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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 09:45 PM BST

Xbox 360 Multiplayer BETA is LIVE

Call of Duty World at War

Official Activision Announcement


We've started testing our Xbox 360 Multiplayer BETA with friends and family. Things are going very well, which means your shot at playing the BETA is right around the corner! In the coming days, we'll start bringing in more players from around the world to stress test our system. Just a hint, I'd keep my eye on over the next few days ;-). As members, you'll be some of the first gamers we'll be contacting for your help. There'll be multiple waves of Xbox 360 Tokens being sent out, so don't lose hope if you don't get a token early on!

Just as a reminder, here's how we're selecting Xbox 360 BETA participants from the community:

  1. VIP members (former CharlieOscarDelta users / early sign-up's)
    - If you are a former CharlieOscarDelta member, make sure you transfer your account!
  2. Community members based on when they created their accounts

And of course, if you pre-order a copy of CoD: WW at GameStop (and are in the U.S.) you have another chance to get your spot in the Xbox 360 MP BETA, so not to worry.


PC players, your BETA is coming up! Stay tuned and keep checking for updates coming shortly.

Let the chaos begin....

Call of Duty: World at War DS Wii - Hands-On

Call of Duty Console

by Shaun McInnis


Call of Duty shows Nintendo twice as much love as last year.


Wii users found themselves left out of the Call of Duty 4 festivities last year, but their DS compatriots were able to take part in the fun with a portable Call of Duty version to call their own. This year, both Nintendo systems will be shown the love with the forthcoming sequel World at War. Activision was on hand during last week's Nintendo Fall Media Summit to show off both the Wii and DS versions of World at War. We took a spin through each one to get a feel for how World War II will be fought this year with the Wii remote and DS stylus.

Wii DS CoD World at War

Skeptics will be saddened to hear that the Wii version isn't the stripped-down port some might have been expecting. The entire campaign is the same as what you'll find on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions of the game. Level layouts are maintained, you'll use the same weapons in combat, and the slick cutscenes that help progress the story between chapters are all there. The only key departure is a different take on co-op play; instead of four players playing together online, co-op on the Wii consists of a Squadmate mode where one player plays as normal while a second player is given a crosshair onscreen to chip in with his own gunfire (which feels quite a bit like a retro light gun arcade game).

Call of Duty: World at War: Treyarch Gets it Right

Call of Duty World at War

by Patrick Kolan

Everybody wants to know one thing: is it better than Call of Duty 4?


Forget that, pal – what you should really concern yourself with is –will Treyarch's World at War get it right this time? After the massive rush-job development cycle behind Call of Duty 3, Treyarch has had a full two years of development time to right the wrongs with their last game and even improve on Infinity Ward's last effort. After spending a couple of hours with the game, we're thrilled to report that things are well and good in Treyarch's hands. Follow us as we trace the biggest steps forward in Call of Duty: World at War.

It's Fresh. And Clever.
I thought World War II games were supposed to be bland rehashes of the same beach-storming, bunker clearing scenarios and playing as Brits or Yanks. Well, to be fair, you will do some of that stuff – but for the first time in a long while, you'll feel like this is a relatively fresh experience.

One of COD4's greatest achievements was integrating great scripted moments and twists into tight action and giving AI troopers terrific chances to stand out and add integrity to the story. This definitely continues in World at War's campaign. Though players still jump between roles, nationalities and settings, more than ever you get the feeling of being emotionally involved in a mission. Since the game can be played with 4 players, many of the levels feature branching paths or clear 'side A / side B' routes too.

Call of Duty 4 - Flying Mod (0.25)

Call of Duty Mod Download

by NovemberDobby

Flying Mod

In this mod you can drive a tank, fly a plane, fly a helicopter with a gunner, or jump on a hoverboard. I'm releasing it now because CoD5 is just around the corner and I will probably not continue developing this mod at that point.

I can't stress enough how buggy it is in it's current state, so please don't contact me to report bugs. I know the stock CoD4 maps aren't big enough for the mod either.

Works fine if logfile and developer are both set to 0, otherwise you'll get an error.

Download this Mod

COD: World at War beta not coming to Sony PS3

Call of Duty Console


For those Sony PS3 gamers who were looking forward to trying out COD: World at War beta, we have some bad news for you. The online multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: World at War will only be available for PC and Xbox 360.

This is nothing new, when Infinity Ward launched Call of Duty 4 beta last year, it was only made available for the Xbox 360. That will do nothing to ease the anger of PlayStation 3 owners, but I guess it is something we will just have to live with.

An Activision representative did say that the reason why the online multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: World at War will only launch on the Xbox 360 and PC is because of increased server and connectivity data. Oh well, the game looks doomed from the start, I want modern weapons not old ones.

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