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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:12 AM BST

PS3 units overheated - Firmware 3.61 to blame

Call of Duty Console

Rockstar games

Rockstar games (L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption) has blamed latest PS3 firmware update, version 3.61, for causing older 'fat' models of PS3 to overheat or involuntarily shut down.

"We have received some reports of PS3s overheating while playing L.A. Noire or beeping three times before shutting down/turning themselves off, mostly on older 60GB and 80GB fat models," said Rockstar in response to complaints.

"Primary reports seem to be that updating to firmware 3.61 will cause PlayStations to overheat. There have been various reports of this on a few different games now, all reporting their PS3s turning off or 'Red Lighting' after having installed 3.61," it adds.

"This can range from games randomly freezing to PS3s turning off anywhere between 30 mins use to 2 hours. We have confirmed locally that multiple games (Rockstar and non-Rockstar) overheat or freeze only when 3.61 is installed."

Rockstar Games recommends users contact Sony with issues, while it offers assurance that it too will look into the issue. "We are continuing to test L.A. Noire on all firmware versions and hardware models to isolate the issues and see what can be done.

European PS3 Gamers get theft protection service

Call of Duty Console

identity theft protection program

Playstation Network Complimentary identity theft protection service is now extended to gamers in UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that they had contracted Affinion International Limited to provide enrollment in an identity theft protection program for gamers in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Gamers who sign up for the program within 60 days of the service's May 14 restoration will receive 12 months of Affinion's fraud monitoring and alert service, personal information protection software, insurance to cover costs associated with identity restoration, and access to a dedicated help line.

Sony has said it will continue trying to line up such programs for its users in other territories. However, the company cautioned that "the process will depend greatly on the identification and due diligence of local suppliers."

PSN password Reset Email expires after 24Hrs

Call of Duty Console

Some PSN users need to re-request emails required to access online gaming !

PSN access requires a mandatory password change (courtesy of update 3.61) which sends an automated email confirmation to users.

If you have been waiting for more than 24 hours than you must submit a new request, as each email has a 24-hour expiry. Just be sure to only submit the request once.

PSN update - Expect an other evening with Ups & Downs !

Call of Duty Console

by Vrandas

Early yesterday evening it looked like all was back to normal; many European PS3 owners played online games on their Playstation 3.

But there were still thousands and thousands of PS3 players in need of the firmware update 3.61 and who didn't change their passwords yet and also wanted to play on the Playstation Network. In the end, this was when US joined in again - after midnight- , the Playstation Network gave up.  PS3 players, who already played online earlier, now received the undergoing maintenance message again.

To cut a long story short : The traffic-heavy Playstation Network servers suffered from decreased processing capabilities, which lead to slow network operation and even some PSN servers collapsed.

Will it be different tonight ?  Sony hopes so.  But there is a limit in what these powerful PSN servers can handle.  Getting invaded by millions and all at the same time is something even the best network can't cope with.

But lets stay positive. At least for most in the world the Playstation Network is back up atm.  But not in Japan...

Japan is set to miss out on the relaunch of the Playstation Network (PSN) service as the Nippon government confirmed that it hasn't yet allowed Sony to launch the online gaming service in Japan because of fears that its security breaches hadn't been properly sealed.


To help keeping PSN traffic low; once YOU are on the Playstation Network....


PSN News


Update 5 - 17  05.00 CET :

No more connection problems; only some waiting for their password email.  Most were forgivenly twittering about the 2 free games compensation from Sony. 


All's well that ends well ! 

When will Europe have its PSN Back online ?

Call of Duty Console

Europe - Sunday May 15th - 13.00 CET :

While the US got a smooth restart of the Playstation Network...

For Europe it seems a struggle to get the PSN back online.

This can be because in the US the Playstation Network restarted by surprise and in the evening.

And with the already hyped Europeans the restart on a busy Sunday afternoon would be a PSN server challenge.

So expect the EU Playstation Network to be up and working not sooner than later this evening !

Update 22.00 CET :

Almost all of Europe is now back on the Playstation Network.

Those waiting for a PSN password-reset-email must try to be patience; it can take some time before you recieve the PSN reply.

And there are regions where players get the PS3 Error code 80710D36 when changing password !

The PSN data-servers must be on 100% load, lets just hope PSN stays up.

Update 23.30 CET :

Seems PSN DATA-Servers cant handle the full load now the US is joining again for some PS3 online gaming.

Reports of Playstation Network down are getting more frequent now !  The undergoing maintenance message.

Update 24.00 CET :


When EUROPE goes to sleep the Playstation Network will hopefully be a bit more stable again.


Monday May 16th - Updates :

Update 04.00 CET :

Although Europe is not active atm still more and more people are kicked out or cant log in.

Next to the extreme amount of people wanting to play again; the password reset seems to be a bottleneck.

Plus many didn't recieve their password reset emails.


Update 17.30 CET :  Expect an other evening with Ups & Downs !

When we have more news we report it back here.



Phased Restoration Process is Country Based.  It started in the US > Europe > Australia > New Zealand > Middle East > Asia

After downloading PS3 firmware 3.61, the latest system update for the console, changing your password a requirement as soon as you attempt to log into Playstation Network the first time.

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