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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:22 AM BST

CoD4 - Release Promod LIVE 2.11

Call of Duty Mod Download

Promod LIVE 2.11

Yes, that’s right, Promod LIVE 2.11 EU and NE is finally here!

The road have been long, and after tons of feedback and equally (if not more) hard work the PROMOD team now finally delivers a full release of Promod LIVE 2.11.

Except a list of fixes and tweaks they have reworked and added a few functions in Promod. You can for example see improved Promod modes with a added kniferound function and a opportunity to mix them to your needs. The ability to killspec have also been integrated, together with fruther improved Strat and Shoutcaster functions.  All info is in read more

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mod - Frontlines R3L04D

Call of Duty Mod Download

CoD4 Mod Frontlines RELOAD made by Hajas is the biggest mod ever created !  Not only for the Call of Duty series but for any other FPS game.

In fact it is a LOT bigger than any game ever created, and probably something of this size will never be made again !

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mod - Frontlines R3L04D

This HUGE Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare mod brings 42 gametypes, over 2400 Weapons modes with 16 pre-defined modes, Help mode, the famous War Server, for the realism fans lots of Blood and Gore, Airborne support, an Intelligent Server system and many other NEW features.

Main Features :

. War Server with battlefields up to 3999 territories
. 36 Brand New Gametypes (42 in total!)
. HER with realistic Blood, Gore, Pain, Damage & Physics effects
. Over 2400 Weapons Modes with 16 pre-defined modes
. Airborne support in many gametypes let you be a paratrooper falling from the sky
. 4 Different Support Strikes (Tactical Airstrike/Heavy Bombing Strike/Artillery Strike/Mortar Strike)
. Intelligent Server who admins the server for you the way you want
. Intelligent Anti-Camping System coded to each gametype
. Frontlines Weapons, brand new balance and behavior!
. Medic System with a Medic Perk to let you save your wounded teamates
. Full Rank System with Custom Classes + Create-A-Class INGAME
. Frontlines Duel, where the last 2 will dispute the round with knifes
. Frontlines Last Stand, a lot more realistic and fair to both sides
. Help Mode, which you can play a realistic freeze-tag game in any team based gametype
. Multi-Language Support to really ANY language you speak
. Thousands of other features and options to let you do whenever you want

After more than 2 years of hard work and LOTS of tests seams the impossible dream came true !  The most complete & diverse FPS game ever created is finally released !   Download the final file if you want to host a Frontlines R3L04D server.

Download NOW - Frontlines R3L04D 6.0 Final

If you are a soldier, simply connect to one of the Frontlines R3L04D servers and get your game updated with the latest version of this CoD4 Mod.

Or, to connect, simply open the console and type connect and enjoy the war !

CoD4 skins on pure servers : Ze Limper's M14 Skinpack, Supressor and G36c Skinpack

Call of Duty Mod Download

COD4 Release: Ze Limper's M14 Skinpack

Download the Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Weapon Skins by Ze Limper :

Install : 

Admin :Take one of the IWD's and put it on your mod's folder on your server, or extrackt to your own mod's iwd.

Player : Use this workaround to use your favorite skins on all servers.  Link

COD4 Release: Ze Limper's Supressor

Call of Duty 4 skins on pure servers  :

More pictures in read more.

COD4 Frontlines News - Frontlines 6 BETA

Call of Duty Mod Download

The new Frontlines is coming !

With 40 gametypes, 12 weapons modes, paratroopers support, with the War Server with Random battlefields up to 3999 battles in the SAME war and LOTS more.

Frontlines 6.0 War Server - Random battlefields with up 3999 battles!

Yes.... we have now 38 gametypes in Frontlines! Yeah! 10 were already added and working really well. Here the list of the new gametypes with a small resume of each one,

. AirFight

TDM with Choppers designed for the small rotation.
. Airborne
Paratroopers falls into enemy territory to retrieve 3 docs.
. Capture The Flag
Famous Quake gametype attending requests.
. Evac
Everything is colapsing, both teams must Evac his men out of that hell.
. Invasion
Carry your flag until the enemy spawn to conquest the territory.
. Mission
Several objectives to complete in a mini-war kind gametype with paratroopers and infantry at the same time.
. Savage
Like Black Hawk Down movie, retreat to call a pickup chopper to get out of angry civilians bare armed.
. Strike
Assault gametype with Paratroopers attacking.
. Support
A ground team have until 3 choppers as support to complete a objective. Few players are selected to be the Heli's Gunners to support the ground team.
. Swarm
Hill gametype but the flag can be carried. The carrier must be in constant movement which force the team scout him accross the map.

This is a picture from the AirFight gametype.

Frontlines AirFight Gametype
Play NOW COD4 Frontlines 6 BETA |   

CoD World at War - Multiplayer zombieX mod v1.2

Call of Duty Mod Download

CoD World at War Mod DOWNLOAD UPDATE - Multiplayer zombieX mod v1.2


Download CoD WaW Mod - zombieX_v1_2

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