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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:34 AM BST

COD4 competition mod - Promod LIVE V2.03 release

Call of Duty Mod Download

promod download


Promod LIVE V2.03 release

Promod LIVE v2 is by far the broadest and most comprehensive Competition mod for Call of Duty 4 yet, based on Promod 4.42, featuring a long list of functions that will make everyones COD4 experience a enjoyable one. This includes full support for all gametypes, aswell as strat- and moviemaking modes.

CoD: WaW Mod Download - competitionMod v1.9

Call of Duty Mod Download

by Chris

We are pleased today to annouce the release of CoD: WaW competitionMod v1.9


comMod is the premium in war modifications for Call of Duty: World at War.

This release concentrates on weapon balancing even more than previous versions allow the whole range of weapons to be useful. Further security enchancements aswell as more user customisation is also now possible.

With support for Map Pack 2 maps and much more, v1.9 is certainly improving the comMod era.

Download competitionMod v1.9

Alien MOD CoD4 Video

A nice Alien MOD CoD4 Video made by  [.FK.] Juliano 

Read more about this CoD4 Alien Modification or Download aliens mod 2.2  made by Insane

CoD WaW mod: ZombieX v1.1

Call of Duty Mod Download

 By KiLL3R

CoD WaW mod: ZombieX


CoD WaW mod: ZombieX v1.1

Due to a lot of confusion with Linux servers, I've updated the mod so it will no longer crash without the fix and will automatically switch to zomx if it isnt on that gametype.  

Here are some of the changes:

[F] = Fixed
[+] = Added
[C] = Changed / improved 


[F] Fixed spectator/invincible bug
[F] Fixed script errors at the end of the game since WaW v1.4
[+] Added camo option
[+] Perks-a-cola (called Granny's Special Soda) now used instead of syrett for healing
[+] Zombies are quickly shellshocked when hit by a sniper
[+] Added viurs-in-a-box for zombies to collect at Mystery boxes (thanks to CHaagensli for that idea)
[C] Zombies move 10% faster
[C] Zombies can sprint 20% longer
[C] Sun light has been added back
[+] New hunter voice overs/taunts
[+] More glitch areas in maps have been blocked
[+] When calling for a medic, it will now display how many sodas you have left (thanks to Nemaloid and Breadski for that idea)
[+] Added admin functions
[+] Both teams that would normally be fighting againt each other on the map are now hunters (eg. Russia & Germany v Zombies)
[+] Added a delay between using artillerys
[C] Body parts area little bit more bouncy
[C] Pistols do more damage
[+] Added more glitch kill triggers
[C] More perks work for hunters (thanks to MosinAssX for ideas)
Flak jacket: Explode does 12 damage instead of 22
Second change: Healing gives an extra 10 health
Juggernaut: Slaps do 24 damage instead of 30
Download ZombieX v1.1

Download CoD WaW Mod - zombieX_v1_2

Call of Duty - OpenWarfare 1.6.0 has been released !

Call of Duty Mod Download

 An open source modification for the Call of Duty series

OpenWarfare 1.6.0
An open source modification for the Call of Duty series...

It really feels like it has been a long time since our last release back on April 24 but we've been very busy these last two months implementing great features requested by our great community. We were not able to add everything we originally wanted, but we came very very close nonetheless. 

We are all very excited about this new release and we hope everyone enjoys it as we have enjoyed adding all the new features. I don't want to go into detail about each new feature we added to 1.6 but some of the most exciting features are the day/night cycle system where maps can go through different times of the day during the game, the new custom class editor for ranked servers allowing players to edit their custom classes and be able to use them on the next spawn, the advanced administration control panel keeps growing and we have added more options making RCON tools really something from the past, a new advanced map voting system has been created to let players vote at the end of the game for the next gametype and map, we have re-written the health system to allow a higher degree of customization, we have also re-written FreezeTag from scratch to make it 100% compatible with all the features in OpenWarfare, and last but not least we have added two new gametypes, Assassination and Gun Game.

Like always, we would like to send a big big THANK YOU to our wonderful community. We would not be here if it wasn't for them, for their feedback, for their ideas, for their help testing the mod, and most of all for their friendship. THANK YOU!

Advanced Administration Control Panel


    The Advanced Administration Control Panel or AACP is one of the most secure and easy to use administration tools out there for the server. With its bullet proof security system based on GUID the AACP can be customized by the admin to grant certain options for certain players or grant no access at all. And because the security system is based on GUIDs there's no need to distribute the RCON password to anyone.

    The AACP lets server admins control their server with different options for maps or players. Server admin's now have total control of their server without ever having to leave the game to switch to another external RCON tool. 


Read more in

Quick Download :

OpenWarfare:MW 1.6.0 English    

OpenWarfare:WaW 1.6.0 English 

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