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Sunday, August 20 2017 @ 04:54 AM BST

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer UPDATED !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Almost 175.000 downloads !


FoV Changer

"OUR" PC Modern Warfare 3 Field of View changer, made by AgentRev, has been updated !

The latest version of the FoV Changer, v1.9.446.0, has an increased FoV limit.

Version Changes:

  • Combined MP and SP into single EXE
  • Increased FoV limit to 100 due to high demand and reports of malware from some "unofficial" versions modded to reach said value; Approval by IW & VAC confirmed by tvdw, aka Xifon
  • Changed in-game FoV increment/decrement via hotkeys from 5 to 1
  • Adjusted reference offsets to game version 1.9.446
  • Fixed bug from v1.8.423.0 which prevented update notifications from being displayed
  • Fixed bug from v1.8.423.0 which prevented all settings except the FoV value from being saved
  • Various minor code optimizations

You find a READ ME in the zip file with further info.

Download the latest MW3 Multi Player & Single Player FoV Changer.

More about Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer you can find here.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC Field of View explained.

This FoV changer is allowed and VAC-safe !

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 gets Multiplayer maps from MW2

CoD Modern Warfare 3


Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward has all but confirmed that classic Call of Duty maps from the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, could be heading to Modern Warfare 3. The Call of Duty community recently noticed that two maps were accidentially listed in the Private Match mode: "Terminal" and "Shipbreaker". The new maps have since been removed, but Rubin called the accidental leak "unfortunate".


CoD: Modern Warfare 3 gets Multiplayer maps from MW2

Rubin claims that he is pushing to get the Terminal map to be "released soon". Much like the Face-Off mode and maps, this content may be heading to Call of Duty players for the always enjoyable price of free. That is, IF it ends up being released at all.

Most of what has been confirmed by Rubin has occured via Twitter, and Activision has made no official statement on whether or not the classic maps would return. This isn't the first we've heard of free Classic maps in Modern Warfare 3. Earlier this year, when Robert Bowling was still with Activision he expressed his beliefs that older maps should be free downloadable content for the fans.

Just two days ago, Xbox 360 players got their latest round of Call of Duty: Elite content with new Face-Off and Spec-Ops maps. Just yesterday, Infinity Ward started asking their Facebook fans what their favorite maps from old Call of Duty titles are, and it could signal some classic DLC on the way.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC and PS3 Patch and DLC 2 ERROR !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Today Infinity Ward updated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with patches for the PC and Playstation 3.

The PS3 got Patch 1.16 (29 MB) and PC MW3 got updated to version 1.9.433.

And.... 2 Face Off maps , a new gametype, are added to the game for FREE ! (erosion & aground)

PC Gamers can buy the FULL MW3 Content Collection 2 in the Steam Store for € 13,99 euro.



When you buy the new PC DLC you can't play it today !  (There is an error and this needs to be fixed by IW.)

The DLC doesn't show up in the DLC list for MW3. When you try to connect to the new DLC playlist you get this error message: DLC content required. Required map Sanctuary is missing or damaged. Gain access by purchasing a map pack.

A fast workaround FIX for DLC 2 not showing problem you can find here. 

But any corrupted map means you have to download it again. But first try the above fix.

When we have more about this error and IW's official fix we report it back here.....


CoD: Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer for MP and SP UPDATED !

CoD Modern Warfare 3

Almost 100.000 downloads !


FoV Changer


"OUR" PC Modern Warfare 3 Field of View changer, made by AgentRev, has been updated !

Changelog :  Fixes some crashes caused by specific .NET 2.0 setups, and the code has also been slightly optimized.

You can find the latest v1.8.423.0 version of the MW3 FoV Changer in our Download section.

More news... Infinity Ward has declared the FoV changer as allowed and also VAC-safe !


A few days back a community coordinator for Infinity Ward stated on the Offical Call of Duty forum :

" I'd like to once and for all give Infinity Ward's stance on this subject.. We do not mind if a PC user has the FOV changer mod. We also do not ban anyone that is using the FOV mod. And got confirmation that Valve also doesn't issue bans for FOV changer."


More about Modern Warfare 3 FoV Changer you can find here.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC Field of View explained.

MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator - The FIX for PC MW3 DLC files problem

CoD Modern Warfare 3

With the  MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator  you can play the regular playlist with ALL your friends again !

MapModNews created one ZiP file with ALL you need for properly disabling the 1st Modern Warfare 3 DLC files; so you can join regular lobbies (non-DLC players).

The file offers you two choices :

Creating a Deactivator Desktop Short Cut that will disable the DLC, and run it again to re-enable or using the INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator.


Using the INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator.exe file.

Picture shows the INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator will get listed in STEAM for easy acces.

Read the inclosed README file how to use both files.

DOWNLOAD the file

The above .zip file contains the MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator created by Cheat-Free and INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator created by Assimaschine.


UPDATE 05-26 :

Modern Warfare 3 - PC Patch 1.13  - Fix for mismatching files error between DLC and Non-DLC owners (!)

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