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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 09:47 PM BST

Waiting on start PC Demo Download for CoD WaW

Call of Duty World at War


Dont ask how, what, when or where...


But if all is correct and Activison and Treyarch are finnished doing what needs to be done then we can officially expect that the PC version of Call of Duty: World at War Beta - Demo will start later today !

The how and where part is, as far as we could trace it, that hundreds of email keys are ready to be send out to the lucky winners.

The what and when part is still unkown for all. Only Activision and Treyarch know and they aint telling it.

But they told the 'email keys senders' it will be October 17th.....

PC version of CoD:WW

Call of Duty World at War

by Community Manager Josh "JD" Olin

Hi everyone,

We're rapidly approaching the PC BETA, and as such I wanted to lay out a few key features to the PC version of CoD:WW, and what ramifications it will have on the PC BETA.

First, the entire key authentication / master server paradigm is changing for the first time in a Call of Duty PC title. In CoD:WW, you will be authenticating in-game against a more global master server. This server will keep track of and maintain unique Profile names (like a screenname) which will be tied to your CD Key. So while username / passwords will not be required to play our game, you will have globally unique profile names.

Why are we doing this? Because also for the first time ever in a Call of Duty PC title, we're bringing Friends and Invites (which are typically console staples) to the PC. So we have built-in Friends functionality. You can add friends, filter your servers by Friends (see which servers your friends are playing in), join their servers, etc. You can also invite any online friends to come join you in your current game. We didn't want the new Squad mechanics we've developed to get watered down on the PC, which is ultimately why we decided to bring you Friends & Invites, and thus globally unique profile names.

Now we understand that clan tags can change frequently, and it would be obnoxious and not very user friendly to keep changing your profile name. So we've added in clan tag prefixes, which will show up in-game. This should allow you to take full advantage of our Friends & Invites features, and still be able to make yourself more uniquely identifiable in-game.

A MULTIPLAYER BETA FOR PC Call of Duty: World At War has landed

Call of Duty World at War

by Joel Lauterbach

The next Call of Duty game will return to World War II, while incorporating many of the popular features from COD4: Modern Warfare. We got into the invitation beta, and our time with it left us hungry for more - impressed by the multiplayer and excited at the prospects of the single-player campaign.

A MULTIPLAYER BETA FOR Call of Duty: World At War has landed - at least, for those of you with invitation codes. Or those who are again making use of the exploit that’s been around since Call of Duty 4... but we won't go there. In any case, we were rather excited to try this out after the immense success that Call of Duty 4 has had world-wide and the enormous online following that it has generated.

Call of Duty: World At War is being developed by the guys and gals at Treyarch. They are the minds behind Call of Duty 3. Which was a bit of a dud. So Treyarch has had a significant amount of work to do to live up to the expectations that Infinity Ward has fostered with Call of Duty 4. Fortunately, things are looking good - Call of Duty: World At War shares many of the great aspects that we came to know and love from Infinity Ward’s creation.

When you launch the demo you will immediately be greeted by the all-too-familiar menu system from the previous game, however the matchmaking has been fine-tuned somewhat (luckily for us Kiwis). 

You can now select if you would like to play against people geographically close to you, or let the game find the quickest game. This is a feature that every online title should have, so it is good to see that Treyarch has picked this up.

The gameplay itself is very similar to that of its predecessor as well. The levelling and perks system still exists, although there are even more perks now and they reflect the fact that Treyarch has taken us back to the Second World War with this title. We’ve all played WWII shooters until we were blue in the face, but World At War will take you all around the main battlefields, from the Pacific to the icy depths of Russia, and the game really changes the scene from what we have come to expect.

The perks, as they do in Call of Duty 4, motivate you to progress you character and develop skills that work for your playing style. They include things like deep impact, gas mask, gas grenades and the like. Also still there are the kill streak rewards, meaning that you will gain access to artillery strikes and recon planes which can give you an indication of enemy positions.

Call of Duty: World of War Xbox 360 Beta will now start in Europe....

Call of Duty Console


This friday, October 17th, the Call of Duty: World of War Xbox 360 Beta will start in Europe....

Officially it says: Benelux. (that´s Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)

Seems Activision uses these closed Beta´s to let people pre-order the game (and people get a Beta download-code as a bonus...) And some Major Gaming Network sites did get hundreds of DL codes to generate email-addresses and traffic by having a online lottery....

I remember those good ol´ days when we all could play a demo before you decided to buy the game.

PC DEMO - BETA Call of Duty: World of War for invites only ???

Call of Duty World at War

A Dutch Gaming site announced that they have an exclusive 'download code' lottery for the PC Beta/Demo of CoD: WaW !


This PC Beta (or demo) will start this friday; October 17th

But when the above is true... does this mean there wont be a PUBLIC Call of Duty: World at War PC DEMO to try before we buy ?

We will report when there is more news about this. 

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