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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:17 AM BST

Mod Tools v1.3 Update Released! (requires v1.2.1 first)

Call of Duty Mod Tools

Cod World at War Mod Tools v1.3 Update Released! (requires v1.2.1 first)

This package has over 2800 assets to help you create your own Shi No Numa-style levels in conjunction with Patch 1.5.

We are excited to see new, fan-made zombie maps created by the community. Have fun!


Added and Updated Files:

- DLC2 zombie .map prefabs.

- DLC2 zombie zone_source files.

- DLC2 Updated new scripts.

- DLC2 xmodel, xmodelparts, and xmodelsurfs files.

- DLC2 xanim files.

- DLC2 materials and material_properties files.

- DLC2 FX files.

- DLC2 weapons, vision, ui_mp, maps, collmaps, and animtrees files.


Download Mirrors:
Worthdownloading  | Infobase

Call of Duty: World at War Mod Tools 1.2 Released!

Call of Duty Mod Tools

The Mod Tools 1.2 release is officially HERE!

The Fixes:

- Custom models no longer crash the lighting process in Launcher.exe when compiling a map that contains a custom model.
- Converter's "ERROR: dll version number does not match converter version" error has been resolved.
- Launching "mp_usermaps" in the /mods directory no longer causes clients to be kicked when joining the host's game.

Added and Updated Files:

- and all .map prefabs associated with it.
- code_post_gfx_mp, flamethrower, mp_vehicle_fx, nazi_zombie_asylum, vehicles_drivable_mp, water, and zombiemode CSV files.
- ambient, attack, behind, crawl, death, elec, laugh, n/sprint, sprint, and taunt Zombie sound effects.
- destructibledef and destructiblepiece files.
- Updated dlls in the /deffiles folder.
- Updated new scripts.
- DLC xmodel, xmodelparts, and xmodelsurfs files.
- DLC xanim files.
- DLC materials and material_properties files.
- DLC weapons, vision, ui_mp, maps, collmaps, and animtrees files.
- mp_tool.exe and sp_tool.exe.
- asset_manager, AssetViewer, cod2map, cod2rad, CoDWaWRadiant, converter, EffectsEd3, Launcher, linker_pc, MODSound, and ShaderCompiler executibles.

Reference the full README enclosed.

Note that this is not a stand-alone package, and that you need the original Mod Tools 1.0 release. This package DOES contain all the files included in the 1.1 package, however, so in that sense it is cumulative.

Download Mod Tools 1.2

Treyarch CoD Wiki full of spam leads to a ban.....

Call of Duty Mod Tools

by Claire Claws

Between January 11 and March 13 (the day of my first and deleted post about spam on Treyarch Wiki on the official Treyarch CoD forum.) no one at Treyarch seemed to be bothered or checked if their WIKI was doing ok. (

If their intentions were sincere then the community could expect that at least this official wiki (like all the not offical wiki's seems to be able to) would be kept clean of all spam entries by using the tools to do so.

Same goes for the Treyarch's Mod Tools Forums:

JD introduced it like this :

There you can post feedback, ask questions, and the community & developers can interface with you one-on-one during the creation of your mods and maps.

You can check it out yourself... but I tell you.... it doesn't fit the description.

Playing Santa for xbox or ps3 owners is easy. But making a simple gesture towards the CoD PC mapping and modding community is still a serious problem.

Simple gesture? Serious problem? Yes. Because the Treyarch Wiki is nothing more then an insult.


Above is my last post. Day later I posted a No comment post and reported my self as spammer.

That was yesterday and today I got to see this:


Nothing has changed since the day the spam on the wiki was mentioned on CoD forum. Reporting myself as spammer on official Activision Treyarch CoD: WaW forum; in the hope the wiki-spam-problem-posts got noticed resulted in a ban. And although, as an abuse reporter, I got an email the post got deleted.... all posts are still there. Wiki Spam thread on CoD forum

Recommened Wiki's for those searching for tutorials & information about mapping and modding for CoD:WaW.


wiki waw modtools............................................ wiki waw mod tools


PS. I have no idea what banned untill x second ago means...

Call of Duty WaW - RELEASED: Mod Tools 1.1 Package

Call of Duty Mod Tools

Hi all,

We've just released the 1.1 Mod Tools package for the modders. Now you need the original Mod Tools installation package first, this is just an additional content pack with some assets that have been requested.

Files Added:

  • and all .map prefabs associated with it.
  • code_post_gfx_mp, flamethrower, vehicle, and water CSV files.
  • ambient, attack, and sprint Zombie sound effects.
  • destructibledef and destructiblepiece files

Additional Zombie sounds effects cannot be released for licensing concerns. I hope that you can make do with what weve worked to provide you with, and trust the talent that lives within the mod community to fill in the gaps as best they can.

We are also aware of the converter.exe issue and are working to have that fixed as soon as possible.


Treyarch JD_2020

Download Mod Tools 1.1 Package

CoD: World At War Audio Technology

Call of Duty Mod Tools


One of the biggest new engine enhancements we made for Call of Duty: World at War was to the Audio engine.


When it came to audio engine modification, our Audio Director, Brian Tuey, led the charge, which is why I asked him to share his thoughts about what’s new in Call of Duty: World at War from an audio perspective. I personally found it extremely informative, and hope it explains some of our innovations a bit more clearly!

Audio Technology
The Call of Duty franchise has always been about great gameplay, great graphics, great design…and great audio. One of the reasons why the franchise sounds so good is because it strives for ultimate authenticity. From its full musical scores to weapons shoots to capture the sounds of authentic weapons of the era, Call of Duty has always been on the forefront of what you can do with audio.

Call of Duty: World at War is no different. Given the amount of processing power that we have on the newer platforms, we knew we could do some new things with sound to deepen the player’s experience and really bring our levels to life.

We are now doing a lot more than just recording a sound in the field and playing it back on your console (or PC) when an event happens. We now have to think about the context where a sound is played and what kinds of things we need to do in the game engine to more accurately simulate real life so we can deepen the players experience and really bring our game to life.

Two important pieces of new technology for World at War are Occlusion and Flux.

So what IS occlusion? It's the concept that if a sound has to travel through an object, its going to sound different than if the sound plays with a clear line of sight. If you imagine someone yelling at you and you slam the door in their face, their voice would sound significantly more muffled through the closed door than the open door.

With occlusion
Note: Screenshots taken in development environment.

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