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Wednesday, January 28 2015 @ 04:10 AM UTC

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MW3 News : Buy Rank Up XP from Pepsi & Activision

Buy Rank Up XP from Pepsi & Activision

An article in Forbes calls a new promotion from Pepsi and Activision "nothing short of unholy."

The (USA Only ! ) promotion, "Rank Up XP," gives Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players extra time in-game to earn double experience by purchasing Pepsi products (Doritos and Mountain Dew) and redeeming codes from the packaging. The experience comes in various allotments of time; for example: a 20 oz Mountain Dew will earn players 15 minutes of Double XP.

Here is why the author of the Forbes' article thinks it is wrong:

"Why is this a problem? Because XP is everything in these games, and whoever has more of it first is at a distinct advantage in the game. More XP, especially when the game is new, means more weapons, more perks, more attachments, more killstreaks, and subsequently, usually more wins. Offering Double XP to someone who purchases Pepsi products is selling out about as much as you can, and for a franchise that’s already been accused of pushing the limits with “Elite” monthly membership and overpriced map packs, it goes to show that Activision will exploit its fans in any way they can."

So critics of this promotion have pointed out that not only is this unfair for those players who earn their XP fair and square, it is also the corporate endorsement of Pepsi’s unhealthy consumer goods that constitutes the selling out of one of the world’s favorite first person shooters. Is this an all time low for Activison?

And the UK got this: Get 4 hours of double XP when you pre-order a Modern Warfare 3 Console version.

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3 NEW CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Screenshots

Three new CoD: Modern Warfare 3 screenshots have surfaced.

MW3 Screen shots SP

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Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Video - MS or Sony Game Presentation

CoD Modern Warfare 3

A few days back the finished MW3 console versions were send off for certification.

Today someone from Microsoft or Sony placed a video on Youtube.

The quality is awful so you can hardly see and hear what is happening but the video is, without a doubt, made during a "behind closed doors" presentation of the finished Modern Warfare 3 game. It shows, what looks like a MW3 Campaign Mission intro. The video also shows that other employees are free to use their cell-phones during this presentation. 

All who attended one of game expos (Gamescom 2011, Gamefest or Eurogamer Expo) remember how strict the Activision staff were about the "no cameras and cell-phones off !" rule during the MW3 presentation.

So what do you think of employees filming and publishing unreleased game footage ?

Warning: Turn your speakers down !

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MW3 News : Fourzerotwo talks about PC dedi servers & Mods

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 interview about the PC version of MW3.

by Bennett Ring from GameSpy

BR: What sort of connection options are PC gamers going to have? Are they going to have the full server browser as well as matchmaking?

402: Yeah, so in Modern Warfare 3 you have the matchmaking that we introduced in MW2 so you have the party system, the lobby system, all that stuff. That is standard fare for it, but you also have a server browser so you can search, browse, filter, rate, and favorite dedicated servers or set up your own dedicated server so you have full control over ban lists, game setup rules, all that stuff that we know our PC players said they wanted coming out of Modern Warfare 2.

BR: With the server browser, are you going to be able to sort by region or is it ping based?

402: Right now I think it's just ping based.

BR: Have you made any changes to the matchmaking algorithms this time around?

402: Yeah we have. We always do a lot of work in that, especially speaking specifically to Australian gamers, we took a ton of feedback coming out of Modern Warfare 2 on how we could optimize matchmaking for local regions like what it prioritizes, because you can't prioritize across the board, saying this is how matchmaking works for everybody. That inherently isn't fair because everyone doesn't have the same sort of connection. An Australian player playing with a US player isn't the same as a US player connecting with a US player. So we've changed the way things are prioritized so it's not just based on ping. It should allow people in Australia or another country to have a better experience, rather than being at the will of one American host who comes in and takes over everything.           

BR: Sure. Now you mentioned there that users can set up their own dedicated servers. Will they still be ranked servers or are they unranked?

402: That's something that hasn't been decided yet. It's something that we're working out.

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MW3 Multiplayer Server details from Sledgehammer Games

Posted on official Modern Warfare 3 Forum by dante2010

MW3 Multiplayer Server details from Sledgehammer Games 

Sledgehammer.  I’m a huge PC guy.  Please tell me more about MW3 on the PC.  I know there’ll be dedicated servers but what will that truly mean?

- Jacob

North Carolina



MW3 on the PC is going to be a great game and we are excited to launch it day and date with the consoles on November 8, 2011.   There is a ton of work being done to ensure the PC experience is fantastic.  Dedicated servers is a big feature that fans have been vocally asking about since its absence in MW2.   Erik Strickland, Principal Engineer, is leading the effort.  Let's ask him for some of his insight...  Erik?

Thanks Condrey. 

Hi Jacob, 

We believe that Modern Warfare 3 match-making delivers a best-in-class competitive experience on consoles as well as PC.  For users who want deep customization and control on PC we’re also supporting free-to-download, free-to-run dedicated servers on launch day.  Using familiar tools, admins can download and run servers on their own hardware, customizing access, game rules and map rotation to their liking.

We’re embracing the Steam platform. From both the Steam and game clients, users can: browse, join, and favorite these servers; send and accept invites; everything just as you’d expect.  For gameplay customization MW3 dedicated servers leverage our recipe system to allow admins to finely tune gameplay without trial-and-error fiddling. Of course, server admins will have all the tools they expect - access control by IP/password, player kicking/banning, remote console access, etc… 

In short, we are bringing back the features of Call of Duty 4's dedicated servers that the community has requested, and we hope everyone will be excited by the outcome  – let us know on November 8th!


Remaining questions :

Ranked and unranked servers ?

Does the PC version get the CoD Elite Premium option ?

Are Gameserver-providers able to host dedicated servers ?

What will max server size be ?

Is the use of mods possible ? Promod etc.

Will there be Mod tools and Radiant ?

Is active download option present ? Download Redirect.

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