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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:28 AM BST

Call of Duty 4 Promod 4 Final version

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Call of Duty 4 - PROMOD 4 FINAL 

The Promod staff has finally finished the long awaited Promod 4 Final version.

The new Promod is coded by Carlisle together with juszn. Thanks to the merge they now have the help of DAMN coder MavlP.

This Final version brings the final touch to damage multipliers, graphic tweaks and much more.


- M4/MP5 rebalanced to approximate the current calibre of AK47/74u for wider variety of gun use with revised hitbox system
- Game environment physics further reduced (10-15 % FPS Boost)
- Car's instantaneously delete glass/bumper/bonnet from game environment (FPS Boost)
- Deadly bolts for sniper rifles introduced to potentially remove chest & neck direct hit tagging on a moving target
- End of round no longer freezes the player to the floor, enabling free movement whilst scores appear
- Promod graphic setting "Stock lighting" has now been restored to its original value
- Various security enhancements added
- Shoutcaster overlay now supports widescreen monitors
- RUP function lagg fixed
- Logprints added to rup mode indicating which area of the model has been hit
- Revised Intensive hitbox (see below)

Intensive aim-based hitbox feature :

- Damage amplifier to legs/arms changed from 0.7 to 0.8 to fixed 99 damage issue
- Damage amplifier to feet & hands lowered from 0.7 to 0.6

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Bulletworm's PAM 4.02 for CoD Leagues

Call of Duty 4 Archive

by bulletworm

I have delivered PAM4.02 into League Admin hands Tuesday night (nov.4). That essentially means that unless some serious bugs are found, that it SHOULD release to the general public in about a week. From that point, the fate of PAM4 will likely rest in what CoD4 competition does after CoD:WW's release.

I have actually already started scripting PAM:WW, and I am hoping to get something out relatively quick in the form of a public alpha. Still can't say when that will be and it will partly depend on if the retail game ships with the mod tools.

PAM4.02 Minor Release
Bug Fixes:
- Weapon Limit issue at halftime is fixed
- Timeout/bomb defuse bug is fixed
- Stock Bug Fix: Sabotage Overtime Scoring bug fixed when bomb explodes AFTER all of the defusing team has already died

- Removed obsolete security method since .ff files are no longer secure and moved all files possible to the IWD file
- Created a new and better Security system. This will be the most secure version of PAM ever (at least as far as server side script cheating). It will require a step not unlike checking players PB Guid, only easier.
- Patch maps can now have the effects removed (Killhouse does NOT work)
- New IWD file security system will list the loaded IWD files on the server (even server side only IWD files) and show if the devmap is currently running on the server.
- New options for bullet penetration issues. Bullet Penetration can be turned OFF, or you can set a multiplier for the amount of damage given by bullet penetration.

Promod (Raf1) advances implemented in some form:
- Can disable the auto-aiming capability of the melee attack
- Ability for a player to drop the bomb if playing without multibomb on
- There is an option to have the server automatically configure the clients' dvars for potentially higher FPS and ping values. The downside being that it takes some of the "pretty" out of the game.
- Ability to turn off the player's head bobbing motion

Dvar details see Read More

CoD4 Winner Golden Joystick Awards 2008

Call of Duty 4 Archive


Nuts All Nighter Award (ie best multiplayer)
Winner: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

First runner-up: Grand Theft Auto IV
Second runner-up: Halo 3

We say: So potent is the power of CoD at keeping men from their marital beds that there's actually a Facebook group called 'I'm a Call of Duty 4 widow!'. It has 290 members. So, well deserved props to Activision and Infinity Ward for keeping the Men of Games up until the break of dawn. UAV is online!

PC Game of the Year
Winner: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
First runner-up: Portal
Second runner-up: Crysis

We say: Proof that gamers prefer shooting terrorists to bending their minds out of shape. In fairness, any of these games would be deserving of a finely moulded stick of gold. But screw fairness. COD 4 frickin' ROCKS!

CoD4 OpenWarfare 1.3.0 has been released!

Call of Duty 4 Archive

by the OpenWarfare Project Team

Hello, it's been a long time since our last release. We've been very busy like always and we hope you like the new features supported by the mod. A lot of stuff has been fixed from our previous release and some new functionality has been added as well. The mod is reaching that maturity level shown by its stability and the richness of features supported.

This maturity level of the mod and the quality of people working in this project will be the key in extending the OpenWarfare Project into Call of Duty: World at War. We are very excited in bringing all the features we developed for Modern Warfare into the World War II era.

Please visit our download section to download the latest OpenWarfare version.

New features:
* Option to also delay the assignment of C4s and Claymores.
* New anti-camping feature to prevent players from staying in the same spot for certain amount of time. Option allows for snipers to be exempt from this functionality.
* Option to enable health packs that will be dropped by players when dying (health packs will replenish health and/or give bandages).
* Ability to black out the player's screen when dying (black screen of death).
* Option to control the length of concussion grenades.
* Ability to show a welcome/rules screen when players connect to the server.
* Option to play killing spree sounds (numbers of kills for each sound can be customized).
* New tool to move around objectives in the maps to "fix" balance issues or just have fun to bring new life to the maps.
* Option to enable additional sniper zooms levels (controlled by new bind keys).
* Ability to set the custom map names so a more human name is shown in the next map rotation message.


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