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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:22 AM BST

Activision explains Call of Duty Elite 2.0

CoD Elite - Premium

Activision explains Call of Duty Elite 2.0

Last month, Activision announced Call of Duty Elite 2.0 during a shareholders earnings call. But the service update won't require a second subscription.

Last week, Activision social media manager Amrich clarified exactly what that means.

"The shareholder tease led some people to assume that they would have to buy two subscriptions to Elite — the one you have now and a new one for the forthcoming game. This is not the case; it is more about upgrading and revising the service that currently exists. They always promised Elite would evolve, but now they clearly have some specific upgrades in mind timed to the next game."

"It helps to remember that Elite is a service, not a boxed product," Amrich adds. "Consider Xbox Live. You need an annual subscription to get what it offers, but when Microsoft added more video programming and updated the dashboard interface and made it more Kinect-friendly, as they did late last year, you didn't need a second XBL subscription to see those changes. Same thing here. 'Elite 2.0' is just a short, software way of saying 'significant improvements are in the works.' Hope that makes it clear for anybody who was still fuzzy."

No specific release window for Elite 2.0 has been confirmed, but new Call of Duty title is in the works and it will likely to be released around the same time.


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How to get Call of Duty Elite for PC done ?

CoD Elite - Premium

Call of Duty Elite developer Beachhead Studio doesn't want to treat PC gamers like second-class citizens...

Call of Duty Elite developer Beachhead Studio doesn't want to treat PC gamers like second-class citizens...

The Beachhead developers are still working on how to get Call of Duty Elite for PC done and they are sorry for not delivering the service alongside console versions.

"Unfortunately I don't have anything to announce today [about Elite on PC]," said product director Noah Heller to earlier this week. "We're still working on it, it's a challenging problem. We need to ship a quality product for that community, we can't turn around and give them something that doesn't feel right. And so while I can't really tell you anything today, I'll tell you we're still looking at how best to get it done, we're still working on it, and we're still waiting to announce it."

He added: "I'm sorry, I know that's challenging to hear for a PC audience. But they should know that we don't want to treat them like a second-class citizen. It's the true answer."

PC Modern Warfare 3 players have yet to see any new maps and Activision hasn't announced when the first extra MW3 DLC will be made available to them; presumably the maps will arrive, bundled up as Content Collection 1, at the end of April.

Playstation 3 - MW3 with a CoD Elite Premium subscription

CoD Elite - Premium

by Claire Claws

Earlier this week the Xbox CoD: Elite Premium Members got to download the newest, third, Modern Warfare 3 content drop: the multi-player map Black Box, along with 2 Special Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator. But what about the PSN Elite Premium subscribers?

Well... the Premium subscribers on the Playstation 3 can expect these new maps on or around April 12th.

psn elite content drop

The above caption states that “Content drops 4, 5, 6 (Black Ice, Black Box, Negotiator) will be available to Call of Duty Elite Premium Xbox members March 13th and Elite Premium PSN members on or around 4/12.”

The MW3 DLC "Collection One" will be released for regular Xbox users on March 20th and the PS3 Elite Premium members can look forward to the second DLC drop, the map Overwatch, on March 29th.

So any Xbox gamer will have the opportunity to buy and play the new maps before an Elite PREMIUM PS3 subscriber gets the second content drop...

A fair deal ?

BIG Modern Warfare 3 tournament this weekend by Call of Duty: Elite

CoD Elite - Premium

This weekend Call of Duty: Elite is offering console gamers a chance to win huge prizes...

Call of Duty: Elite offering gamers the chance at huge prizes in MW3 Event 

If you're a Modern Warfare 3 player who subscribes to the premium offerings of Call of Duty: Elite, you'll get a crack at a big event this weekend called "King of the Hill". Prizes will go to the winners with the highest Total Kills in the Core Free-For-All game mode.

Every man will be out for himself considering the massive prize list that Beachhead is putting up to sponsor the event. First place gets a Yamaha FX Nytro Snowmobile and 2nd place gets a Hawaiian Scuba Adventure. (Europe as well ?)

Enlisting is simple.  Just head to the Call of Duty: Elite website and log in with your credentials and enlist for the competition under the Operations tab.  Then, enter any public match and play.  Whether you are playing against other enlisted competitors or not, you'll be racking up kills that go towards your total score.  The competition begins on March 10th, 2012 at 1:00 PM PST, but just to be safe, Activision suggests you register at least a little early to save any unnecessary frustration.

Activision claims to be on the lookout for players that violate the code of conduct for Call of Duty: Elite events, and will enforce account suspensions or disqualifications for players who dishonestly boost their scores.

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