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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:33 AM BST

Call of Duty: World at War Mod: Community Warmod Final

Call of Duty Mod Download

CoD WaW mod: Community Warmod Final

Community Warmod Final Release (for the patch 1.3 WaW version)

Community Warmod is a modification for call of duty 5. It's was created from the promod beta 1 by bilboeee.

This mod can be used for all competition leagues like clanbase or all cup and for public servers.

Community What?

Community Warmod is a War modification for call of duty 5. It added all default items for a good competitive mod like Ready-up, different rules for all match, a training mod. But not only that, the mod totally improves the game with better fps, better hit reg and hit boxes with a completely working weapon’s menu in each sides, a timeout command and finally the mod fix few stock game bugs.

Download Community Warmod Final

NOTE: This will be the final version of Warmod, bilboeee will release it after patch 1.4 of CoD:WaW (with the mappack) from treyarch. This is why bilboeee named it BETA.

Call of Duty 4 Mod - Promod Live

Call of Duty Mod Download

Call of Duty 4: Promod Live

This final version of Promod will most likely be the last of the competitive modifications for the European Call of Duty 4 scene. Recent versions of Promod have modified things which have caused a lot of upset amongst players, and it was generally agreed that a revert to an earlier version was needed but doing so would have lost some great new additions, such as the DAMN:MW shoutcaster overlay. Fortunately, carlisle has come to the rescue with his own final version. You can find the change-log (relative to Promod 3.0) below.

CoD World at War Mod: Zombie Tower Defense 2.0

Call of Duty Mod Download

by Ottawolf

Nazi zombie maps have taken COD WAW by storm, you've played them, you have loved them, well, now you are going to hate them.


After Way2Evil released his Modern Weapons mod his mind was already working on a new mod for COD WAW.

With the help of a sick, twisted and very talented scripter, FW-Corey, they have brought you a mod that will definately have you screaming at the top of your lungs, breaking your keyboard, throwing your mouse across the room. Please be warned, you will be traveling to the local computer store for replacement parts.

CoD World at War Mod: Zombie Tower Defense 2.0

Nazi Zombie Tower Defense Mod Version 2.0 is a server side mod, that loads in moments and changes almost every aspect of the "normal" zombie play. This mod is guaranteed to have you hating someone you have never met.

Some of the changes you will see in the gameplay:

  • the zombies are more terrifying ( if that was possible they are zombies after all )
  • the eye glow has changed to red just to make them creepier (see above comment)
  • there is more decay on the bodies
  • crawlers can be created more easily, everyone loves a crawler
  • weapon prices have been increased on most wall-bought items
  • at the mystery box, anyone can grab a weapon that has been spun for. This is a lot of fun, you can either help someone out by buying them a weapon or you can steal their weapon if they are too slow grabbing it
  • when a player goes down, they lose 10% of their points, if they die they will lose another 23% of their points
  • there are more powerups, there is single player invulnerability bonus(for 30 seconds), unlimited ammo, (30 seconds) or single player gets full ammo
  • there are also traps; no points (for 30 seconds), all players lose ammo, or an unlucky player loses ammo
  • the mystery box will sometimes close without warning randomly and mock the victim
  • there are a mix of levels, there are speed rounds, headshot only rounds, boss levels

Now that we have laid out the general gameplay, there are some more specific points. The boss level comes every fifth level; on levels 5, 10, 15 etc... The "Boss" zombies have a vastly increased health amount & are only seriously damaged from headshots. Hitting them elsewhere on the body actually adds health to them, this also goes for the headshot only rounds. The players will be happy to know that there are a limited number of bosses during the boss levels. For those who like to use the infinite ammo cheat. By doing this you will send the game into a guaranteed death for yourself and your teammates. All of the zombies will have + 5000 health, they will all be runners, the bosses will be vulnerable to headshots only and there will be 20 more of them, no repairing windows, and no grenades at the end of the round, also the mystery box will slam shut every spin and you will only be able to buy ammo from the walls. This is a warning, cheaters will not survive the oncoming hoards of zombies. During the cheat penalty the number of zombies is also increased to the normal amount + 666.

All of us who tested this mod, can't wait to see what other sick & twisted things will be unleashed from the dark recesses of Way2Evil's, and FW-Corey's minds!

We hope you enjoy this and remember, it's only a game!



Download Zombie Tower Defense 2.0

Call of Duty MoD - Heat of Battle (HoB) for World at War

Call of Duty Mod Download

by British_Bulldog1

The Heat of Battle, Call of Duty's original "Domination" type game play mod and the oldest surviving Call of Duty mod, undergoes yet another transformation.

Yes, having first appeared just before Christmas 2003, the year of the original release for Call of Duty, the Heat of Battle (HoB), has progressed from CoD1, to United Offensive, missing CoD2, reappearing in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and now, for your delight and pleasure, this team work oriented mod is becoming available for Call of Duty:World at War (WaW).

Join us in testing it at CoDBoards W@W:HoB5 public Test server.

The following are the changes introduced for WaW, which is still under test, but the following should be available;

1. HoB capture code; Dynamically adjustable, the more players on the server, the more players required to capture an objective. Serverside adjustable, you can have it as only one player needed to capture, or, a minimum of 2 players, increasing to 4 - dynamically.

2. Capture icons removed and replaced with notification of the number of players needed to make the capture.

3. HoB capture bars - These show you the captured areas and if you have team mates there needing assistance to capture. They also show if you are losing a cap to the enemy as well as caps that are "owned" by no one.

4. HoB capture timers: How long do you want it to take before a capture is made? The choice is yours with serverside adjustments. These are set timers, no longer does it speed up with more players on the capture point.

5. New weapon sounds: HoB1 had new sounds recorded by our own team at a firing range - these have now been imported into WaW.

C5 MoD – Crash’s Bolts Only Mod for CoD: WaW

Call of Duty Mod Download

C5 MoD – Bolts Only Mod for CoD: World at War

This mod is a combination of script from various places. Based on the Rifles Mod v2, OpenWarfare Mod and script from the [LFNY} COD2 Rifles Mod for COD4, which was based on X4, by Joker. Also, A big thx to The Company and Buster for releasing the enhanced weapons files…C5 uses the enhanced realism and sound setups. Thanks also goes out to basheduwithaflopus for starting the ball rolling with his Rifles Only Mod.

Mod Features:

-    Anti Camp function(configurable)
-    Spawn Protection Messages now movable….either center of screen or lower left
-    Ability to set hardpoints to be lost upon death (configurable)
-    Onscreen XP points now on/off.
-    Players Connecting/Disconnecting Announcement  on/off
-    Due to the nature of the mod and game, and the fact that this mod is destined for tactical servers, the Anti-Run has been introduced and is fully configurable
-    Enhanced Obituaries(configurable)
-    Kill Streak Sound Announcements(configurable)
-    Random Map Rotation(configurable)
-    Random weapon dropping when shot in hands or arms (configurable)
-    Random player dropping to prone or crouch when shot in foot or leg(configurable)
-    Anti Bunny Hop and Anti Dive (configurable)
-    Custom Blood Splatters added to hud effects when shot, knifed, headshot and wounded.
-    Hardpoints now fully configurable (Radar, Artie, and dogs)
-    UPDATED: - Red Enemy Blips on Radar have been removed – now configurable
-    Forced Auto Assign now available (configurable)
-    Forced Crouch in Spawn Control(configurable)
-    All weapons have new sounds and enhanced model effects.
-    New Custom Knife…blood added to knife for looks..
-    Next map name & Gametype message added to hud
-    Because some of the new custom maps have turrets, server owners have option to now remove them.
-    Added option to sink bodies (configurable)
-    Option for server admins to switch between bayonets or knives

Download C5_Public Mod

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