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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:09 AM BST

Examples of a CoD:World at War Server command line

MW3 Dedicated Servers


Own Dedicated CoD WaW Server :

Notice the CoD: WaW folder is not stored on C: but on a storage HD F: 

F:(backslash)CoDWaW(backslash)CoDWaWmp.exe +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set fs_localAppData "F:CoDWaW" +set fs_game mods/yourmod +exec server.cfg +map_rotate


Hosting Provider 1 :

+set dedicated 2 +set fs_localAppData C:(backslash)games(backslash)put_your_ip_here(backslash)your_account_number(backslash)codww +set net_ip your_ip +set fs_game mods/yourmod +set net_port your_port_number +set sv_maxclients your_slot_number +set ui_maxclients your_slot_number +exec server.cfg +map_rotate


Hosting Provider 2 :

+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set fs_basepath D:(backslash)TCAdmin(backslash)UserFiles(backslash)name(backslash)GameServers(backslash)TC38833137886528700423418(backslash) +set fs_homepath D:(backslash)TCAdmin(backslash)UserFiles(backslash)name(backslash)GameServers(backslash)TC38833137886528700423418(backslash) +set fs_localAppData D:(backslash)TCAdmin(backslash)UserFiles(backslash)name(backslash)GameServers(backslash)TC38833137886528700423418(backslash) +set ui_maxclients 32 +set sv_maxclients 32 +set fs_game mods/yourmod +set sv_pure 1 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate


(backslash) means it needs a backslash placed on that spot. (website security reasons)

Setting up CoD: World at War Custom Map and Mod Server

MW3 Dedicated Servers

by Claire Claws

We already have an article on How To set up a Openwarfare Mod & Custom Map server when you rent a Call of Duty: World at War server from a Game Server Provider.


But for those who have an own, remote controlled, Call of Duty: World at War Windows server a different tutorial is handy to have. Especially now some things are 'named' different then in the previous versions of Call of Duty. For one... you now must use "fs_localAppData" in your command line.

Here an example of a CoD:WaW command line. Notice the CoD: WaW folder is not stored on C: but on a storage HD F: 

F:(backslash)CoDWaW(backslash)CoDWaWmp.exe +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set fs_localAppData "F:CoDWaW" +set fs_game mods/openwarf +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

The above command line starts the .exe. Then it tells where the server can find mods and usermaps folders, what mod folder to use (openwarf) and to use the config file inside, here named server.cfg.

The use of fs_localAppData is new and has to be added because, just like Players Profile, a player now gets personal information and downloaded extras stored here; C:-Documents and Settings-name-Local Settings-Application Data-Activision-CoDWaW

So where do we put Mod and Map files/folders and how do we get the re-direct download to work ?


CoD WaW - How to set up an OpenWarfare server

MW3 Dedicated Servers

by jinxter

Open Warfare Server Set-up

I will try to summarize how to set up an OW Mod server with custom maps using a Hosting service.

(for those who have an own, remote controlled, Call of Duty: World at War Windows server there is a different tutorial)

This HowTo is for the settings like used on It is intended for patch 1.2.

information we need 

  • your account number at This is the number you use to log in the members area. It is a number of 6 digits. It is also the name of your root directory. Just check your ftp client. It is the directory just above codww. We will call it your_account_number in this howto
  • the following information from the server information section (member area->home->info)
    • The number of slots. The number of players mentioned is your_slot_number later on.
    • The IP address of your server: your_ip
    • the port number: used as your_port_number later on.
  • the url of your webspace. We will call it www.yourdomain.ow in this howto.

get the latest openwarfare version 

  • go to the download section and get the language version you want to use
  • until version 1.5.0 of OpenWarfare is out you will also need a patch. Just download the corresponding patched mod.ff and exchange it.

(note: This last bit is bit unclear. OpenWarfare needs this new file to work with 1.2 patch. Download needed file.)

preparing the server

  •  upgrade your server to 1.2. Go to member area->home->mods. Push the install button. Be aware that this will put a fresh installation on your server. All former settings are lost!
  • you are not sure whether or not the server was already upgraded? Use your ftp client to check. If there is a file called iw_21.iwd in the folder codww/main then you are already at patch level 1.2

uploading the mod on the gameserver 


Linux Server Files for Call of Duty World at War News

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Any news about Linux bins? or  the pb-screens that all show only "unknown soldier ?

JD_2020 Treyarch

Yes, we're aware of both. The linux bits is a more complicated update, I hope to have this week. The bottom-line with that is: the core program is close to done, probably will be ready around PC Patch 1.2 time. But then what's the point in releasing the 1.1 linux bits, ya know?

Sort of a catch-22. The good news is, the implement the 1.2 patch in and release the linux bits should take a fraction of the time now that we have more or less got the core linux dedicated server platform solidified.


If by "sound issues" you mean the occlusion technology which stops you from hearing footsteps through most walls, bomb plants through walls, etc - those aren't bugs. That's the new and different sound technology we developed for realism.


CoD: World at War - Ingame Server Messages

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Call of Duty: World at War - Ingame Server Messages.

You can use this Punkbuster Server Message Generator v1.1

Click and drag output in a Notepad text and safe it as pbsv.cfg.

Place this file in your PB folder on your server.

And you will see the messages appear ingame.
Online Generator Here
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