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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:16 AM BST

Call Of Duty World At War - Mod Tools

Call of Duty Mod Tools

Well the Mapping Tools have finally been released. 

Here is a list of mirrors that are hosting the tools :

Call of Duty: World At War Mod Community

Call of Duty: World of War Modtools News

Call of Duty Mod Tools

by Treyarch's JD_2020

Hi everybody!

I'm pleased to introduce you to the Treyarch ModTools Wiki

At this wiki, you will find all the documentation you should need for creating custom maps and mods! We've put a great deal of work in providing such an extensive library of documentation, and are providing an entire mod with the mod tools distribution, with documentation on the wiki for every aspect of that mod.

The hope is to allow you to side-by-side recreate our mod by following the steps on the Wiki, to learn the skills necessary to go out there and make your own great games!

The mod tools will be released shortly - they are finished and are going through the final stages of QA now and will be released as soon as they are cleared. You will find a mirror list on the Wiki, and it will be announced on as well. We're targeting for a tomorrow release.

We hope you find this tool useful, and look forward to any suggestions you have as well as your own community made tutorials that will be posted around the 'Net (like at

Important: the tools have changed a bit from previous titles. It is crucial that you read the documentation carefully to get used to some of the new processes. You can do everything you could, and more, but may have to change your ways a little bit.


CoDWWModWiki........ CoD:World at War Wiki ONLINE !

Call of Duty Mod Tools

Call of Duty: World At War mod community

Call of Duty:World at War Wiki is now ONLINE.


CoD:WaW Mod Tools

The Mod Tools will be officially released, please check out the Wiki for plenty of tutorials, and how to guides to help you get started with modding and mapping for Call of Duty: World At War.


CoD:WaW Mod Tool Index

COD4 mod tools v1 and v1.1

Call of Duty Mod Tools

Please note that CoD4 Mod Tools requires your video drivers and DirectX to be up to date. For certain applications to work correctly a DX9 video card is required, even though the game itself will run on a DX8 video card. Please contact your hardware manufacturer to find the latest drivers for your system.

The CoD4 Mod Tools do not work in Windows Vista, although some users have reported some success running them in Windows XP Compatibility Mode.

CoD4 Mod Tools require that your Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare installation has been updated to, at least, version 1.4

Currently, Cod4 Mod tools are only supported for the English version of the game. Other languages will be supported soon.

The CoD4 Mod Tools require a DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 compliant card and the .NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher, available from :

Modtools v1.1 update

Call of Duty 4 MP Mapping tutorial

Call of Duty Mod Tools

MP Mapping

Included In this document so far
Setting up gameplay modes
Team Deathmatch
Search and Destroy
Setting up UAV, Airstrike and Helicopter
Setting up Helicopter Paths
Add sounds to your custom maps
Add FXs to your custom maps

Setting up gameplay modes
This section covers how to set up a multiplayer map for the various gameplay modes in CoD4.

To place an MP entity, right-click in the 2D view of Radiant and go down to the “mp” section in the bottom division.

You can also place an MP entity by creating a brush, going to the Entities menu (“n” key),
selecting the name (mp_tdm_spawn for instance), and pressing the “enter” key.

MP prefabs are located in the map_source/prefabs/MP directory, and are used for several of the gameplay modes.

To start out, place the mp/global_intermission entity and rotate it to face a cool-looking angle.
This is the scene that will be displayed behind the scoreboard at the end of a match and is required to run the map.

For FFA, place mp/dm_spawn entities around the entire map where you want players to spawn.

Team Deathmatch
For TDM, place mp/tdm/spawn entities around the entire map, generally overlapping FFA spawn locations.
In the friendly base, place 8-12 mp/tdm/spawn/allies_start entities. In the enemy base, place 8-12 mp/tdm/spawn/axis_start entities.

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