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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:29 AM BST

Call of Duty: Black Ops PHP Server Viewer 0.8 & fix 0.8b

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Put a Call of Duty: Black Ops real-time Server Viewer on your Homepage !

CoD: Black Ops PHP Server Viewer, made by RollerCoaster

The CoD: Black Ops PHP Server Viewer, made by RollerCoaster, has now been updated for working with the First Strike maps.

Download PHP Server Viewer - version  0.8  2.72 MB


  • Fixed gametypes for wager matches
  • Added support for FIRST STRIKE DLC


Download CoD: Black Ops PHP Server Viewer Beta 0.8b !

This is only a NEW "index.php" file (3.53 KB) for the PHP Server Viewer version 0.8 !

Replace the "index.php" from PHP Server Viewer version 0.8 with this NEWER 0.8b version !!!

Changelog  0.8 => 0.8b :

  • Fixed a very very little bit
  • Changed player counter for democlient

rCrayon SL - Live Player Stats recording for Call of Duty: Black Ops

MW3 Dedicated Servers

rCrayon - SL

rCrayon - SL now gives you an option to use an own MySQL database server !

rCrayon - SL is a Windows® based cloud application that parses data collected from Call of Duty: Black Ops® log files produced and stored on a publicly accessible server hosted by

rCrayon - SL will fetch that log from the URL provided by the user. Once fetched, the program will parse the log and seperate it into various groups of statistical information, that information is then uploaded to a MySQL database. The database is either hosted by or another database as configured by the user. If the database is hosted by you will also be provided with a free stats display page and your stats will also be collected in our global database.

The new version of rCrayon, it allows you to use your own MySQL database. This feature was widely requested by the community, although, it does make us a bit sad that we will be losing some of our Global Stats, but we wanted to provide a local solution. It seems that most of the users running are having delay with transmission to the MySQL server. So, we added the option to use a server on your own network, this is WAY faster. Also, just fixed a bug causing high cpu usage when idle.

Download rCrayon - SL  beta version 2.3.0

iRcon - Game Server Rcon Control for the iPhone & iPod

MW3 Dedicated Servers

     iRcon provides full Game server-player rcon control <<  iRcon Remote Console for the iPhone & iPod

The iRcon provides full Game server-player rcon control to take with you anywhere.

Through the iRcon application you are able to send commands to the server, view player lists and save servers and passwords.

Why CoD Modern Warfare 2 dedicated servers are important

MW3 Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers CoD


Dedicated servers are usually always provided by big game hosting companies, with massive bandwidth DSL connections. They have direct access to the internet backbone providing upload speeds in excess of 100 MBits/s. Now lets scale that back to the average user, lowest tier access to the internet with low priority connection, upload speed generally around 0.5-1.0 MBits/s. I don't know about you but that is not at all good when compared to what game server hosts provide, a 99% reduction in bandwidth. I realise this won't result in a 100 times worse connection, but it will definitly increase ping, if you are in the same state or country you will likely get a ping of 100-250 milliseconds, different state or country? 250-1000 milliseconds seems about right. This would result in awful hit registration and lag. This alone would make competitive play extremely difficult and public play very unpleasant.

Host drop out

The host of the game leaves for whatever reason, and so bang goes the game. I know IW will likely put in some feature that makes another player in the game a host, but this will most likely be not very good and may not work all the time, and in the best scenario would result in a delay in play. This is unacceptable, it disrupts and destroys gameplay and would destroy competitive play. Unless you have a poor server, the game will always be on with no disruptions.


This links in with Latency and host drop out. Big server companies pay lots of money for specialist server and networking equipment, and their sole purpose is to provide a server for you. The server they give you has one purpose alone, to host games, not host games and play them at the same time and whatever else goes on in the average PC. This will affect gameplay, if the host cannot handle hosting the game either due to poor hardware and/or poor connection, the whole game will lag (don't believe me? go play a company of heroes game against a 1 bar performance person), also RTS experience has shown that you don't even need a dodgy host to lag the game, all you need is someone with a PC that has a poor spec and it ruins the game for everyone.

Call of Duty: World at War custom maps on your server

MW3 Dedicated Servers

You dont need a mod to run custom maps on your CoD: WaW server.

The only thing you need to do is set up the server same as when using a mod.

How does this work ?

In the root WaW folder on your server you create 2 new folders and and call those 'mods' and 'usermaps'.

In de mods folder you create a new folder with a name you want to use. Say... 'Xclan'.

Transfer the server.cfg from the main folder into this Xclan folder.

In this Xclan folder you also put the map.iwds from all custom maps you want to use.

In the usermapsfolder you put the name-map folder with map.ff files from all custom maps you want to use.

The only thing you need to do now is tell the WAW server to look for/use the server.cfg in the mods folder.

A server-start short cut looks like this :

x:-CoDWaW-CoDWaWmp.exe +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip xxxx +set net_port 28960 +set fs_localAppData "x:-CoDWaW" +set fs_game mods/Xclan +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

(The +set fs_localAppData is the new part introduced with WaW.)

Have fun. 

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