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Thursday, May 25 2017 @ 09:10 PM BST

Glitching in Modern Warfare 2 is a Sony Problem

Call of Duty Console

by Jim Sterling

Modern Warfare 2, as with seemingly all popular online games, has been savaged by a number of glitches and hacks that have allowed cheaters to unfairly get the better of their opponents. While cheating in an online game is quite pathetic, the underhanded behavior in Modern Warfare 2 has at least served a purpose, providing an interesting contrast between how Microsoft and Sony handle its own respective online network. 

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When news of the notorious "lance glitch" first spread, Microsoft was quick to act the chivalrous hero and come to Infinity Ward's aid, promising account suspensions for anybody who dared exploit the glitch and working presenting a united front with the developer. Meanwhile, Sony seemed almost unaware of the exploitation, with a rep stating that "I don't believe we are banning people for using the glitch."

When I suggested that maybe Sony ought to be more bothered about the glitches and working closely with its developers, the usual suspects shouted me down, declaring it was "not Sony's problem" and that I was merely trolling by suggesting that dealing with cheaters on PSN may be in Sony's best interest. 

I argue instead that cheaters in Modern Warfare 2 IS Sony's problem, and hope to convince you of that very argument in the following paragraphs.

Modern Warfare 2 PC 1.06 Patch Brings New Glitches...

CoD Modern Warfare 2

The multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has suffered quite a serious setback as far as fair-play goes with the “Javelin glitch”

Modern Warfare 2 PC 1.06 Patch Brings New Glitches

While it is called “Javelin,” this glitch worked with pretty much any launcher weapon, and pretty much turned people into suicide bombers. If you don't see why one would want to blow themselves up, you only need to look at the news, but in-game, mix this with a couple of appropriate perks and you become a god of war with your knife. The glitch has eventually been fixed by Infinity Ward with the MW2 1.06 patch, but as everybody knows, a patch only causes a tear in the fabric somewhere else.

So yes, while it fixed one glitch, 1.06 has managed to create two new problems. One of them is the “private match,” which, with all due respect, sounds more like internal sabotage than an update glitch. Creative strategist 402 gave an official admission of the glitch on the Infinity Ward forums and said that a patch to fix it was on the way. "Update on the matchmaking glitch that has players joining hacked Private Matches with custom rulesets when attempting to search for public games; we're aware and currently working on a fix. I'll keep you posted on its progress."

The other glitch is the "infinite ammo" one, where some players are generously found by the game with Santa's bottomless sack, but this one is filled with ammo, not ribbon-wrapped presents. The glitch manifests by randomly removing ammo counters from weapons from players that enter a match, the end result being that anyone with a grenade launcher becomes an entire artillery unit. You can rid yourself of the problem by disconnecting from Xbox Live and restarting your Xbox 360, but why would anybody want to have limited ammo is a mystery.

Fourzerotwo posted on Twitter that, "Preparing an in depth [CoD Modern Warfare 2] Status Report for players to stay aware of what we're addressing & how it's progressing. Lots of updates in works." But it will most likely take a few days before we see anything solved.

Modern Warfare 2 - Unlimited Ammo "Bug" for Xbox 360 players

Call of Duty Console

The Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 2 seems to be suffering from an STD. An ‘unlimited ammo bug’ seems to be spreading itself throughout Xbox Live.

Xbox 360 players have been reporting that they joined a MP match, then finding that ammo counter ‘doesn’t work’ and that reloading times seem to be absent. In other words: unlimited ammo and virtually no reloading, on all weapons, including the AC-130 and the  grenade launcher for instance.

But it isn't a real bug; it's created by a Xbox 360 modder. And players get their Xbox cache infected. And it's spreading from host to host...

You can “catch” it from private matches. Once you have it, if you host everyone you’re playing with has the “bug” and infinite ammo. Any game they now host they infect everyone else playing with infinite ammo. Basically infinite ammo is a private match setting that changes your config to be like “Infiniteammo=1″

Thing is, it would reset as soon as you leave the private match. But the private match bug makes it stay on until you enter a new private match where it’s off. When you join a match your console sets it’s settings to match the hosts. This is hard-coded into the engine to make the lobbies work, typically for gametype rules, to make sure everyone matches. This is a global thing. If he turned on god mode everyone would have god mode. If he changed gravity everyones gravity changes.

So someone has infinite ammo=1, you join. yours changes to 1 to match his. Later on someone joins your game, your using infinite ammo=1 so it “infects” his console and changes his.

Typically at the end of the match your console changes all the match settings back, but since infinite ammo isn’t something they expected people to mess with, it isn’t flagged to change back. Since the call to match host settings is a global thing, and the call to change it all back is entry specific.

To get rid of this mod, you’ll have to disconnect from Live and reboot your 360.

And Infinity Ward told us : “It’s being addressed” and that “it’ll be eliminated soon enough“.

CoD Maps World at War : House and Bonzai

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

COD WAW: Nazi Zombie Bonzai v1.0

Mapmaker : RickB

COD WAW: Nazi Zombie Bonzai v1.0

Map includes:

  • Bowie knife and Monkeybombs
  • Moving weapons box
  • Bouncing Betty
  • Teleporters
  • All four perks
  • Hell hounds

Download COD WAW: Nazi Zombie Bonzai v1.0


COD WAW: Nazi Zombie House v1.0

Mapmaker : DeAdMaNWaLkIn

Nazi Zombie House v1.0

Download COD WAW: Nazi Zombie House v1.0


How to install Zombie maps

Japan refuses playable MW2 "no Russian" - Game over.

CoD Modern Warfare 2

And also for Japan the Modern Warfare 2 mission 'No Russian' had to be changed. So now, when a Japanese player shoots a civilian, it is game over

Modern Warfare 2 Terroristische Actie

Germany is the other country with the same censorship for this one level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is when a player has to gun down unarmed civilians at an airport. In Russia this mission had to be removed from ALL MW2 versions. ( playing a Russian terrorist and murdering civilians....)

In the rest of the world it is still allowed to play a terrorist like in this CoD Modern Warfare 2 Single Player mission. But many players think terrorist actions dont belong in a Call of Duty title. And being forced to shoot defensless cilvilians is something they just don't want to see and do.

The "no Russian" mission could have been a simple video to tell the players the story behind a next SP mission. It is still unclear WHY Infinity Ward and Activision decided to put this terrorist mission in Modern Warfare 2.  Just to make pre-release headlines ?

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