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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:35 AM BST

Next Modern Warfare 3 DLC could be some old CoD maps...

As it was the case with Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward might bring back some “classic” maps from previous MW titles to MW3. Four CoD 4: Modern Warfare maps, Strike, Vacant, Crash, and Overgrown, were remastered for the MW2 game-engine, so it is not too far fetched that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games again would want to “remaster” some their favourite maps and offer them as part of the Call of Duty: Elite Premium’s monthly DLC drops and eventually the bundled MW3 Map Packs.


The Modern Warfare 3 map file contains Crash, Crossfire, Strike, Overgrown and MW2's Highrise map.

PC MW3 got updated with Patch 1.4.382

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Today the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 got a 12MB Patch (1.4.382).

"What does it do ?" as reported by absol89.

  1. All akimbo crosshairs and recoil are bigger than before and doesnt shrink as much in crouch/prone.
  2. No fire rate change of akimbo overall, comes with the DLC support patch later.
  3. CM901 with underbarrel attachment now shoots at normal fire rate (650rpm).
  4. ACR red dot+underbarrel is now properly aligned.
  5. All shotguns except the Striker now has 8 pellets.
  6. The Type-95 probably has bigger hipfire spread now since it was in same patch as CM901.

New shotgun analysis if damage is unchanged :

  1. USAS 25-5 x8 long range, slow full auto with longer sprint and clip reload.
  2. KSG 28-15 x8 medium range, pump action with big ammo capacity.
  3. SPAS 25-5 x8 long range, pump action with longer range for when damage drop starts.
  4. AA12 15-5 x 8 short range, fast full auto with clip reload.
  5. Striker 25-15? or 20-10? x6 medium range, semi-auto with big ammo capacity.
  6. Model 1887 30-20 x8 long range, lever action with no attachments.

NEW changes:

  1. USAS-12 now looks very good, with longer sprint and as strong as SPAS with shorter clip reload.
  2. KSG is now also better than SPAS in ammo capazity and damage, but lacks a little in max range.
  3. SPAS is now probably second worst next to AA12 with the only advantage of max range that is shared with USAS and Model 1887 and a relativly long max damage range before drop off starts.
  4. AA12 is no different from before, with low range and 3 steps worse hipfire, neither is Model 1887, that has 1 step worse hipfire.
  5. The Striker is at a 2 pellet disadvantage, and might have a slight damage nerf. (perhaps 20-10 instead of 25-15).
  6. Model 1887 is still the best pump action, but doesnt have extended mags or grip.


The wrong PC MW3 Field of View, set on 65, didn't get fixed by this patch, you can use this Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer.

When can you expect your Modern Warfare 3 DLC ??

CoD Modern Warfare 3

There’s been a lot of confusion about the release dates for Modern Warfare 3’s DLC and we show you why.

Even though Activision’s intentions are perfectly clear – the publisher plans to drop 20 pieces of DLC between now and September – its Call of Duty Elite service (divided in free/premium members) and the timed-exclusive deal with Microsoft makes the entire scenario far more confusing than it really should be.

The Modern Warfare 3 DLC Release Timeline :

Below is the expected release schedule for the first wave of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC :

January 24th : The FIRST DLC,  two maps – Liberation and Piazza, will become available to Xbox 360 Premium Elite members at no additional cost.

February 24th :SECOND DLC released to Xbox 360 Premium Elite members. The new map OVERWATCH

February 28th :  The FIRST DLC will be released to PS3 Premium Elite members at no additional cost.


March 20th (Before PS3 Premium !) : The 1st Content Collection Mappack (Elite 1, 2 & 3) will be available to everyone on Xbox Live. Price still unknown.

March 29th : SECOND DLC  for PS3 Premium Elite members


So it will be MAY 2012 when the first Content Collection Mappack finally gets released for PS3 & PC !

(and we were right : May 8th : Release First Content Collection for MW3 PC !  )


The above pattern will repeat itself, with every month new content first available to Xbox Premium Elite members till September 2012. 



March 3rd DLC =  MP Map BLACK BOX and Special Ops missions BLACK ICE & NEGOTIATOR.

April 4th DLC = 2 MW3 MP Mapsnd Foundation

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer for MP and SP

CoD Modern Warfare 3

09-16-2012 -- FoV Changer UPDATED to v1.9.446.0 !

We proudly present the MW3 Field of View changer made by AgentRev.

The PC version of Modern Warfare 3 has FoV set at 65; same as the standard FoV for console FPS games. For a console player this is not a problem because usually you sit far away from the TV but on the PC, where you are closer to the monitor, it can cause eye strain, headaches and even motion sickness.

Previous CoD titles had an option, in advanced graphics settings, to change the Field of View; but not MW3. And we don't expect this will change in the near future if at all. So to make Modern Warfare 3 more enjoyable, AgentRev coded a little app that permits to set the MW3 FoV to your liking.


FoV Changer    << MW3 MP FoV Changer by AgentRev


Now you're thinking : " What about the Valve Anti-Cheat feature? Are we allowed to make these changes ? "

Like mentioned, we had the option to change the FoV in last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops and this FoV Changer is made in good faith; not to give any unfair advantage over other players but just to solve the problem of the "forgotten" FoV option.

It is difficult to communicate with the MW3 developers about our wishes and so, to be sure, AgentRev included a check-up system in the program so it will warn you if there is a sudden change of mind and they start to ban players for progs like the Widescreen fixer and off course, the FoV changer. It will immediately give you the option to close the FoV changer or continue using it at your own risk.

FoV Changer v1.4.368.6 allowed you to set the FoV from 65 to 90.  Modern Warfare 3 Field of View (FoV) example screens.  

The latest version of the FoV Changer, v1.9.446.0, has an increased FoV limit.

Version Changes:

  • Combined MP and SP into single EXE
  • Increased FoV limit to 100 due to high demand and reports of malware from some "unofficial" versions modded to reach said value; Approval by IW & VAC confirmed by tvdw, aka Xifon
  • Changed in-game FoV increment/decrement via hotkeys from 5 to 1
  • Adjusted reference offsets to game version 1.9.446
  • Fixed bug from v1.8.423.0 which prevented update notifications from being displayed
  • Fixed bug from v1.8.423.0 which prevented all settings except the FoV value from being saved
  • Various minor code optimizations

You find a READ ME in the zip file with further info.

Download the latest MW3 Multi Player & Single Player FoV Changer.


New - Call of Duty: Ghosts also needs a FoV changer.

Modern Warfare 3 DLC 2012 Video : Still talking big...

Can you guess why many MW3 players hate watching this new Modern Warfare 3 DLC Promo Video ?


More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Videos you can find here.

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