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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:34 AM BST

The 4 new maps in first MW3 DLC ?

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Release of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC starts on January 24th 2012.


Update : Only  two  new Multi Player maps in first MW3 DLC !!

Coast got named Piazza and Park became Liberation. If you want...there is a 2012 DLC promo video....

MW3 Tips and Tricks: Invisible Ledge Spots

Enthusiastic TmarTn shows how to use the invisible ledge spots in the MW3 maps Underground and Carbon.

All Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Videos you can find here.

Modern Warfare 3 Spawns getting fixed tonight... or not ?

Tonight at 2 am PST ( left-top block did show our global clocks ) the MW3 spawns will be fixed.


Good example video for how to get spawn trapped in MW3. Let's hope this gets fixed.


Infinity Ward’s Fourzerotwo announced this via Twitter :

Updating the spawn logic in Modern Warfare 3 tonight (2am PT). This will improve when / where / how you spawn. Goodbye revenge spawns.”


No platform was specified, so can we assume that all platforms will be getting this update ?

We will find out in a few hours time... 

7-1 UPDATE :

There are PC users claiming they didn't receive any patch and the spawn logic is still the same.

Others say they got a 4.9 MB file or a 5.3 MB file...

8-1 UPDATE :

This YouTube video clearly shows the (PC) MW3 spawn problem isn't (fully ?) fixed. 


You want the better PC FOV as well ?   Go to the MW3 FoV Changer Download article !

Modern Warfare 3 - The new map PARK

Part of the First Modern Warfare 3 DLC will be the map PARK.

Release of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC starts with the Xbox Elite subscribers only on January 24 on Xbox Live.

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Content

MW3 FOV Changer Tutorial & Video

Download the CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer for MP and SP !

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