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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:11 AM BST

PS3 and PC - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack

CoD Modern Warfare 2

An other mix of new and old maps will be available on July 6th for PC and Playstation 3.

Infinity Ward's Fourzerotwo announced via Twitter that the second downloadable map pack for CoD Modern Warfare 2 will drop on the PS3 and PC next month. North American PS3 owners can pick the pack up on July 6th, while the European PS3 market will have to wait one more day till July 7th.

PC gamers will be able to pick it up worldwide on July 6th 2010

No pricing details were given, but one could assume it will be similarly priced to the Xbox 360 download.

Modern Warfare 2 - Resurgence Mappack DLC - Screenshots.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DLC is problem for matchmaking

CoD Modern Warfare 2

by Vrandas

Clever thinking by an Infinity Ward Modern Warfare 2 Developer one year ago......

When less then 50% of the MW2 PC Players BUY the Stimulus Mappack than the 'NEW' Matchmaking system will be a problem.

Well there was no realistic thinking person    .

DLC causes problems for the MW2 matchmaking system

So atm it is not possible to integrate the Stimulus maps into the normal MW2 map-rotation, because it causes a problem for the current matchmaking system. 

Like this player comments :

"I don't want to play random game modes, I usually play TDM or TDM Express simply cos I wanna shoot people and not run around with a bomb on my back or run from HQ to HQ. I hope they put it in rotation soon as currently im playing BC2 and have no interest in MW2 until I can decide what game mode to play with the new maps I paid for..."

So Stimulus buyers are STILL waiting for the DLC maps to be integrated to the normal playlists and the next mappack, Resurgence, will make the current problem even worse !!!

Modern Warfare 2 DLC - Resurgence Mappack

Modern Warfare 2 - Resurgence Mappack DLC - Screenshots.

An other mix of new and old maps and first available June 3rd On Xbox Live.

Public Beta alterIWnet - an other way to play MP Modern Warfare 2 ?

CoD Modern Warfare 2

by Vrandas

It is not because MapModNews suddenly started with promoting Game Piracy.... but any CoD Community Initiative to make a "better" Multiplayer experience for Modern Warfare 2, other than the way Activision/Infinity Ward/Steam presented it to the players so far, we support.

This alterIWnet is a IWnet emulate system (now BETA) and console active... so you can kick noob and ban cheaters and change maps. The "No VAC" is a downside but then again Multi Player MW2 as it is now, is full of cheaters and hackers so no dramatic change there....

From the alterIWnet creator´s website.

Edited - Removed Piracy Content.


The Open Beta test is finally here.  This is a short guide on how to play on our server.

Please note that the client is not fully ready. You will not have access to registration or Friends list management at this time.


Links are below the instructions.

If you have the latest version from Steam (1.1.195):

1. Get “MW2Client-from-New.rar
2. Extract MW2Client-from-New.rar in the root folder
3. Run “alterIWnet_configure.exe” and set your nickname accordingly
4. Start iw4mp.exe and play!


We´ll keep an eye on future alterIWnet developments and report back here.

Reset your Modern Warfare 2 rank after being hacked

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Hacked servers are ruining the Modern Warfare 2 Multi Player game by un-locking all ranks.

Reset your MW2 rank by deleting Steam’s Local Player Stats.

The following four files must be deleted in order to reset the user’s rank to zero (rank level 1) in the Steam Cloud :

|Steam|SteamApps|common|call of duty modern warfare 2|players|  two .stat files
|Steam|userdata|(some numbered folder)|(some numbered folder)|remote|  two files


You need to remove the "remote" files to keep your rank zero. ( Otherwise Steam gives you the hacked rank back after one game.)


If you have windows 7 or vista try first :

Go to your Steam folder>userdada>(RANDOM NUMBER)>10190 RIGHT CLICK THE 10190 folder and click restore previous version.

Go to your Modern Warfare 2 folder and do the same with the PLAYERS folder.


Modern Warfare 2 Profile Backup Tool

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