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Tuesday, January 27 2015 @ 02:19 PM UTC

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare writer refused to work on Modern Warfare 3

CoD Modern Warfare 3


On May 7 2012, the two fired Infinity Ward Founders, Jason West and Vincent Zampella, will finally meet Game Publisher Activision in court; but what about the rest of the former Infinity Ward team ?

Jesse Stern

One member of that team, Jesse Stern, told EGM magazine that he refused to work on the highly anticipated third Modern Warfare game out of loyalty to the two ousted Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare creators.

“My primary relationship, creatively, was with Jason and Vincent, and so my loyalty is to those guys and their team. I’ve never even met anyone from Activision, except for some publicity people. So when I was approached through my agency, CAA, about working on Modern Warfare 3, I wasn’t interested,” Stern explains.

Stern then goes on to tell the magazine that he and the team had a long running plan for Modern Warfare 3, or rather — multiple plans. 

“We had a plan,” Stern reveals, “but we didn’t have the plan. It was pretty open, and if you asked any of us where it was going, you’d get a different answer.” Stern also doesn’t believe that any of the ideas that were born during his time with Infinity Ward made it into the final game, “It was mostly in the heads of people who aren’t there anymore. But it’s not the first time someone’s had to pick up where a previous administration left off,”

So, given the events surrounding the game, will Stern play some MW3 ? 

“Nah, I probably won’t.” 

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F**K CoD Elite - the PC, where it all began, is now excluded

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Vrandas


I don't know what makes people buy in to the CoD: Elite Premium story.


Just buy the more expensive MW3 Hardened Edition and you will automatically be enrolled as a Founder.   Wow... really ?

You even get the Founders Lifetime status and Clan XP boosts will level up your Clan faster!   Level up your clan ?

And the prizes you can win... From a badge to a new Jeep.     Pay extra and win a Jeep. Yep, I want one.

Selling point x : Tools and Information so players can learn and up their game.  Never got this kind of attention before.

And who wasn't waiting for Call of Duty Elite Community Groups and Clan affiliations and identity?   Who was ???

The CoD Elite Premium list goes on and on.  Full list here.

So for $ 49,95 per year or buy the more expensive MW3 hardened version and you get CoD Elite Premium for "free".


 Kotick - CoD: Elite Premium



With over 30 million online players around the world. Say 10 mill Premium x $ 50 = 500 million dollars.

Feels like I walk around in a Kotick dream.  Lets make questions list.

  • That's 50 bucks for one year; and your membership will expire. What about that "Founder" status ? It says "Lifetime Status"; so can all keep that and get a new Founders weapon camo with the next CoD title ? With or without Premium ?
  • Clan XP boosts ?? It sounds lame. Does it mean you BUY your way up as a clan ? And a special in-game tag shows to all that you did ?
  • Was there a need to organize matches ? Or is it something to use as selling-point and with the same stone kill off all third-party organisations, who did their best to organize clan-leagues since the day Call of Duty was founded ?
  • I will never win the Jeep, do I ?

Ok, my main point is, dear REAL founders of CoD Elite,  where are the PC gamers in all this Premium mumbo jumbo ?

For the PC gamers there are no special editions, like Hardened. That has always been a console thing. So no RC, no Night Viewer...

And CoD Elite is all about stats, stats and more stats. PC's dedicated servers never get allowed being part of any official stats because all PC gamers cheat.

So... All DLC Mappacks  (oops, playlist pressure for consoles there !) can always be bought separately; so only when you think it is worth the money. Any Premium video will be on YouTube within an hour. (Gives Activision something to do.)  And 10 million gamers with special camo or tag isn't that special.

Don't buy CoD Elite.  Lets keep gaming affordable for all.

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Confirmed Modern Warfare 3 Weapons List

CoD Modern Warfare 3

The MW3 Guns List so far....

Fourzerotwo already twittered :

´Grenade launchers are a valuable tool in modern arsenals. There is no doubt they need rebalancing from MW2, but not removal.`

XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher   NEW in MW3 is this XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher.

So next to what is already shown in the First Modern Warfare 3 Trailer we will make a list of all confirmed weapons which can be used in MW3.

Our MMN MW3 Weapons list - with pictures - in read more. Will be updated.

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What is CoD Elite ?

What is CoD Elite ?   Full details on the new Call of Duty Elite service coming with MW3.

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Activision grabs website

In July Activision filed a complaint with the US National Arbitration about the domain Why? 


                                                                                               Sleek Crybaby Activision                                                                                                     

"How sneaky Activision misused its power."

by Claire Claws 

With its domain name registered back in March 2009, the website billed itself both as "a 100 percent unofficial fan site dedicated to the Modern Warfare series,  as well as "parody of Modern Warfare 3". And openly called the next Activision shooter MW3 "just an other retread". (make over)

On the moment began forwarding all its traffic to the Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3 website; it drew Activision's attention. Prompting Activision to send it a takedown notice related to copyrighted content that had previously appeared on the site.

Today Activision's complaint has been "resolved", a three-member panel ordered that the control of the URL must be transferred to Activision.

As expected the key issue in this case was the forwarding of traffic to a direct competitor of Modern Warfare 3, something which the former registrant described as a temporary mistake, and not evidence that he was running the site in bad faith. In issuing its order, the panel called the claims of the unofficial site's former operator "uncompelling" and "not credible".


We don't know if this US law and .com only....

But we (in Europe) never heard of a case were a domain-name could be claimed just because this domain is used to make harmless fun of you. 

When this "making fun" was in fact a slandering campaign because Activision refused to pay an unreasonable amount of money to get this domain-name; then it would be for sure THE key issue in this case.  But it wasn't.

So it's just sad that, without a good defence lawyer, it was to easy for Activision to get their own dumb mistake corrected.


More about Activision's lack of proficiency :

Sloppy Activision gets mocked on (Contains the great Monty Python MW3 video.)

West and Zampella have a case against Activision. (Fired Founders of IW claim part of profit MW2, maybe even MW3.)

And two months before MW3 release : Still NO official MW3 forum !

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