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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:33 AM BST

Call of Duty Mod - OpenWarfare has been released !

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r



  • Hardpoints can now be set to use number of total kills instead of killstreak. Please set hardpoints to cycle when set to use total kills.
  • Variable scr_game_hardpoints_mode in hardpoints.cfg.
  • Option to show the amount of killstreak for a player. Variable scr_announce_killstreak in hardpoints.cfg.
  • Stock headshot sounds can now be disabled. Variable scr_play_headshot_impact_sound in gameplay.cfg.
  • Re-implementation of WWM. Please check wwm.cfg for more details.
  • New Advance Admin Control Panel. Various map and player control options. Please check advancedacp.cfg for more details.
  • Added delay for flame throwers. Variable scr_delay_flamethrower in gameplay.cfg.
  • Re-implementation of Use Magic Key as Quick Actions... Both functionalities are working in parallel. Use Magic Key will be removed on 1.6.0. Please test Quick Actions by deactivating scr_usekeymagic_enable and activating scr_quickactions_enable.
  • New mode for Capture and Hold. Variable scr_ch_chmode in gametypes.cfg.
  • New module to get rid of bodies during the game. Variables scr_bodyremoval_enable and scr_bodyremoval_time in openwarfare.cfg.
  • Added new variable to control weapon tracers. Variable scr_fire_tracer_chance in gameplay.cfg.
  • Servers can now disable the use of the console for clients via sv_disableClientConsole.
  • Added new variable to control the time between jams for the same player. Variable scr_weaponjams_gap_time in gameplay.cfg.
  • Ability to control the zoom levels when sniper zoom is enabled. Variables scr_sniperzoom_lower_levels and scr_sniperzoom_upper_levels in gameplay.cfg.
  • New module to add fog to any map automatically. Variables scr_fogofwar_enable and scr_fogofwar_density in openwarfare.cfg.
  • Added an option where players will be able to change their direction during strategy period. Variable scr_match_strategy_allow_movement in openwarfare.cfg.
  • Added anti-camping functionality to CTF in WaW. Please check gametypes.cfg for more details.
  • Players will be reminded now if they have a hardpoint when spawning. Reminder can also be set to remind the player every certain amount of time via variable scr_hardpoint_show_reminder.
  • Added a new value for anti-camping where people using Bolt Action rifles can also be excempt from it.
  • Maps can now be set to rotate automatically when empty for certain amount of time. Variables scr_rotateifempty_enable, scr_rotateifempty_time, and scr_rotateifempty_grace_period in openwarfare.cfg.
  • Damage from vehicles and barrels can now be disabled without activating WDM. Variables scr_barrel_damage_enable and scr_vehicle_damage_enable in gameplay.cfg.
  • Added range finder module to display distance to target for sniper rifles. Variable scr_rangefinder_enable in gameplay.cfg.
  • A limit for smoke grenades can now be set for teams. Variable smoke_grenade_limit (MW) or m8_white_smoke_limit (WaW) in classes.cfg.

New Advanced ACP :

- Optimized how player variables are set in the welcome screen.
- Timeouts can now be up to 5 minutes long.
- Optimization to the team status module.
- Stance icon has been moved to the left of the screen.


- Fixed the display of the map layout for custom maps in WaW.
- Fixed a problem with menu options alignment in WaW.
- Fixed a bug where weapons were being re-enabled by anti-bunny hopping.
- Weapons don't jam anymore while using a mounted MG.
- Bipod weapons can no longer be dropped in WaW if the player is not moving.
- Server will not crash anymore when using variable scr_sd_bombsites_enabled and the custom map only supports one bombsite.
- Fixed a problem where the Ptrs41 was not being considered a sniper rifle.
- Fixed an issue related to delays and hardpoints.
- Fixed an issue with Ready-Up and CTF in MW.

Download OpenWarfare:MW  English - French - German - Spanish

Download OpenWarfare: World at War   English - French - German - Spanish

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CoD 4 mod: Alien mod 2.2

Call of Duty Mod Download

Call of Duty Modern War Alien Mod

-Automatically rank up to 55
-Max rank is 100
-Helicopters have been changed for both teams (Apache and Mi-28)
-Alien airstrike is replaced with a UFO.

-3 Abilities are available for both teams
*Fog of War (creates a ball of fog around you to make it difficult for enemies to find you... err something.. snipe you ... whatev... - available at level 55)

*Scare This is just a scream or roar and if you are close enough to an enemy it will shellshock them/stun them - available at level 65)

*Jetpack ( The thing everbody wants, and its self explanitory... Just read the screen/lower left when you fly it to know how to control it... - Available at level 75)
-The above abilities have 45 second timers between uses (I think 45 anyway)..

-If you are on the Human team and are level 100, you are given a certain number of bombs. 2 if regular player, 3 if you can access the admin menu, etc. The bomb will drop when you deploy it, then the screen will tell you how to remote detonate it.. The bomb can also be detonated by damage.. Grenade, Gunshot, Knife..

-If you are on the Alien team and are level 100, you are given a certain number of Portals. 2 if regular player, 3 if you can access the admin menu, etc. Portals will spawn in front of you, and you will need to run through it before it closes... Lasts about 7 seconds i believe. Anybody who runs through it will be teleported to the same place, including enemies.. So watch out.

Download Aliens Mod 2.2 

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The zombieX Mod v1 for Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty Mod Download

by KiLL3R

The zombieX Mod v1 for Call of Duty: World at War created by KiLL3R

Features: =====================================================================

New quick chat options:
Lay mine (Hunters only)
Call for a medic (Hunters only, zombies just make groan sound)
Zombie explode (Zombies only)

KiLL3R Zombiex

Hunters start with 3 mines (default) which can be laid down on the ground.
When a zombie comes close enough, the mine will detonate killing all zombies within a certain radius.

Hunters start with 3 syrettes (default) which can be used to heal yourself or other team mates.
To heal youself, make sure you are not looking at any other players and hold down USE.
To heal other team mates, look at them and hold down USE.

If the first zombie hits a hunter (not body parts or explosion) then that hunter will become infected.
An infected hunter will slowly loose health, to cure an infection you must be healed twice (default)
by either yourself or other team mates.

If you are kill by the first zombie, then you will spawn as a zombie where you died.

Once 35% (default) of the total players are zombies, body parts will become available for the zombies to throw.
Body parts can bounce off walls and other players.

Zombies also have the ability to explode, this will cause damage to nearby hunters.

If vehicles are enabled, all zombie attacks can damage vehicles.
Explode = 60 damage
Bodypart = 20 damage
Hit = 25 damage

You can bind quick chat commands with
bind <key> openscriptmenu quickzomx <number>

Download zombieX v1

Latest version Download ZombieX v1.1

Download CoD WaW Mod - zombieX_v1_2

CoD WaW MoD - Heat of Battle 5 (HoB5) goes Public

After successful testing, Heat of Battle 5 for CoD WaW has now been released as a public Beta.

Download Heat of Battle 5 for CoD WaW

MODDERS - Do you have weapons and the such like that you would like to see introduced to the game? If you do and they are based on historical accuracy, then go and talk to .

CoD WaW MoD - Extra Skin Package

Call of Duty Mod Download

[img:20090327195236682 width:0 height:0 align:auto src:orig link:1 alt:0]

For ALL soldiers some awesome looking camouflage skins.

A Wehrmacht skin package, Red Army skin package, Imperial Army skin package and Marine Raiders skin_package.

Made by =/BWF/=Chatmen

Have fun with these cool skins !


Download WaW_skin_package

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