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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 10:53 AM BST

Call of Duty: Elite Recruitment Video Trailer

Lt. Colonel Rob Riggle is back. This time he does a funny pitch to recruit more Call of Duty Elite Premium members.  But when you read the comments for this video, you notice many have a completely different view on the Elite membership...



And when can YOU expect your first Modern Warfare 3 DLC ??

Call of Duty Elite - Clan Operations

CoD Elite - Premium

Beachhead Studios just released 7 brand new screenshots of CoD Elite’s “Clan Operations” and also gave a quick breakdown of how it works. They’re currently putting all Clan Operations through extensive testing but aren’t able to confirm the release date just yet; so it's indicated that it’s "getting closer every day”.

Enlisting in a Clan Operation
-To Enlist in a Clan Operation, Clan Leaders will visit the Compete section and select a Clan Operation from the new Clan Operations section.

Clan Operation Details Page, members can view:
-The amount of Clan XP that they can earn by participating
-Their Clan’s enlistment status in the currently viewed Clan Operation
-Start date and time and End date and time
-Members can also see the prizes, badges, scoring and winning criteria prior to the beginning of a Clan Operation.
-Clan Leaders will be able to enlist their Clan in the Clan Operation by selecting the enlistment status which will change to “Enlisted.”

Clan Showcase:
If your Clan performed well enough in a Clan Operation to earn a badge, your prizing will be displayed in your Clan Showcase on your ELITE Clan page below your Clan Feed.

When will Call of Duty Elite be Fully Functional ?

Make Call of Duty Elite Fully Functional

Activision plans to have Elite “up and running” by December 1

by Brian Crecente for Kotaku

It wasn't the numbers that knocked Call of Duty: Elite on its ass the day it went live, it was the questions.

Speaking with Kotaku earlier this week Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Actvision, walked us through how one of the most experienced online gaming companies in the world was blindsided by the demands for their new stat-tracking, community-building Call of Duty service Elite.

A week and a half after the launch of the much ballyhooed service, it remains effectively offline for most gamers, with access prioritized for those paying for the service and some key features turned off. Initially, Suarez said, it was a myriad of issues that buckled the service.

"We had all sorts of issues: A broken registration system; poor scalability of the service; poor experience trying to login to the web or console and confusion in terms of getting 2XP or your Founders Entitlements," he said. "A lot of this was just core infrastructure issues - mainly tied to specific databases serving up data for the console, web and ultimately mobile (when that's released). "For lack of a better term - our databases got hammered with the millions of people trying to use Elite and it couldn't put up with the demand."

How could a company so experienced with the massive reach of Call of Duty and with ties to Blizzard, which runs World of Warcraft, underestimate the demands of an online service? Activision consulted with Blizzard, both before the launch and after the problems started, but even their guidance didn't help, Suarez said.

CoD: Elite Update: Blah, Blah, Blah, It’s Still Broken.

CoD Elite - Premium

by Brian Crecente for Kotaku

CoD Elite Update: Blah, Blah, Blah, It’s Still Broken

A week after the tremendously successful release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that more than 6.5 million people picked up on the first day, the massive community-driven, stat-tracking element of the game remains unstable at best.

Call of Duty: Elite was meant to herald a new era for the annual Activision military shooter, one that saw the increasingly diverse group of players spending even more of their time thinking about and playing the game. But problems have plagued the free and premium versions of the service since its launch.

The latest update, which hit the status site for Elite few nights back, talks about making key improvements including to the stability of the console app and website. But neither are yet working at 100 percent.

So one week later, Activision continues to work at increasing the number of users who can access the service simultaneously.

The entire letter from Activision : read more

The fact that a company so used to dealing with the launch of a game as popular as Call of Duty would suffer this sort of breakdown is surprising. That Activision is joined at the hip with Blizzard, a company that runs one of the most efficient game server networks in the world, and still ran into this problem is ludicrous.

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