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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:34 AM BST

Call of Duty: World at War Mod - competitionMod V1.22b

Call of Duty Mod Download

Ruleset War modification for Call of Duty: World of War

competitionMod V1.22b Hotfix version

This version aims to bring the most rounded unified ruleset war modification to Call Of Duty: World of War currently available.

The main exciting new feature of this release is the new custom weapon select menu, in this a wide range of weapons is selectable from bolt action rifles, machine guns, snipers and many more. With this it also allows the selection of grenade types, pistols and attachments.

CoD World at War comMod V1.2b

With the wider range of guns we have modified almost all weapons, bolt rifles all kill in 1 shot (mostly) but have a greater recoil, high fire rate weapons have greater recoil, snipers are 1 shot kill weapons. We think these adjustments give a greater need for controlled competition play over our previous versions. As always these modifications are open to suggestions.

We have also introduced 3 new game modes to comMod being CTF, HQ & TDM. Along side there is also a new 2v2 mode option and much much more.

Download comMod V1.2b

Newer version released !!!

See below for the full list of changes, improvements and fixes in this new release.

CoD: World at War Mod - OpenWarfare 1.4.0

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r


OpenWarfare 1.4.0.RC1 has been running pretty stable during the last week. We have fixed some bugs and added other small things based on the community feedback.

We are very glad to release the final 1.4.0 version so we start working on new features being requested by people.

Enjoy this new version and we wish you all a Happy New Year 2009!

New changes/fixes:
- Added ability to disable sound occlusion (controlled by variable scr_sound_occlusion_enable).
- Fixed a syntax error with TWAR gametype.
- Player rank will be blank when virtual ranks are enabled and player doesn't fall into any category.
- Added ability to relocate the chat text to the bottom of the screen (thanks OttOvan!).
- Fixed a problem with variable scr_sab_show_bomb_carrier that was not accepting a value of 2.
- Spectators can now see when a player is bleeding, looking at dog tags, etc.

Download CoD: World at War Mod - OpenWarfare version 1.4.0

OpenWarfare:WaW 1.4.0 English - Standard   

OpenWarfare:WaW 1.4.0 English - No gun sway 

OpenWarfare:WaW 1.4.0 English - Increased snipers distance   

OpenWarfare:WaW 1.4.0 Rulesets 

Newer version released !!!

CoD: WaW - competitionMod V1.0b Public Release

Call of Duty Mod Download

by England4eva

Today we are pleased to annouce the release of the premium in unified ruleset war mods for Call Of Duty: World At War. comMod V1.0b is a fully fledged war modification for CoD:WW. Based on the original Promod our mod aim is to bring in features that that community have been calling out for.

Originally known as noobMod this modification sees a new name and a new direction.

comMod is bringing the following features in v1.0b :

- Custom weapon select menu introduced
- Range of team specific weapons introduced
- Public map rotation added
- Mosin rifle made 1 shot kill with matching recoil of Kar98k
- Reinstated sniper (Springfield) hit damage & recoil as per Promod
- Team kill with no death in Ready-Up mode introduced (must be put in a private mode to kick this off)
- Fixed missing sound alias spam in console on Airfield map
- Promod look up/down weapon selection removed
- Mode names changed to commod_mode public_10 etc.

Overall the mod has the following and added changes from the promod base and stock game :-

- Default/Softcore mode introduced (HUD on, Crosshair on, health 100 etc)
- Hardcore Mode introduced (HUD Removal, Crosshair off, health 42 etc)
- Half time scores stored (upon ready up all half time score, kills, deaths etc restored to half time scores)
- Score standardised, kill 5 points, plant/defuse 10 points, assist 2 points.
- Strat time lowered to 5 for private and public modes.
- Scores reset from Ready-Up period (Promod was retaining ready-up scores & adding match scores to it)
- Destructable items reinstated (red barrels etc)
- Reinstated bomb icon (when bomb is on the ground)
- Removed hostname end branding.
- Removed Promod weapon modifications (recoil etc)
- Headbob reinstated
- Nade cooking reinstated
- Sprint reinstated

This mod is currently in its beta stages and is being worked on constantly. Many future fixes are planned.

Download competitionMod V1.0b

Newer version released !!!

CoD:WaW - Open Warfare MoD 1.4.0 BETA2

Call of Duty Mod Download

by t3chn0r


Hello! The last couple of weeks since the Mod Tools have been released have been very exciting and we've been working day and night porting all the features from OpenWarfare into World at War.

We have implemented almost all the features but we are not done yet. We still need to work on the unranked part of the mod but we are already actively working on it and we expect to have it ready soon.

Please remember that this is a beta version so we hope to get as much feedback as possible to be able to fix any issues that might still be lurking around the code.  See Read more for details.

Download Open Warfare MoD WaW 1.4.0.BETA2 English

Newer version released !!!

CoD: World at War - Bolt Rifles Only Mod (2.0)

Call of Duty Mod Download

This is version 2.0 of the Bolt Rifles Only Mod made by Waffles.

This mod focuses on the skill of the player's shot with iron sights. 

rifle mod CoD WaW 

The mod offers you a selection of bolt-action rifles with bayonets or scoped bolt-action rifles. All the rifles have been super-powered to kill in one hit, and now this time they blow limbs off and spill guts.

And for a fun spin, players who reach a configurable rank (default rank 65) gain access to working bicycles! The player will be able to ride a bike around the map, holding Use to get on and pressing Melee to start/stop moving.

Download CoD: WaW Bolt Rifles Only Mod (2.0)

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