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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:41 PM BST

MW3 News : PC Gamers can pre-order CoD Elite in November....

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Vrandas

On November 8th, the new Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 3, will be released. But this year there is something new, something extra; Activision also developed a CoD Elite service. This Call of Duty Elite is free to register for everyone. And you can upgrade to Premium CoD Elite for twice as many features and free MW3 DLC. When you pre-order and activate your Call of Duty Elite Premium membership by November 13, 2011, you can be on the ground floor of the revolutionary Call of Duty Elite service with your "Founder" status.

But you can't pre-order the Call of Duty Elite Premium.

You cant pre-order the Call of Duty Elite Premium

When you play your Call of Duty games on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3; you can pre-order the MW3 Hardened edition.

With the special box and extra booklet, this will be also the only "collectors' edition for CoD: Modern Warfare 3. And it comes with one year "free" CoD Elite Premium subscription.

But again, what about the PC gamers ?

You can't pre-order CoD Elite Premium; you have to wait till November.

Activision hasn't fully optimized Steam to work with CoD Elite yet.

That's why retailers don't have any information or ability to pre-order, because also CoD Elite needs to be ready for PC's to have the founder status option available.

With only 49 days to go......

Modern Warfare 3 will be playable at the Eurogamer Expo in UK

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be available for hands-on play throughout the show, which takes place at Earls Court One this week - Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th September.

"We're delighted that Activision is making Modern Warfare 3 available to play at this year's Expo," says Eurogamer CEO Rupert Loman "We can't wait to open the doors and share the games with over 30,000 people later this week."

Modern Warfare 3 will be playable at the Eurogamer Expo in UK

This year's Eurogamer Expo is almost completely sold out but there are a few tickets still available on

Tickets are £10 for a full day.

Is CoD Elite Premium for free when you buy the MW3 Hardened edition ?

by Vrandas

Is the CoD Elite Premium membership really for free when you buy the Modern Warfare 3 Hardened edition ?

No.  It isn't.


Is CoD Elite really for free with Modern Warfare 3 Hardened


What they did, is using one of the oldest tricks from the Retail bible.

That's manipulating your loyal buyers into buying a similar product but for a higher price.  Huh ???

Yes, by adding extra (expensive ? No, not really.) products and then asking a higher price for the set.

Why do they do this ?

What was the price of CoD: Black Ops Hardened ? It was $79.99. And of Modern Warfare 2 ? Again: $79.99.

And what do they ask for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened edition ?


CoD Elite Bullshit


So Modern Warfare 3 Hardened edition costs only $99.99  And by now you think you only pay 20 dollars extra for Elite Premium membership with DLC. 

Is it worth it ?

We all know most of CoD Elite is just an other "service" with the same things we get for free from third party organisations or other game publishers. 

And many of us already paid for extra maps (DLC) in the past.

But did you know that it only costs a few thousand dollars to make one map. And 1.4 million copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops' "First Strike" map pack were sold in the first 24 hours on Xbox Live. That's $21 million in gross revenue in a single day and for one platform only.

Being a CoD Elite Premium member means you can download all MW3 DLC for free.

Free ?  No, not free. You paid for the CoD Elite Premium.


And off course they won't tell your this, but because of the MW3 Hardened "bargain" Activision can start off the CoD Elite Project with far more Premium members than with only a "few" volunteering One-Year subscribers. So adding a Premium subscription to the Hardened edition really helps ACTIVISION to take the first big hurdle of having enough people actually using the paid service on day one. Plus... it also reduces the chance on "to much negative publicity"; there is always less complaining when something is "for free or you got it cheap.. "

With a successful start of CoD Elite, Activision is one step closer to the subscription service they have in mind.

Enjoy the free "Beta". Take the bait (-a) and they reel you in...


Everyone, that´s Console and PC gamers, will have to pay 100 dollars for the complete MW3 game (with Premium DLC).

PC gamers pay 50 for the game and 50 for Premium = 100 dollar
Hardened Edition for Console is game and
Premium = 100 dollar
Standard Xbox version plus
Premium DLC = 100 dollar
Standard PS3 version is slightly higher priced.


Update Sept 23 :  Gamestop US has now started with selling Premium subscriptions.


Keep in mind that CoD Elite Premium is set on $49.99 DOLLARS.

Normally this would be € 37,12 or £ 32,55 for Europe.

But it seems Activision wants to charge the Europeans more. Like the US buyers already pay less for the MW3 game.

So what the CoD Elite Premium will cost in Europe is still unknown.

(Australians have to pay 4000 Microsoft points for it. You can buy these MS points with a discount, for $47, something at Amazon. )


So the MW3 Hardened Edition comes with a FREE metal box and booklet.

Activision won't tell what the exact content of the MW3 DLC will be. They just say: 20 pieces. It can be 15 maps and other stuff.

MW3 News : There will be an official #MW3 forum ! But when ?

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Claire Claws

Robert Bowling AKA Fourzerotwo

On May 22 2011 Fourzerotwo twittered :


There is no official #MW3 forum yet, but there will be soon (after the first trailer on May 23rd).


So on May 19th, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 website went live and Fourzerotwo told that the Official MW3 Forums were due to open, right after the first Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Reveal Video Trailer....

But on September 9 there was still no official Modern Warfare 3 Forum on Activision's website.

What happened, Why and When ?

Read how we went from Activision's A-team to a fast replying Community Manager and an (ex-) IW forum Moderator for an answer.

MW3 News - UK's GAMEfest Modern Warfare 3 hands-on !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 Spec-Ops is playable at GAMEfest. Visitors get an opportunity to get their hands on Modern Warfare 3.

Hosted by retailer GAME, GAMEfest is an Game-event at the Birmingham NEC from 16th till 18th September 2011.

Saturday and Sunday tickets are sold out; but we have some pictures from inside the Modern Warfare 3 booth. 

UK's GAMEfest Modern Warfare 3 hands on

Gamefest 2011  Gamefest 2011 MW3

Gamefest Call of Duty

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