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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:10 AM BST

DICE patched Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - the 522175 UPDATE

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Changelog for Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 522175 UPDATE

522175 reports itself as 522175 in the auto-patcher, but does still say "522174" in the game's splash screen.

Single Player -
Fixed: Graphical issues on some systems on SP_03 (at start and when displaying background mountains at “Up river”)
Fixed: Character voice issue during cut scenes in SP_03b (only affected Spanish)
Fixed: Hang when killed using TOW Launchers in SP_05
Fixed: Graphical issue on some systems on SP_05 (displaying background mountains)
Fixed: Voice volume in cut scenes on SP_06
Fixed: Unexpected dialog at start of SP_08 (only affected Italian)
Fixed: Random crash in SP_09 cut scenes

Multi Player -
Fixed: Server Browser - Joining a password protected server results in a connection timeout
Fixed: Server Browser auto updating server list when reopened causing a timeout issue
Fixed: Password issue during Friend invites
Fixed: Password text field issue on joining a password protected server
Fixed: “Flickering” ship on Arica Harbor
Fixed: Clan tags that use numbers in them displaying a “0” on the Select Spawn Point screen
Fixed: Display issue on long server names
Fixed: Mortar Strike icon not updating (Beta issue)
Fixed: No “Exit Game” menu option appearing at the end of some rounds.
Fixed: Flickering user rank icon (appeared as an animated gif) when user reaches rank 10.
Fixed: Flickering trees and “Red Box” on Laguna Presa
Fixed: User is logged out when failing to create a new soldier
Fixed: Zeus stationary weapon not appearing in stats
Fixed: Zu23 not appearing in stats
Fixed: BMD3 AA not appearing in stats
Fixed: Friend request displaying incorrect Veteran stats
Fixed: End of Round screen displayed incorrect “UAV_Station” – now displays correct localized text.
Fixed: K/D ratio displays in the Front End
Fixed: K/D ratio displays correctly when “comparing”
Change: Server browser now defaults to list via Ping first
Change: News Ticker font support for Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese
Change: New message for server full (reported as “I get no message when I try and join a server, it does nothing”)
Change: New message displayed for attempting to join a password protected server without providing a password (reported as “I get no message when I try and join a server, it does nothing”)
Change: Displays version number on Front End Legal Screen
Change: Display of weapon icon during loading screen
Change: All clan tags will automatically be preceeded by [ and closed off with ] to prevent impersonating other players.

Will Change to : The STEAM version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 will no longer have SecuROM on the exe file. Instead it will use Valves own DRM instead.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mac version soon available

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On the heels of Valve Software's recent announcement that it will be bringing Steam to Mac computers in April, EA Dice's executive producer Karl Magnus Troedsson has stated EA is considering bringing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to Apple computers via Steam.

Mac Games  From the Universal Gaming Database:

EA DICE's executive producer Karl Magnus Troedsson, made mention of the announcement on his Twitter account today stating, "Steam for Mac - Gabe, we like it." The Universal Gaming Database questioned Mr.Trodsson about the possibility of future Battlefield games coming to Mac via the new Steam client, Mr.Trodsson stated "We're currently investigating the possibility of making BFBC2 available on Mac."

DICE has released three titles on Steam for Windows; Battlefield 2: Complete Edition, Mirror's Edge, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition and a Bad Company 2 four friend pack similar to the Left 4 Dead's four friend pack. The last DICE game to be released on Mac was Battlefield 2142 in August of 2008. Currently the Windows version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has more players online then the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version combined, the addition of Mac gamers into the mix would push these numbers even higher.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Servers - Disconnection Issues

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ServersThe new server patches (upto R6 at this point), have yet to address any of the problems which is causing the most trouble and seem more of a bug them self as the server has to be stopped and updated to bring the game uptodate, giving just more downtime. For a game that certainly has so much to give, its been hampered with such major server bugs.

EA sent a tweet about servers causing problems earlier in the morning, stating that "EA servers are currently down stopping login to a number of EA games. EA is investigating and will be back online as soon as possible."

This was only a few days after the servers had previously been taken down on Sunday evening. Despite coming back up this afternoon, there will also be planned down time tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. GMT,  with no time yet stated as to when the servers will come back after that.

It's not been a great launch for EA and Dice. We had plenty of problems playing over the weekend and it hasn't exactly been perfect since the 'fix' was issued either. Even on servers we know have been updated there still seemed to be disconnection issues and the server list still takes about 3 minutes to load up, complete with incorrect information about ping and player numbers.

Let's hope this 'maintenance' period fixes some of those issues.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Errors - Freezes, Crashes and Install problems

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Disconnect Status

FPS online games

by Bazajaytee

After last nights EA server outage on PS3 and PC, EA have found the issue and put a fix in place and brought the servers back online. This  means that both PS3 and PC players can return back to playing Bad Company 2.

 We are aware of a number of remaining disconnect issues on PC and we have released the “R5” server to hosts yesterday to address some of the disconnects. We are continuing to work on the remaining disconnect issues to have a solution as fast as possible as well as looking into reports of other issues raised on the forums for consoles and PC. 

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has managed to prove so popular that yesterday the concurrent users in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 surpassed that in Battlefield 2 which has been going strong for almost 5 years.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Errors - Freezes, Crashes and Install problems

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Errors - Freezes, Crashes and Install problems

FPS online games

Lets hope this list stays short.

If you can't find your BF: BC2 error in this list; leave a post in HERE.  

First : Update your nVidia and ATI video / Graphics cards to their latest drivers.


1. Getting kicked from online matches by Punkbuster while Playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC.

Try Reinstall Punkbuster Services

And make sure (Vista or Windows 7) you run ALL as Administrator. For example: copy the BFBC2 Updater shortcut. Right click on the shortcut and go to properties. There should be a box that says Run as Administrator. Check the box and use that shortcut to launch your game. This should take care of most connectivity issues with Vista and Windows 7.

2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 crashes / crashing to desktop.

Try:  Go to Documents - BFBC2 Folder
Find settings,click it
Find “dxversion=”
Change it to DXversion = 9 (or 10)

3. You get a graphics glitch / error when playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC.

Turn off bloom.

4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 won’t install on Windows 7 x64 using EA Download Manager.

Disable your virus scanner and re-download Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

5. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Paul.dll error

Try completely uninstalling the game, delete any folder structure that may be left under the installation directory.
Get the securom removal tool from vendor Use it

Try reinstalling the game.

Note if you have any other games that use securerom, you may need to uninstall/reinstall them after this.

If you have any virtual cd/dvd emulators running, these can interfere with securerom.

6. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Mouse Fix

  • If you are playing in Full Screen, switch to windowed mode by pressing “ALT+Enter”. When you are in windowed mode see the difference between where your button is and where your cursor is pointing is still present.

If it went away trying going back into full screen mode by pressing “alt+enter” again and see if that resolve this issue.

  • If above solution doesn’t work, open “settings.ini” and change “DxVersion=auto” to “DxVersion=9″.

7. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server Connection Lost Fix

There are certain ports that needs to be opened before you can play BFBC2 smoothly.

These ports are :
TCP : 80, 13505, 18800, 18805
UDP : 53, 10000, 11000-11030, 18805

8. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Graphics Glitch Fix

Turn off Bloom.

If you can't find your BF: BC2 error in this list; leave a post in HERE.

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