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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:33 AM BST

Today the Release of First Content Collection for Modern Warfare 3 PC

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Later today the First Content Collection will be finally available for MW3's PC Gamers.

This time NO pre-order deal and save 10%. The PC DLC will be available for purchase from May 8th and will cost $14.99 / €15+.

The First Content Collection includes 4 Multiplayer maps and 2 Special Ops missions.

The above is all what is told by the Gamedeveloper. Weird thing is... STEAM website doesn't mention any MW3 DLC and there was no Pre-order option. So what is going on ???  We don't know.  Let's hope the PC DLC can be bought and downloaded.


Seems the PC DLC sale has started but some have problems seeing the new maps. 

You need to be patched/ MW3 updated. Still no show, have a look here for a possible solution.


May 8th : Release First Content Collection for MW3 PC

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Great quote by Andrew Yoon :

" PC gamers have long felt like second-class citizens in the Call of Duty ecosystem. However, Modern Warfare 3 has proven those fears wrong -- they're actually third class citizens."


So the word is out, the 1st Content Collection will be available on May 8th, and includes 4 Multiplayer maps and 2 Special Ops missions.

This compiled MW3 "First Content Collection" was made available for all Xbox 360 owners in March, to PS3 owners in April and last but never least (Wii is) the PC gets (6 months after release) the 6 pieces of DLC...

MW3 PC - Release First Content Collection Mappack

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Brent

Yesterday's tweet from Infinity Ward about the release date of the 1st Content Collection for the PC version of Modern Warfare 3. But months ago MapModNews already wrote it down; it will be May when the first DLC finally gets released for the pc version.


MAPS DLC MW3 for PC Version.


QA stands for Quality Assurance. 

And now they HOPE to release the already being released for the other platforms MW3 PC map-pack in a FEW WEEKS time !

Never seen such a bullshit answer. As if they always properly "bug fix" everything before releasing...

And who do they think we are ?  Console gamers without a clue how long it really takes to make a map ? And on which platform you actually make and even test a Call of Duty map ?


UPDATE 04-28-2012 :

Release First Content Collection for MW3 PC on May 8th.


My guess always has been that they don't want us to make maps any more because we can show what you can make in just a few days.

Modern Warfare 3 PC - Let's talk about Hacked Lobbies...

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Claire Claws

Despite all changes (negative changes in the eyes of most PC Gamers) since the very first Call of Duty title, all the promising of only making things better and cheat free...  Seems to me they couldn't fail more.

In the old days gamers could at least choose a server with some 'manual' protection but today's Call of Duty (still) pushes you in a hacked MW3 lobby. And more bisar; it looks as if in these last couple of IWnet years, the "problem" only became bigger and bigger.

Watch the next video made by crazy_wildog.  Is this how today's best (self-proclaimed) video-game should look like ???


And it will be May when the first DLC finally gets released for the pc version. 

PC Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE incoming !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

There is an update for the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 scheduled to go live at 2am PST.

(The Update now Live !)

It's a hint that the FIRST MW3 DLC, the Collection 1, is coming our way soon. Finally !

PC Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE incoming !

An Infinity Ward employee on the official MW3 forums was asked when the PC can expect the MW3 Map Collection 1...

The PC will receive a patch preparing for the arrival of DLC Collection 1 likely tonight at 2am PST.  Collection 1 is well into its test cycle on PC. I’ll see if I can get an accurate ETA for you.

Stay tuned.

04 - 21 Quick Update on the PC update :

Some PC gamers are complaining about BSOD, PC crash and more lag after the latest PC patch. Having an AMD cpu can be the cause of this. For some updating the PC Bios helped...  No comment from Infinity Ward on this new problem.

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