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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 10:48 AM BST

COD Community Action (CCA) will not be supported by [SeF]

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Although we first stated that we would support the planned strike on 17th of december 2005, organized by CCA, we now, after some re-thinking and a own investigation, came to the conclusion that all information that was given on iwnation-com-forum was mostly one-sided.

And the following IW statement, also on IWNation, was never mentioned  :

I am reading all of the threads made about bugs/requests.

We will patch if there are issues that warrant it. It benefits no one for a panicked response on our part.

We want to fix bugs, not introduce them. The more wisely we consume our budget, the more we can bring to the community in the form of dev tools and future games.

We are investigating our own persistent anti-cheat solution. Cheating and exploiting are not condoned by Infinity Ward. Any cheats/hacks should be mailed to You can PM me with requests/bug issues. When writing your request/bug/hack report, remember that we are going to respond positively to concisely stated criticism/suggestions.

Flaming us, while it may make you feel better, runs the risk of making us see your anger instead of your point. It's easier to get behind a request which treats us with some sort of professional courtesy. Being angry is fine, but make sure the strength of the message is in conveying the issue. If we cannot get a bearing on what you feel is wrong, we cannot address it.

One last thing before I address some issues, we're all humans here at IW. We don't think we're game-dev gods; we don't schedule time during the day for self-worship. We realize that our fate is closely tied to the success of Call of Duty 2. We owe it to you guys and ourselves to make the best game that we can. Please help us to make this game hack/exploit/bug free.

Thank you. Cheers, Sarah

We (all SeF members) believe in more adult and civilised way of communication. So above post from Infinity Ward makes us not support the CCA strike or their future actions.

CoD 2 Mods : German Front Mod ports to CoD2 !

Call of Duty 2 Archive

ArchiveGreat news!

The extraordinarily popular German Front Mod will be releasing a version of their game for Call of Duty 2!

Not only will they support the typical multiplayer aspects of the game, but plan on making a small 3-level singleplayer campaign as well.


Here is more from the GFM team:

----- After the great success of our mod in COD:UO, we will continue our work on the German Front Mod for COD2. This time, we want to concentrate on the main idea of the German Front Mod and want to create a short three-mission SP campaign. We decided to make only three missions because we know that you don't want to wait years until we can get a first release. We might be able to continue the campaign later to a greater extent. But this does not mean that we won't work on multi-player! We can use many of our old files from the COD:UO GFM and port them to COD2.

In the last month and years, our mod team got smaller and smaller. Now we need some fresh blood for our COD2 project. Please contact me - - if you are a mapper, SP scripter, modeler or skinner and want to help us in making a never-before-seen German SP campaign and a successor of one of the most popular mods for COD:UO.

The story and planning is already finished, and we can start as soon as the editor tools are released. You will find more information about our new SP campaign when the GFM2 homepage is launched.

Call of Duty 2 PC Hardware Requirements

Call of Duty 2 Archive


Minimum Requirements

  • 1, 4 GHz Prozessor (Celeron / Duron)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • ATi Radeon 9200 / GeForce 4

Optimum Requirements

  • 2, 5 GHz Prozessor (Athlon XP / Pentium 4)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • ATi Radeon 9800XT / GeForce FX 5900

The game also auto-detects 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen ratios, as well as the funky 5:4 ratio for LCD monitors (like 1280x1024).

You'll have a solid selection of performance tweaking options, or you can let the game set what it thinks will be optimal settings. With a 6800GT, 3.0GHz P4 and 1GB of RAM, the game plays quite smoothly at 1280x1024, with anisotropic filtering (to make textures look nicer) and 4xAA (to reduce jagged edges).

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