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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:28 AM BST

CoD4 Multiplayer Perk #3: Double Tap

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Double Tap is pretty straight forward: put more rounds down range quicker, because with Double Tap enabled, you'll have an increased rate of fire on any weapon you have, including your pistol.

In the video, we're using a Mini-Uzi which already has a great rate of fire. First we show you what it's like without Double Tap. Then we enable it, and you can easily tell the difference it makes in the middle of a fire fight.


The Double Tap perk is ideal for the Flag Runners, Run and Gunners - i.e. the guys who want to get into battle quickly, and wreak some havoc. It's also perfect for CQB and interior fighting. Keep in mind though, every perk has its pros and cons. If you choose Double Tap, you're going to have to miss out on something else, not to mention how quickly you're going to blow through your ammo if you're a spray-and-pray type of player.

Like always, choose your perks wisely, and tailor them to YOUR play style. In the end, every perk is bad ass; but thanks to the ability to only have three at a time, and balancing, you're going to have to pick the bad ass ones that fit perfectly with how you play. When it comes down to it, you're never going to overpower the enemy simply by having a certain perk; you have to use the ones that work well with your style and skills.

CoD4 Multiplayer Perk #2: DEEP IMPACT

Call of Duty 4 Archive


This week we're showing off the multiplayer perk, "Deep Impact." Before I jump into the details of what Deep Impact allows you to do, here's the low-down on Bullet Penetration in the game.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, we've introduced a new Bullet Penetration system to both Single-player and Multiplayer that allows you to shoot through certain objects in the game that would normally be used as cover (i.e. Walls, floors, ceilings).

That said, what you can shoot through depends on three main variables:

The Ballistics of the weapon you're using.
The relative 'thickness' of the object you're shooting through.
The distance between you and the object you're firing into.
These three things determine IF you can shoot through the object, and if you can, how strong the bullet will be once it passes through it.

It changes the entire way you play the game; suddenly it's not just about getting to cover, but about getting to hard cover. In multiplayer, this can change your tactics dramatically. Rather than simply picking a weapon to take into a firefight, you can carefully craft your weapon's load out to the environment you'll be fighting in.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Single Player

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Community Summit Preview



The storyline of COD4’s SP mode has been written about quite a bit by the various media out there, so I’ll keep my description brief. The basic premise is that a Russian ultra-nationalist bent on returning to the “glory days” of the old Soviet Union enlists the aid of a Middle-Eastern terrorist to help keep the Western powers off-balance and distracted, until it is too late for them to stop his plans in motion. The user will play as British SAS commandos in the Eastern Europe/Russian theatre, and as US Marine Force Recon units moving through the Middle-East, with both forces meeting up together in the climactic finish.

The game plays out over about 7 or 8 “days”. Actual TV/movie writers were brought in to help develop the script, in order to give this storyline more of the feel of a high-action weekly TV series, or an actual feature film you might see in a theatre. Although previous COD’s had a rough, basic storyline based on certain WWII battles, this game’s SP is heavily plot-driven, and from the few missions we saw, feels quite rich and immersive, including such things as flashback missions to help flesh out some character relationships and plot story elements.


Call of Duty 4 Archive

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Community Summit Preview



Here’s where the IW folks were able to show off a lot of the graphic capabilities of this game using some dev tools to quickly zip around some maps and zoom in on player models.

When you first look at COD4, your eyes almost pop absorbing what they see, as the virtual world jumps out at you. Lighting is one of the big differences in the look of this game over previous versions. They have done a lot with various kinds of lighting to really make different surfaces stand out. As the commentary in the Lighting Effects Interview states, when making a movie, many different light sources are used. The same can be said for photography, producing some amazing effects and looks to both people and objects/scenery. COD4 has made some big steps forward in adding and simulating more and better light sources.

Along with light comes shadow, which also helps our eyes/brain determine what looks “real” and what doesn’t. COD4 uses selfshadowing to help achieve this realistic look as well, where part of a character’s body or gear can cast a shadow on itself.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - MULTI-PLAYER

Call of Duty 4 Archive

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Community Summit Preview



Multi-player was a major focus for COD4. The MP Lead was allowed to put together his own team early on and was tasked solely with MP, not double-duty between that and SP. They had the mode up and running at a basic level only 3 months into development. MP was designed with 4 main things in mind:

a) fun – this goes without saying
b) community – giving options, customization ability to those that play the game itself
c) accessibility – allow both new and veteran players to easily get into the game
d) depth – keep people playing it long after release

Putting all of these together, their goal, direct from Grant, was simple: “to be the top competitive multi-player game” on the market. From what we saw so far, they’re well on their way to that goal.

Our demonstration of the MP mode wasn’t very long, but it was packed with info, and we did get to see quite a bit for the time we had. Everything was unlocked in the version we were shown. In it, one of the IW staff there in the theatre with us played a round vs some QA staff located in another room. We weren’t given any definitive “lists” of items, but instead had to make quick notes of what we saw on-screen as options were selected. Some of the main points I’ll talk about are: Weapons; Challenges  XP (experience pts); Perks; Create-a-Class; Bullet Penetration; and Game Modes/Types.

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