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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:33 AM BST

Call of Duty World at War Mod - The Company Weapons

Call of Duty Mod Download

The Company Weapons Mod


Basically this Mod modifies the weapons within the game so perform more to real life standards.

The mission was to adjust the weapons so they pack a punch with an accurate shot and to bring them closer to real life without crossing the line of what is good for gaming. With the help of community members, some which have extensive weapons experience and military backgrounds, we have made numerous adjustments to the current armory of the weapons in both games that will bring them one step closer to realism.

As a treat there is an awesome sniper rifle crack echo sound available for the player who fires the bolt but I left it out for the third party or other players listening. The reason being is it helps keep players aware there is a sniper on the map yet the player firing the bolt will get to hear that great effect.

The add-on should be a real nice fit for stock setups along with the use of perks. They should also do well for hardcore servers.

Since it is a mod, it cannot be used on a stock server so a modded server is necessary.

Click read more for full weapons list.

Download TC_Weapons_WaW

Call of Duty: WaW - Weaponskin BWF MoD

Call of Duty Mod Download

This is a weaponsskin MoD package for Multiplayer Call of Duty World at War.

weaponsskin package for call of duty world at war

It turns all weaponsskins in awesome looking camouflaged killermachines !!!


Call of Duty: World of War - comMod v1.4

Call of Duty Mod Download

by England4eva

competitionMod V1.4 Public Release

We are pleased today to annouce the release of comMod v1.4

comMod is the premium in unified ruleset war mods for Call of Duty: World at War. Allowing your clan and league to play fun and exciting clan wars. Public modes are also supported.

In this release we have concentrated mainly on balancing the weapons. With the changes we've applied it gives all weapons a good balance of use. This opens up the mod more allowing a range of weapons to be selected. Each weapon has its faults and bonuses and the way in which they can be used depends on the situation the player finds themself in.

Along with this we have remove small details like hit blips through walls (although it is still possible to hit through the wall) and death icons. As well as many more options listed below this makes comMod the premium in unified ruleset war mods.

Download latest version

CoD:WaW Co-OP Rayguns Only Mod

Call of Duty Mod Download

Call of Duty: World at War - Co-OP Rayguns Only Mod - made by Crypton

Rayguns Only Mod

Download AOWRayGunsOnly.rar - Version 1.0

Extract the AOWRayGunsOnly folder to the Call of Duty World at War Mods folder.

<COD Game Folder>mods

Mod can be used in Multiplayer Nazi-Zombie matches as well as Solo Mission Select.

Of course, it starts out a little boring, but when you reach level 9-10 it starts getting interesting.

To get a raygun, just visit any of the weapon purchase stations.



CoD WaW MoD - X5 - WaW eXtreme v1.0 is now released

Call of Duty Mod Download

X5 : eXtreme World at Warfare v1.0 Mod is now released !

Download latest version of this Call of Duty WaW MoD - eXtreme+ x5v20

Version 1.0 brings you :

• UAV, Artillery, Dogs
• -- Ability to set the amount of streaks, kills, or points
• Fix Maprotation
• Random Maprotation
• Rotate map if empty
• Map Rotation Stacker
• Healthbar
• Drop health
• Bleeding with messages and sounds
• Firstaid system
• Turrets On or Off
• Turret Overheating system
• Detailed Vehicle Settings

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