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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:29 AM BST

CoD: WaW - PunkBuster Screenshots Fixed

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Hi all,

EvenBalance has informed us that their fix for their server enforced Screenshots has been included in their auto-update package. Server admins should start seeing names properly on each PB Screenshot that the server saves, rather than seeing "Unknown Soldier" as all the names.

All old screenshots will still say "Unknown Solider" of course, but any new screenshots saved should properly display the player name. If not, try downloading pbsetup.exe from and manually update your Call of Duty: World at War PunkBuster files on your servers.


Punkbuster WaW


pbsvc.exe : For testing your Punkbuster ( also for players) or this exe file will reinstall Punkbuster then test it to see if its all working ok.

Download pbsvc.exe

CoD: WaW - Linux dedicated server bins are finished...

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Update: The Linux dedicated server bins are finished, and are presently going through what is called "locs approval" - localization builds have to be independently tested / approved due to different length strings with different languages. There are no glaring reasons the team would expect this to fail, but it is possible.

Will let you know as soon as the bins are green lit across the board for release.

Problem & Fix - Poor spawning in CoD: World at War

MW3 Dedicated Servers

by Snake and Buster


set scr_disableUnifiedSpawning 1

This a hidden DVAR and it stops people spawning on people, if all Public servers use this everything would be fine. I have tested it in Public and wars and it works the same as the COD2 spawn system."

To explain the merits of this dvar, Buster wrote this explanation:

" twar, the current stock spawn gives each side about four different areas along with what Treyarch calls 40 safe zones inside those areas.

Occasionally you will spawn in the middle of the enemy but for the most part good players can learn the rotation and learn to force the spawn by flooding an area with players hence camping takes place.

This set scr_disableUnifiedSpawning 1 will allow the team with the most players attacking an objective to be reinforced by teammates spawning in close proximity. Almost squad-like and you don't spawn on each other when the map is full.

Example: If team A has 6 players attacking a flag and Team B has 4 then team A has the advantage because players will continue to spawn in close proximity replenishing the troops while team b spawns farther away from the objective.

Result: No spawn camping for any length of time and forces teams to be aggressive when attacking objectives. You just cant sit back and camp a flag because you will spawn farther and farther away. Public freaked out a bit but I could see this being more for competition.

I have only tested it with twar but the only players that complain are the spawn campers and guys just on an objective server out for kills when they should be playing tdm. Its worth doing more testing on with feedback..."

CoD World at War - Server Tool 1.2 Final

MW3 Dedicated Servers

by H3llsing

This tool allows you to host your own CoD: World at War Server in a few easy steps!

You have to choose a mod, double click the server config you want, select your start map and GO !

Your maps are detected automatically with all custom maps !

Its for dedicated LAN, i-net & listen-servers.

Have Fun with this great tool !

Download Server Tool 1.2 Final

Click Read More for a Picture

Call of Duty WaW LINUX files will be released soon....

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Linux CoD WaW

Hi all,

Quick update - today QA was delivered another build of the 1.2 Linux dedicated server. It is being considered a release candidate, and is being tested. Barring any major bugs that require further iteration on, this bin could potentially be released this Friday.

That is in the best of conditions, however, and if I had to put my money on it I'd say we're more likely looking at a release sometime next week.

Will keep you posted in any event later this week when we have a clearer status report from the testers. It's only been through half a day of testing so far.


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