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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:11 AM BST

Remote Server Administration interface for BF: BC2 PC

FPS online games

by Mikael Kalms

Hi again!

A lot of people are asking about BF: BC2 PC server administration. What's up there?

A little background
Since the Frostbite engine had not yet been used for any PC titles, there had been no need for advanced server administration tools. BFBC2 PC changed that however. There was a sort of "server console" thing, but it was intended for developer use only. Something easier to use and more stable was necessary when we came closer to release it to the PC users.

So what are we doing?
We are creating a separate command console, which is stable, and where the commands will not change. This will be the Remote Administration interface for BFBC2 PC. BF2 console commands have been a good source of inspiration. The Remote Administration interface is accessible over a network port on the game server.

While we ensure that there is a solid administration interface, we are not creating any fancy tools. Why not? Because the community will do a much better job! RSPs have already been using the interface for weeks, and several people are working on user friendly tools. We will continue to improve the protocol with functions that are necessary to make good tools.

When Closed Beta Server R5 (yes, we have already patched the game servers 3 times. I love our new patching system) is released, the RSPs will be allowed to expose the Remote Administration interface on their servers to the public... and we will publish the FULL protocol specification. You have my word on that. 

... ah! Closed Beta Server R5 is going out to the RSPs now, It should gradually roll deploy over the course of the day. Here is the protocol. When the protocol changes in future versions of the server, we will release the protocol updates as well.

Review - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta

FPS online games

By Florian Totu

Battlefield: Bad Company's 2 PC Beta Review

DICE has kick-started its Battlefield: Bad Company 2 closed beta trial for the PC and I was lucky enough to get my greedy hands on a beta key. While it's just one map, "Port Valdez," and a single game mode for it, Rush, the title is incredibly entertaining, with its four classes and huge amount of unlockables, which, for me at least, are the main drives that get me back in the game, round after round. Performing tasks while playing as each of the Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon classes earns you experience points that, when accumulated, unlock new items for your soldier, be they weapons, items or specializations.

There are universal unlockables, but most of them are class-restricted. After all, it would be a bit too weird to unlock the 12X scope while playing with the Recon and then put that on the Medic's light machine gun. Special combat actions award you additional experience points, like a certain amount of kills with one weapon in a single round or special class actions like a certain amount of resurrects with the Medic or repairs with the Engineer.

Bad Company 2's Rush mode

The other huge thing the game has going for itself is the physics engine. To put it simply, if you can see it, then you can destroy it. If there's an enemy sniper hiding in a small forest, you can cut that down with a machine gun fire or explosives and leave him in a barren plain. If there's an anti-tank team hiding in a building, you can make a hole anywhere you want and rip them apart.

If you don't have a clear shot at your adversary, take a step back, throw a grenade and make a hole, cover problem solved. The downside is that you're never safe. Hiding on the top floor of a building and sniping at your enemies can end in a 40mm grenade flash, as you'll soon run out of walls to hide behind.

Bad Company 2's Rush mode separates players in Defenders and Attackers, with the offensive team having to destroy two crates before they can advance to the next set of two crates, and eventually win the round. Anybody can set timed charges on the crates, but these charges can also be defused by anyone. And while this is a universal solution, available to all classes, there are better ways to win the round.

If the crate is in a building, you can man a tank and put enough rounds in that building to make it collapse, as certain buildings will destroy the crate as the roof drops. If it's in the open, you can take direct shots at it, or call strikes and mortars down on it. Last but not least, Recons can place remote charges on the crate and destroy it in two goes, or even one, if they have the appropriate upgrades.

Overall, the beta for the game announces a chaotic and frantic multiplayer, but one in which PUGs manage to organize pretty easily. It's in an Engineer's personal interest to repair a vehicle, since he gets additional experience points, just like the Medic, who gets bonus points for every resurrection or health that he restores. But when it's not about the team, and it's just about you, walls disappearing from explosions and buildings collapsing under your feet can make for a very intense moment.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Will Revisit World War II

FPS online games

by J. Funk

Think that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be all about the "modern warfare" all the time? Think again.

It's somewhat of a truth self-evident these days: World War II games have been done to death. Storming the beach at Normandy is old hat; raising the flag on Iwo Jima is yawn-inducing. Almost every major FPS series is moving away from battling the Third Reich these days, whether moving into the realm of modern-day combat (Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor) or other historical campaigns (Treyarch's rumored Vietnam-era Call of Duty). EA Dice's upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is no exception, set squarely on the battlefields of the modern day ...


According to the ESRB explanation of the game's "M for Mature" rating, BFBC2 will actually start out during the Pacific Campaign of the Second World War before jumping through time to the modern day: "In single-player mode, players conduct missions on an unnamed Japanese island during World War II and then move into the modern day through jungles, deserts, and snowy terrain."

One can't help but wonder if the WW2 missions will tie into the game's plot somehow, or if they're just there because Dice was all "Oh hey, we still like WW2, let's put something in there."

The ESRB explanation also contains this little tidbit about the game's M rating beyond the standard violence, swearing, etc. "There are also close-up depictions of knife-stabbing (flesh-impact sounds) and melee attacks with a power drill." Okay, I think I'm just about sold on the game now. Power drill melee combat? That's kind of awesome.

Still can't get the beta to work on my PC without swapping constantly between a psuedo-windowed mode and full-screen. Ah well, if the beta doesn't have the drill combat maybe it's for the best.

Bad Company's 2 PC Beta

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is klaar

FPS online games

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is klaar

Goed nieuws voor alle shooter-fans die al tijden uitkijken naar de actie en humor van Battlefield: Bad Company 2. De game heeft namelijk de gouden status bereikt en is simpelweg "klaar". Het ontwikkelen is afgerond en nu is het dus een kwestie van produceren, verschepen en schitteren in de winkels vanaf 5 maart.

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 moet je je met 'B' Company een weg banen door besneeuwde bergtoppen, dichtbegroeide jungles en stoffige dorpjes. Hierbij heb je uiteraard een flink arsenaal aan wapens en voertuigen tot je beschikking om weer alles wat in je weg staat te vernietigen. De Frostbite engine zorgt er voor dat Bad Company 2 om "total destruction" draait. Verwacht meer voertuigen, meer vernietiging en meer samenspel met je team.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC BETA Reviews

FPS online games


I hope everyone is enjoying the BFBC2 PC Beta and Xbox 360 Demo!  I know here at DICE there is much enjoying, but not without collecting a lot of great feedback from the PC Beta.  Now with all this Multiplayer goodness we wanted to give some Singleplayer love for this post.  So far feedback from the Press warrants this love and has been very positive making the team feel very proud of their work.  We're also extremely excited for the first ever Battlefield PC title to contain a proper Singleplayer campaign!  So without further rambling lower in this post is a collection of great write-ups on BFBC2 Singleplayer (and some Multiplayer) from our Press events over January, all are well worth a read or watch. :-)

Battlefield Bad Company Preview

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