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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:34 AM BST

Yup, STEAM is down for Modern Warfare 3

CoD Modern Warfare 3

According to Valve....

"We're currently experiencing unexpected downtime that started around 10:30 PST.

We're working on getting everything running again as soon as possible."

Steam is offline in the entire world...

Hourly updates from Valve :

1) Our data center's uninterruptible power supplies experienced a power failure. The power is back on now and we're working to get service restored as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

2) We have made significant progress restoring availability, and service should return to normal soon.

3) We are up and running at a normal user load. There are a couple of lingering issues which we will continue to work on until they are sorted.

Thank you for your patience during this time!


Great communication from Valve ! 

Mandatory update for PC version Modern Warfare 3

CoD Modern Warfare 3

The PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just got an unannounced update. 

The PC patch 1.5.387 is 24.4 MB for Multiplayer and 24.1 MB for Singleplayer.

And again, NO change log or patch notes.  When we know more we report it back here.

1)  Added 400 new ranks of 5 new Prestige Levels.

2)  ?

A total of 10 additional prestige emblems have been found in this latest PC update. Looks like MW3 might be getting 5 more prestige levels soon...

Modern Warfare 3 DLC - The map OVERWATCH announced

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Martin Gaston

Handed out to the Call of Duty: Elite Premium Xbox subscribers first...

Modern Warfare 3 DLC - The map OVERWATCH announced


Activision has announced the specifics of February's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC, and it's a new multiplayer map called Overwatch.

It will be available for premium Call of Duty: Elite subscribers with Xbox 360s on February 21. PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait about a month to see it, thanks to an exclusivity deal between Activision and Microsoft.

Overwatch is the third spluttering of Modern Warfare 3 DLC, following the release of Liberation and Piazza in January. It takes place on a New York skyscraper, which should immediately remind you of the generally excellent Highrise map from Modern Warfare 2.

Activision says the map has a near-symmetrical layout, a central bridge and is set over two storeys. It's also possible to accidentally run straight off the building, which should make for some comedy moments.

March's content has also been teased, and it includes multiplayer map Black Box - set at the site of a plane crash - and two new Spec Ops missions called Black Ice and Negotiator.

Why do ALL MW3 players have to play Infected ?

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Vrandas

Updated 02-08-2012

Three days ago Infinity Ward and SlegeHammmer added a new game mode to the MW3 Playlists on Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Why do MW3 players have to play Infected ?

And so the MW3 game mode DROP ZONE has been replaced by INFECTED in the Community Playlists.

I have nothing against this "new" game mode ( it's the old MP zombie mode without the zombies) but I can't see WHY MW3 can't have DropZone AND Infected in the playlist. Is it about being in control ?

02-07-2012 - Yesterday's comment from Fourzerotwo  

Fourzerotwo - Modern Warfare 3 game mode infected

02-08-2012 - Today's comment from Fourzerotwo

Drop Zone BACK in MW3 Playlist


How is this new Modern Warfare 3 game mode played ?

INFECTED is available across all platforms on the Community Playlist. When you join a game of INFECTED, 10 seconds into the match you will either be chosen as the Infected or placed on the side of the survivors. Each side will be restricted to a specific selection of weapons. Every time you play INFECTED the weapon selections will differ, rotating through multiple loadout options, all of which have been determined by community suggestions and feedback from Twitter responses to Fourzerotwo.

The aim of INFECTED is to stay alive for as long as possible, or if you are on the infected side, to turn as many of the opposite team as possible. The game ends when either all players have been turned into infected or the game timer ends. A Survivor's goal is to stay alive until the game ends, however, if you're turned Infected, your goal is to turn all other survivors into Infected by killing them.

There will be four different versions of the INFECTED game mode with each side had different class loadouts.

The full list of Class Loadouts, Weapons, Perks and Maps can be found here.

PC Modern Warfare 3 just got an other patch update

 Yep, today the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is getting updated by a Steam patch. 

 Single and Multiplayer both get a 584.0 KB update by Steam. At least that is what Steam shows.  

 But what exactly is patched nobody knows.   Even the MW3 MP versionnumber stayed the same. 

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