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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:12 AM BST

EA: Bad Company 2 A Definite "Rival" To Modern Warfare 2

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You know, if you're currently standing in line outside your local GameStop that will be celebrating the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with midnight festivities, you should realize that another top-notch FPS will drop next year.


And if EA CEO John Riccitiello's prediction comes true, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 could rival Infinity Ward's massively anticipated shooter. The original Battlefield was a solid and nicely accomplished FPS and developer DICE has already said to expect a bigger and better sequel. Although the entire world seems to be MW2-crazy right now, EA wants to remind everyone that somewhere, lurking in the background shadows, they've got a project that might just surprise you with its bad-ass-ness. According to PS3Center citing a Q2 conference call with Riccitiello, the EA boss said- "I think [Bad Company 2] has every right to see itself as a rival to the number one FPS game that one of one of our competitors is releasing next week." Ironically, there was a time back in 2007 when PS3 owners were really down on EA (for a variety of reasons) but now, Activision is in the doghouse and EA has really produced some stellar titles this generation.

In addition to Battlefield: Bad Company, we've also seen Mirror's Edge and Dead Space, so we have every confidence that BC2 is gonna be awesome. Also, let's not forget that the beta kicks off on November 19 and that test will be exclusive to the PS3. Betcha don't hate EA much now, do ya?

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Squad Story Two Trailer

FPS online games


Watch the Russians mount a counterattack against the Americans in the conquest game mode which Battlefield pioneered. See how the soldiers work together in their squad of 4 to take out the enemies and secure victory.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 is out March 2, 2010

We are forced to play Battlefield Bad Company™ 2 !

by local newspaper

What can you do when you just dont get what you want ?  Take a look at this....

Battlefield Bad Company™ 2 seems to have ALL what we also suspected to get with IW's MW2

BF:BC2 open Beta is starts next month... Yes, a OPEN BETA !!!  And later on a demo. Now pinch me....

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