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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 09:48 PM BST

CoD Maps Zombie - Raccoon Police Department by DemunVirus

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

This CoD WaW nazi zombie map is based on Resident Evil 2 Raccoon Police Department.

nazi zombie map

It's fairly medium sized map.

Made by DemunVirus

Map Includes:

  • Verruckt Style
  • Buyable Weapons
  • Random Moving Weapons Boxes
  • Custom Electro Shock Defenses
  • Park-cola Machines
  • Zombie Risers
  • Turret

It doesn't include a README file. So you need to know 'how to' from experience.

Download nazi_zombie_raccoon_police_department_1.0

CoD WaW Zombie Map - Nazi Zombie Hut 1.0

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

CoD WaW Zombie Map : Nazi Zombie Hut in the Forest
Mapmaker : Joe McAllister

Nazi Zombie Hut in the Forest

Game : Call of Duty: World at War (PC)
Supported Gametypes : Cooperative, Singleplayer and Co-op zombies
Map Size : 1-4 : Medium Map

Download Nazi Zombie Hut 1.0

Zombie Call of Duty Map Villa Updated-Converted

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Gbomb has released a updated Call of Duty: World at War nazi zombie map: Villa 2

Zombie Villa 2

This is a convert over from the old version "Villa" by Zombie to support the new features Shi-No-Numa included.

Map Includes:

  • Shi-No-Numa Sounds
  • Flogger
  • Perk-a-cola Machines
  • Hell Hounds
  • Unlockable Rooms
  • Electronic Zapper
  • Easter Egg(s)
  • Moving Weapons Boxes
  • Bouncing Betty

Map Title                : nazi_zombie_villa2

Map Version          : 1.0

CoD Mapmaker    : Gbomb

Game                     : Call of Duty: World at War (PC)

Supported CoD WaW Gametypes : Cooperative, Singleplayer and Co-op zombies

Map Size                 : 1-4 : Medium Map

Download nazi_zombie_villa_2_1.0

COD WAW - Nazi Zombie Map SOS updated to 2.0 !!

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Get this latest version of the SOS zombie map ![maddog] has released an updated version of his Call of Duty: World at War nazi zombie map SOS

This is medium sized map with all indoors. Many many rooms to unlock all on 1 floor in different sections.

Zombie SOS 2.0

It's a bit dark, basic zombie map. 

Map Includes:

  • Hell Hounds
  • Flogger
  • Magic Box (Box stays in one spot)
  • Perk-a-cola Machines

Download nazi_zombie_sos_2.0

CoD WaW Zombie Maps Download - Construction

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Vendetta, has released a new Call of Duty: World at War nazi zombie map titled "Construction".


Description: Fight the undead in a deserted, spooky construction site, with SNN features such as Random Perks, Hell Hounds, and moving Magic Boxes.

Project Name: Nazi Zombie Construction Site
Project Version: 1.0
Mapmaker: Vendetta

Download Nazi Zombie Construction

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