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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:20 AM BST

COD4 - Modern Warfare -Learn how to get better at COD

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If you would like to learn how to get better at COD4 Modern Warfare, read this.

These are tips from other people like you.

  1. Make sure you have a gun that fits your style.
  2. Pick good perks that can enhance your weapon. If you find an area weak in the gun, this is normally where a perk can fix the problem.
  3. Learn your maps very well. No 'em like they were on the back of your hand. Know 'em!!!
  4. If you have really slow reflexes, play more often so that they can improve.
  5. Practice a lot with cooking grenades and aiming them into small windows. Learn, by instinct, exactly how long you have to cook it for.
  6. Practice aiming with a friend or you can practice aiming at cars :)
  7. Don't camp. Run around. You'll get more kills that way. Sure you might die a little more, but you'll be doing more for your team.
    Have fun. Don't worry about your stats so much.
    This above tip is an opinion
  8. Shoot for longer than 1 minute on a mounted machine gun, unless you see plenty of +5's
  9. Use special grenades to make a distraction, and then flank.
  10. Camp, get a couple of kills, move to another spot, Annoying as it is, its effective. camp... etc.
    The above tip is controversial.. If it works for you, then do it.
  11. Do not group up this leads to enemies getting multiple kills. If you get four kills don't get reckless, its more important to miss a kill and stay alive than try to kill and die. Airstrikes are key to a good score (because they lead to choppers)
  12. While defending on s&d stay at a or b and watch it dont go out and try to get kills it may be funner but not as effective.
  13. Pick up a gun that you like and stick with it for awhile. It sounds simple, but just using a certain weapon for so long will help you understand the game more. You won't have to worry about adjusting for the recoil for a gun you have no time with, since you are exclusively using this one weapon.

    After a time you should know where the weapon excels, how many bullets on average it takes, how long it takes to reload, etc.

    So instead of worrying about the weapon, you can actually focus on the gameplay: Where to run to, camping locations, grenade spots, etc.
    After you are doing decent (around a 1.00 K/D in TDM for instance consistently) you should then start branching out to other weapons. Since you already have the basics down of aiming down by using a certain gun for so long, and doing alright with it, the only thing you have to worry about is adjusting a bit to the new recoil or reloading times of the gun.
  14. You will eventually just get better at the game without really knowing it. Killcams and watching other players in S&D while dead are possibly some of the best ways to learn from other players. But more importantly, you should notice that you get more kills and die less than usual because you know where an enemy will throw his grenades at the beginning of a match, and know where players usually camp.
  15. Some basic classes that will almost always be effective after you learn the basics:

    Primary Weapon: MP5, P90, M16, M40A3, M4, AK-47, AK-74u
  16. Perks: Really depends on your playstyle. Perk one recommendation would be bandolier just because it can help if you are the type to get higher kill streaks. If it is a gun like the MP5 or the M16, chances are that you will find ammo on the ground, so it isn't needed. Anything here works really, you can't go wrong.
  17. For Perk 2, it really comes down to Stopping Power. Sure you will have your player that will be successful with their UAV Jammer class, but the extra bullet damage is a huge difference maker. For beginners, I recommend NOT using Juggernaut. Not because that it is a "noob" perk, far from it, but because on any given life you will shoot more bullets than take. Stopping Power is overall much more versatile and almost essential to guns like the M40A3 and G3. Most other players will use the perk, meaning that any other choice bar Juggernaut will put you at a disadvantage at a one on one firefight. If you have decent aim you should be fine. Use Juggernaut and UAV Jammer if you want to, but Stopping Power gives the most benefits.
  18. For Perk 3, use perks that will be active the entire time and that will be useful for your weapon. Example, Martyrdom and Last Stand may be fun to use, but they only work per life. If you want to become good at the game you don't want to die, which means you would rarely use these perks. Use perks like Extreme Conditioning or Dead Silence, which help infinitely more as they help you position yourself favorably against an enemy (Getting behind them).
    Perks like Deep Impact and Steady aim are fine, but really now, how many times on average do you shoot through a wall to kill an enemy? The majority of the time you will have no obstruction between you and an enemy. On Maps like Showdown, where people tend to congregate on the upper level, Deep Impact is useful, but on a map like District, where the only obstacle is really the middle bazaar area, the perk is basically useless.

BEST EVER CoD4 Modification Video - GALACTIC WARFARE !!!

We never (NEVER!!!) were so surprised by a video of any CoD modification in action as this galactic warfare trailer1. The superb quality of this 'movie' is just stunning. The STAR WARS skins of the soldiers....the sandy custom made map....the music....the 'camera' movements.... It's a MUST WATCH VIDEO !!! 


It is the first ingame-trailer of the Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare for Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. This mod is made by the German group blackMonkeys. 

 Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare - blackmonkeys

Call of Duty 4 - Modern War Server - Lag spikes... a MS problem ?

Call of Duty 4 Archive

Call of Duty 4 - Modern War Server - Lag spikes... a CoD4 Master Server problem ?

by Vrandas


Maybe you noticed it yourself while playing on a Multiplayer Call of Duty 4 Server :

Hick ups in sound or split second stops in movement.


Last week I was asked to come on our CoD4 server and check out the lag spikes. And indeed, I got weird lag spikes. But there wasn't any lag just after this CoD4 server was set up months ago...

If it was our server hardware or server connection I would get same spikes on our CoD: WAW servers but I don't. So I checked CoD4 server-script, cleaned up and even re-installed PB. But the lag spikes kept on being there. Ping stays normal.

I did notice that during the evening the amount lag spikes is going up but at night, after 3.00 suddenly the spikes seemed to be almost gone.

Today I went on some CoD4 servers..... AND I GOT SAME SPIKES !!!!!

And I asked players about the lag spikes..... YES, for a while now, they got lag spikes.

I had some Connection Time out errors when I was testing. This can be a result of the CoD4 Master Servers not working properly.


So it is time to make official inventory:

ANYONE HAVING SAME PROBLEM or NOTICED that you get these hick ups when playing ?

(Hick ups in sound or split second stops in movement while playing on CoD4 MP Server.)


If you do... please make a post on the offical Infinity Ward Forum so we can figure out the size of this problem.

Fresh CoD4 Lag thread

Are you tired of all the server lag at your favourite online poker room ? It’s time for you to find an online poker game without any lag at !

Call of Duty 4: Promod Live

Call of Duty 4 Archive

Call of Duty 4: Promod Live

This final version of Promod will most likely be the last of the competitive modifications for the European Call of Duty 4 scene. Recent versions of Promod have modified things which have caused a lot of upset amongst players, and it was generally agreed that a revert to an earlier version was needed but doing so would have lost some great new additions, such as the DAMN:MW shoutcaster overlay. Fortunately, carlisle has come to the rescue with his own final version. You can find the change-log (relative to Promod 3.0) below.

Tool for easy playing demos of game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 Archive

Call of Duty 4 Demo Player

Made by CyboPat

Tool for easy playing demos of game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
You can use slowmotion, faster playing, freezing demo, toggle third person view and toggle view HUD info.

CoD 4 Demo Player

Installation and run:

1. Download file  (227 kB, cod4player.exe + readme.txt).
2. Just unzip file "cod4player.exe", but rather don't put it into the COD4 folder. Then simply run it.

* In main screen click on the keybord to show info about controls.
* You can set association demos in Setup menu and then just click on demofile to playback.

- If You have CoD4 just as copy on HD (no info in registry), cod4player ask You for path to iw3mp.exe.
- Windows Vista: When get this error "Permission denied", run cod4player as Administrator (right mouse on cod4player ad select from menu Run as..)

Download Cod4player

A demo is Call of Duty video - Recording a CoD demo - More about that here

An example of a nice demo that became Youtube video

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