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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 08:35 AM BST

Modern Warfare 3 FoV

 Modern Warfare 3 Field of View (FoV) example screens. 




A little app that permits to set the MW3 FoV to your liking :  Download the MW3 MP FoV Changer

List of Modern Warfare 3 PC Gameplay bugs

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by tsllol

- Theater Mode clips not downloading fully. Since the new Patch 1.4, you can only watch the second half of clips that you've uploaded, or friends, or anyone. The downloads are getting corrupt, and the first third/half of the clip you are trying to view doesn't get downloaded, thus you can only view the second part of clips, which makes Theater Mode useless... 

- The phone bug. Just look at this BS.


- The Predator Missle is uncontrollable. It seems as if it was designed to be controlled by an analog stick and wasn't optimized for the mouse at all. If you compare it to the x360 version, you can see that on the console it's perfectly controllable just like it was in MW2. Just check any x360 gameplay of it out. Example : sometimes when you move your mouse way down while aiming the predator, it gets stuck at a point of pulling downwards, then flips into a totally other direction and poof, you've wasted your predator AGAIN! Also it feels much more uncontrollable than it did in MW2.

- Laggy player collision. MW3 has pretty small maps and you collide a lot with your teammates, and even with your enemies and on PC you get very bad laggy movement when you collide with someone... Like the game is pushing you back and forth constantly for a fel seconds. It's extremely annoying, and even more if you collide with an enemy and die because this BS.  

- Inability to go prone in certain zones of a few maps. For example, Underground. That little Café place with chairs and tables near A-dom. You can't go prone there what so ever. Same goes for Bootleg, that room at the back of the map near C-dom, which u can run through, you can't go prone there either. There are even more places like these where you can't go prone, and the game doesn't give you any message about it at all.  

- XM-25 distance marking bug. Since one of the recent patches, when you mark a distance, it lowers the scope of the weapon back to hipfire. This may be intended, but it wasn't lowering the scope earlier. (WHO KNOWS, MAYBE SOME PATCHNOTES WOULD BE USEFUL??)

PC MW3 - What is NAT, Port forwarding and UPnP ?

CoD Modern Warfare 3

NAT is the ability for your router to handle internet traffic and send it to the correct computer in your network. It is also a very important security layer between you and the internet. It ensures that people from the outside cannot access your computer without your permission.

Port forwarding redirects incoming connections to the computer in the network that needs it.

UPnP is an extension to port forwarding so that your computer can tell the router when to forward and when to stop forwarding.

UPnP also makes it possible that a game can setup the port forwarding automatically

Modern Warfare 3 and NAT types

For MW3 Multi Player the hosting player has to be able to receive all those incoming connections. Normally changing your NAT type from strict to open will allow you to be host.

First, make sure that UPnP is turned on on your router. Navigate to the webpage of your router and look for the option. It's recommend that you enable UPnP but disable extended security, since that will normally only cause extra latencies.

You can download a little tool that tests your UPnP status: UPnPTest. This tool will diagnose some things on your computer and router related to UPnP.

Please complete the following checklist: Test 1, 6, 7 and 8 say "PASSED". If you are on Windows XP, ensure that tests 2, 3, 4 and 5 also say "PASSED". If one of the tests failed, click the "Help Me Fix These Problems" button and follow the steps there. There is only 1 adapter listed at test 7. If this is not the case, go to your network settings (Windows 7: Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings) and disable all adapters you don't use. This is very important.

It is possible that you are behind a double router. This can happen if you have a modem with routing features and a router that also routes. You must disable the router features of either your modem or your router, so that there's only one router left.

And we keep on updating our MW3 errors & problems page !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Vrandas

With the Modern Warfare 3 PC patches we always get some new MW3 errors and problems...

Luckily for us, we don't have to wait on a the patch which fixes the errors created by a patch. PC players always find (!) ways to work around most of these new errors but they also manage to find out how to work their way around the still existing "old" problems for Modern Warfare 3 SP & MP.

The latest updates for found fixes and work-arounds :

28. MW3 - Process keeps hanging in a Steam cloud sync.

24. Steam repeatedly updates or verifies MW3 game files.

19. Steam Error - This game is currently unavailable.

14. Connecting to online services.


And here you can find our popular MW3 errors, freezes, crashes and install problems page.

Modern Warfare 3 - Optimizations for PC

CoD Modern Warfare 3

by Infinity7

Will be kept updated.

Latest MW3 PC patch came out on monday Nov 21, 2011. MW3 version is now 1.4.364

Best NVidia drivers to use for MW3 are the new 285.79 beta driver (as long as you don't use 3D) that was released Thu Nov 10 and WHQL driver 285.62. ATI users make similar-type adjustments as the NVidia ones listed.

Changing Game's FOV:

You can change the game's Field of View with the following method. Let's say you usually have been running the game Fullscreen at 1920 x 1080 resolution but you want a wider Field of View.

Do this :

  1. In game's Video menu set to 1024 x 768 resolution.
  2. Set to Windowed (No Border)
  3. Go into game's Advanced Video menu and set Aspect Ratio to 16:9
  4. Back out of the menu's and make it Apply Settings.

Game's Advanced Video Menu:

Anti-aliasing --- 4x --- to do 8x need to set it in the game's config file or better yet in NVidia Control Panel
Sync Every Frame --- No
Shadows --- No
-- set no only if it is slowing your performance
Specular Map --- Yes
Depth of Field --- No
-- GPU-usage is more consistent & less spikey when off but only set if it is slowing your performance
Ambient Occlusion --- Off  --- set no only if it is slowing your performance
Soften Smoke Edges --- Yes
Bullet Impacts --- Yes
Image Quality --- Native --- this is the highest quality setting & is better looking than Extra
Texture Quality --- Manual
Texture Resolution --- Extra
Normal Map Resolution --- Extra
Specular Map Resolution ---

NVidia Control Panel/3D Settings/Application Settings (rather than in Global Settings) for game set

Power Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance--- to keep video card from down-clocking during lower GPU-usage moments
Texture Quality: High Quality --- to force more GPU-usage

Modifications to your config_mp.cfg file:

Backup your config file first ! It's commonly found at one of these two locations:

C:|Program Files|Steam|steamapps|common|call of duty modernwarfare 3|players2| config_mp.cfg.

C:|Program Files(x86)|Steam|steamapps|common|call of duty modernwarfare 3|players2| config_mp.cfg.

"Open With..." and select Wordpad (not Notepad). When you're done making changes do "Save" rather than doing "Save As" so that the file extension won't get changed.

Config File Tweaks:

One nice way to raise the eye candy up a bit higher than the game's default choices and still get good performance.

seta r_aaMaxQuality "8" --- this value works with the aaSamples value
seta r_aaSamples "8" --- this value works with the aaMaxQuality value
seta r_imageQuality "0" --- highest quality setting (same as setting Image Quality Native in game graphics menu)
seta r_texFilterAnisoMax
"4" - max Anisotropic setting, complements the AA values chosen above
seta r_texFilterAnisoMin "2" - min Anisotropic setting, complements the AA values chosen above

NVidia Beta Driver 285.79 (unless you're doing 3D) and WHQL Driver 285.62 are currently the best NVidia drivers to use and NVidia Game Profile for MW3 came out Wed Nov 9 and if you have either of these 2 drivers installed and have the NVidia Updater check for new game profiles it will bring in the update. You must have the option "Include Beta Updates" checked in order to receive the update.

Steam Menu:

Don't use this one unless you're having some graphics issues with older cards.

In Steam Games Library/right-click game/Properties/General/Set Launch Options/ put in -dx9 and that will make the game run in a more-compatible DirectX 9 mode.

Windows 7 Power Options:

In Windows 7/Windows Control Panel/Power Options/Change Plan Settings/Change Advanced Power Settings/PCI-Express Link State Power Management set to Off. When the PCI-Express Link State Power Management is turned off any increased latency spikes due to power state shifts caused by dynamic power management may be eliminated. Such shifts cause the serial bus to need to be 'woken up' from low-power mode, possibly reconfigured and the host-to-device link re-established. See URL for more info:


Solutions for MW3 errors, freezes, crashes and install problems.

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