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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:33 AM BST

CoD WaW Mod - OpenWarfare 1.5.2 has been released

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r

Call of Duty OPENWARFARE 1.5.2

The main change in this new version of OpenWarfare is the optimization of network traffic during a player's connection. With the new changes we are reducing the mod-related network traffic during the connection to almost zero preventing most of the QPort errors that we have been seeing in WaW since the patch 1.2 was released some weeks ago. Of course, the same changes have been applied to the MW version and we have also taken the opportunity to provide some other fixes as well as new content.

New features:

  • Added WLM (Weapon Location Modifiers) to decrease/increase the damage done according to the location of the hit (new configuration file wlm.cfg has been added).
  • Added variable scr_drawfriend (stock) to enable/disable team head icons on players. This feature was not working in stock WaW but it has been fixed now.
  • Damage from barrels and vehicles can now be adjusted through the WDM module (added variables scr_wdm_vehicles and scr_wdm_barrels to wdm.cfg).
  • Gametype related variables can now use the OW format of adding the map name at the end to support different values in different maps.
  • Deactivated hold breath hint from non-hardcore games also.
  • Added scr_antilag variable (openwarfare.cfg).

 OpenWarfare: CoD4 MW 1.5.2 English 

 OpenWarfare: CoD WaW 1.5.2 English   

Newer version released !!!

competitionMod v1.5 Released (comMod v1.5)

Call of Duty Mod Download

by England4eva

competitionMod V1.5 Public Release.

We are pleased today to annouce the release of comMod v1.5

comMod is the premium in war modifications for Call of Duty: World at War. Allowing your clan and leagues to play fun and exciting clan wars (Public modes are also supported). Now the Number 1 used war modification for CoD:WW, there really is every reason to get playing with comMod.

In this release we have concentrated on improving the recognition of hits and removing the randomness of shots, we have been able to achieve this by removing gun sway when aiming down the sight. On weapons such as BAR, DP28 and all Pistols this offers a vast improvement on hit recognition. Now when you aim and hit, you do actually hit. This has brought an edge to comMod and when you deserve a kill or damage you receive it.

Along with this we have improved the stopping of the sniper when holding breath, no longer will you aim holding breath and "miss". Both of these features address the well documented bug (in COD 4) in which the server can not recognise player gun sway and so even when aiming you can sometimes still miss. This randomness has now been removed giving a greater competitive edge to comMod.

We have also listened to the feedback regarding weapon balancing, the STG has been slightly lowered in power and more recoil added. Along with this the M1 Carbine has had some recoil added and a few more minor tweaks to some other weapons.

It`s now possible to remove the comMod hostname branding, useless rank icons have been removed, a rifles only mode added plus much much more!, read below for the full list of changes.

Download comMod v1.5

Call of Duty: World at War - Ferry's Realistic Soldiers Skins

Call of Duty Mod Download

Ferry made already some amazing skins for Call of Duty in the past, this time it's for World At War.

They look realistic, but they are also extremely high quality! 





CoD:WaW - Ferry's Realistic Wehrmacht Skins (1.0)

CoD:WaW - Ferry's Realistic Waffenss Skins 

CoD Mod - OpenWarfare 1.5.1 for MW and WaW released !

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r

OpenWarfare 1.5.1 fixes/changes/additions:

  • Fixed localization string for Marines (WaW).
  • Fixed load of team models in custom maps (WaW).
  • Fixed a problem with PERK4 "Lead Foot" that was always disabled in unranked mode (WaW).
  • Fixed standard scores when new scoring system is not enabled (MW).
  • Delayed setting of client dvars until the player joins a team where possible. This will reduce the amount of data between the client and the server at connect time. 
  • Added serialization to function updateClassLimits(). Better use of server resources.
  • Added variable scr_power_rank_delay for servers with slow connections.
  • Variables g_force_autoassign has been renamed to scr_force_autoassign. Variable accepts 3 possible values now: "0" (disabled), "1" (enabled for everyone), and "2" (enabled for everyone except clan members).
  • Added variable scr_force_autoassign_clan_tags to define the clan tags that will be excempt from the forced auto-assign when scr_force_autoassign has been set to "2".
  • Added a reset of player's rank level based on his/her XP points.
  • Added a delay of 2 seconds before starting to regenerate a player's health when taking damage. 
  • Increased maximum spawn protection time to 60 seconds (variable scr_spawn_protection_time).
  • Changed variable scr_vehicles_enabled to OW standards so it accepts mapname and/or gametype at the end.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Download OpenWarfare: CoD4 - MW 1.5.1 English

Download OpenWarfare: CoD: WaW 1.5.1 English

Newer version released !!!

OpenWarfare 1.5.0 Mod for CoD4:MW and CoD:WaW released !

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r

OpenWarfare 1.5.0

We are really happy to release this new version of OpenWarfare. After some well deserved vacations it's nice to see the project moving forward at a steady pace again.

We have been fixing all the bugs reported by our community as well as some nice features requested by them as well. We would really like to thank our entire user community for their feedback and help testing the fixes or the functionality even before we release our public versions.

The latest OpenWarfare version for CoD4: Modern Warfare and CoD: World at War :

CoD4: Modern Warfare

OpenWarfare: MW 1.5.0 English

OpenWarfare: MW 1.5.0 Rulesets  

CoD: World at War

OpenWarfare: WaW 1.5.0 English

OpenWarfare: WaW 1.5.0 Rulesets


Newer version released !!!

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