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Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 06:31 AM BST

FREE CoD: Black Ops Zombies - iOS App Update !

Call of Duty Console

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies iOS game just got more undead action added. The fan-favorite zombie map "Ascension" pits players against hoards of vicious, perk-stealing zombie monkeys, flesh-eating Soviet Zombies and much more in a trap-filled, Cold War era cosmodrome.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies iOS game, just got more undead action added.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies was built specifically for tablets and smartphones; it is an adaptation from the best-selling console & PC game.

Now the BO Zombies update 1.2.0 adds a new map, all new weapons and achievements, and even free CoD points.

A variety of optimizations and fixes have also been incorporated to give players the best mobile zombie experience yet. What’s more, returning players who update to Version 1.2.0 or new players who purchase the game will receive a one-time gift of 5,000 CoD points to enhance gameplay experience.

The added map “Ascension” pits players against hoards of vicious, perk-stealing zombie monkeys, flesh-eating Soviet Zombies and much more in a trap-filled, Cold War era cosmodrome. Along with new achievements, the update also includes all new Zombie-killing weapons: Thunder Gun, Matroyshka dolls, Gersh Device and the Sickle.

Download > iTunes App Store

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - HotFix

Call of Duty Console

Today an other Modern Warfare 3 hotfix, but for which platform ?  Xbox AND PS3 ?


A Modern Warfare 3 hotfix, but for which platform ?

Microsoft updates Xbox wrong > Gamerscore reset, Achievements wiped.

Everyone makes mistakes; but when Microsoft does....

Microsoft Ooooops

So almost ALL Xbox Gamers got to see a "played on another console" message and after this their Gamerscore was reset to null, and ALL their achievements gone.

So what went wrong?

A mistake was made in the Xbox Update coding. The new update tried to bring your "old" game data to your new Xbox...  And because no one had a new Xbox and the patch couldn't find your old data; it just gave everyone blank data. That's why all game data got erased.

How to Fix this ?

You should be able to recover your achievements by following these steps:

  • Sign out of Xbox LIVE, then sign back in.
  • Or by re-downloading your profile.

This will restore your gamerscore on your Xbox.  But it will take a while before changes show up on

If your achievements are not restored after this point, please continue to the next step. 

  • Try earning another achievement. If your achievements are not showing correctly at that point, please wait a couple hours, and then try again.

Any achievements you might have earned after this issue began will be lost.

PlayStation Network down for Maintenance for about 15 hours

Sony announced that the PlayStationNetwork will be down from 4th till 5th of March for some significant maintenance.

Call of Duty is coming to the Playstation Vita this Autumn

It seems that the Playstation Vita may has destroyed the handheld gaming competition with the announcement that Activision will be bringing its Call of Duty franchise to this device this autumn.

Call of Duty is coming to Playstation Vita this Autumn


SCEA’s Playstation brand marketing senior Guy Longworth recently said “In the Autumn, [my kids] are really looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita, and that’s going to be an absolute game changer for the platform.”

Unsurprisingly details on the game are intensely sparse, especially as that statement seemed like a slip of the tongue – albeit a very well planned slip. It could well be a port of an existing title, or possibly a new entry across all formats, or a Vita specific title.

Seeing as the PS Vita has features for local and online multiplayer, it’s safe to say that it will feature online multiplayer, and possibly would have the Elite network integrated – something that is incredibly likely thanks to the PS Vita’s ‘Near’ system and 3g integration.

Update 02-29-2012

According to French information, CoD may come sooner to the PS Vita than expected ! And will be called Call of Duty: Allied Mobile Force.

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