP and MP !

The Typical Modern Warfare 2 Game Flowchart

CoD Modern Warfare 2

By Brian Miggels

Simply put, CoD Modern Warfare 2 is unplayable these days.

What was once a bold and exciting venture into Infinity Ward's definitive new first person shooter is now a gigantic gangbang of glitches, cheaters and hackers. The game's community has split, either joining in on the exploits or seeking support from traumatized fellow vets, huddled around the television as the lobby music loops ad nauseum.

Civilized gameplay is a thing of the past, and this once-great shooter has been transformed into a psychotic game of "Family Double Dare," only without Marc Summers to tell the overexcited father to ease up on the buzzer.

Finding a playable game is nearly impossible. This flowchart details the steps we have to go through on a daily basis just to play a decent game of Modern Warfare 2.

The Modern Warfare 2 Typical Game Flowchart

MW2... the most popular of all hated games ?

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Written by jockyitch from

Madam Speaker, members of the CoD Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow gamers:

Since Rob Bowling told us that there would be no dedicated servers for MW2 I dreaded what might happen to the CoD FPS community. Would it kill it off or rejuvinate it? It was hard to say what exactly would happen.

Now, here we are in February. Most CoD clans are still around, while many server companies are not. Competitive gamers have gone the way of the dodo (or is that Dota?) and community modders are simply happy to work for food.

And a few challengers have emerged that could make MW2 a memory...BFBC2, MoH and even CoD7 (from Treyarch).

Perhaps it is time to take stock?

MW2...the most popular of all hated games?


According to Steam, at its peak, 130,000 players were logged-on playing MW2 a few weeks back. That number has dropped into the low 110K's recently, but on SuperBowl Sunday it was back to to 126,494 to be exact (Superbowl parties perhaps?).

MW2 is the number one played game on Steam, followed closely by CS Source at 102,189 (today's current peak) and another 80K playing CS. 

Xfire shows CoD4 at 9M minutes played today, followed by CoD at 6M and MW2 comes in at only 5M. However, given that MW2 gamers are using Steam as their IM software, not XFire (a CoD4 and CoD2 staple), these numbers have to be weighed differently.

However you slice it, MW2 is the most popular CoD game going and arguably the most popular FPS in the PC world.

An MW2-uninstall coming soon?

Though MW2 continues to be trashed by the hardcore PC community (now a daily ritual since it fell with a sickening thud on our hard-drives last November), the numbers show that is has garnered a good sized community of its own.

STEAM did a refund because amount of errors Modern Warfare 2

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Fed up with all the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Problems ?

A German Gamer has managed to get his money back from STEAM !!

Fed up with the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Problems ?

It took him weeks and lots of explaining that this game doesn't work as expected. He even showed STEAM screenshots of the various error-screens instead of fun gaming. Yesterday Steam refunded his money.....

The full correspondence (in German) with STEAM

So it just boils down to personal perseverance... GJ !  

Fed up ? Go ask STEAM for a refund !

More info in German : Modern Warfare 2 - Steam TAUSCHT Game um !

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