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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:34 AM BST

Call of Duty 4 Promod 4.22

Call of Duty Mod Download

promod Cod4

The latest release for Call of Duty 4 Promod.

Special thanks to trivve for his effort in bug fixing and coding, the majority of the release is his work. So please Thank him. Also thanks to Jimmy and Clan-ION for server support.

Promod 4.22 Changes
- Fixed a Shoucaster glitch where you can choose a team after spectatign and still ahve showEnemies on

- Perk icons on spawn are no longer visible

- Added a slightly delay before round ends

- You can no longer kill after the bomb is defused (during the delay between rounds), neither can you kill when everyone has ready up (when it fades to grayscale)

- Fixed ready up bug where you could be killed if you switched team, also the kill-counter wont count suicides

- Removed rank-icon on scoreboard

- Fixed Attack/Defence when using team say

- Tweaked ready-up HUD

- Plant bob bug fixed (Again!)

- Full bright forced off

- More commands added to the black list (Lodscalerigide etc..)

- Server will display error when promod isn’t in the correct folder (Stop IWD mismatch)

Download Call of Duty 4 Promod 4.22

CoD: World at War Balanced Multiplayer Weapons Mod

Call of Duty Mod Download

 This is a small weapons mod for CoD: WaW that changes damage, recoil... of weapons in the game made using original CoD2 weapon parameters.


Weapon recoil and damage are almost the same as they were in CoD2 so if u liked C0D2 u should like this mod too. Works best if used with latest version of Openwarefare mod or some other mod where u can disable some perks.

- Increased weapons damage (one headshot kills; bolt-action rifles have highest damage one shot kills except limb shots; Basicly Its all like it was in CoD2)
- Increased ammo (7 clips for SMGs, 12 clips for bolt-action rifles...)
- Increased clip size for shotgun
- Increased recoil (Weapons have more "natural" recoil...)
- Changed fire rate for some weapons (increased for BAR, decreased for FG42, Semi-automatic all have same fire rate...)
-, MG42, Dp28 cant use ADS, they have increased damage and are ment to be fired while mounted, u can also fire from hip but they spread a lot....
- Decreased zoom when using telescopic...
- Bolt-action rifles have same fire sound as they have when using scopes.
- There is more but these changes are all I can remember now...

Download Multiplayer Weapons Mod

Call of Duty: World at War MoDs - Ferry's Scopes V1

Call of Duty Mod Download





Ferry made some great new scopes modifications for Call of Duty: World At War. They slightly resemble the UO scopes (but Hey.. same war.) and so they also look great in the latest CoD game. Dirt, finger prints..... some high quality "from scratch" made weapon skins. GJ


Click on Picture to watch all pictures. Download Ferry's Scopes V1

CoD: World at War - competitionMod V1.3 Public Release

Call of Duty Mod Download

comMod CoD WaW

by Chris

We are pleased to annouce the release of comMod v1.3

In this release we have focused on rectifying some bugs present in previous versions aswell as making the overall playing experience more pleasurable than in previous releases.

With the removal of the darkness problem it now opens up maps with a clearer view in the way they were intended to be played. Adding in fixes in the speed of all sniper drop/raise time and a 15 second increased round time in Search & Destroy mode this makes the game more levelled than in the past. We`ve also fixed two of the most well known and major map bugs which allowed players to get under the maps, these have been fixed on Downfall & Roundhouse meaning you are safe in the knowledge that the opposite team are all above ground.

A major improvement is the way in which the mod now works. Now split into 3 files, the client only receives 2 files and the 3rd biggest file stays on the server which controls the mod. Not only does this decrease the time it takes new clients to connect to the server, coupled with some more improvements it means the client now downloads 265k less than previous releases.

Server FPS has now been forced to 30 which overall gives the clients a smoother playing experience.

Download competitionMod V1.3

Newer version released !!!

Click Read More for other fixes, changes and improvements we have built into this release.

Call of Duty WaW Mod - competitionMod V1.23b (Hotfix)

Call of Duty Mod Download

by Chris

We are pleased to annouce that Call of Duty WaW Mod - competitionMod V1.23b hotfix has now been released.

This is an important update and all previous versions of v1.2 should now not be used.

Please update your servers to v1.23b - This version fixes the following critical bugs :-

- Fixed round/score bug in which scores over counted giving the impression too many rounds
- Fixed Makin & Roundhouse crash bug which crashed the server when map loaded
- Fixed Public rotation in which server.cfg rotation wasn`t being followed

Download competitionMod V1.23b

Newer version released !!!

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