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Monday, September 22 2014 @ 11:11 AM BST

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CoD 5 Custom COOP - SP Map: Night Raid

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

This time a very, very BIG (in MB's) Co Op and Singleplayer map : Night Raid 

Night Raid


Map Title                : NightRaid

Map Version          : 1.0

Mapmaker             : Daniel "Starkk" Gavrin


Game                     : Call of Duty : World at War

Supported Gametype       : Singleplayer

                                 : Co-op (plays best with 2)

Map Size                 : 1 - Single Player : 4 - Co-op

Extra note from Starkk:

Because of a few known issues with this map in Coop I recommend that everyone first play this map in singleplayer to have the full experience then play with your buddies in coop.

This map has been in development since mid april. It has been my first real attempt to make a singleplayer map that in my opinion was worthy for public release. Through development I learned so much about scripting and improved my mapping skills. I would have not been able to finish this if it were not for the help and support from many members from the Call of Duty Community. 

Download NightRaid

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Balkan Special Forces Mod v3.0 Teaser HD

Mod made by scclan-gamers


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COD: WAW - Nazi Zombie SOS v1.0 Released

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

Maddog has released a new Call of Duty: World at War nazi zombie map titled 'SOS'

It is a medium sized map, all in doors, hell hounds, it's a bit dark, basic zombie map.

COD: WAW - Nazi Zombie SOS v1.0

Made by [maddog]

Updated version: Download nazi_zombie_sos_2.0

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Latest News PC CoD World at War Patch 1.6 and Mappack

Call of Duty World at War

Latest News about Patch 1.6 and Mappack from a official Treyarch developer....

We resubmitted again yesterday with some fixes for Der Riese and to fix a problem with streaming demo playback speed (aka codtv support). It is not unusual for us to resubmit a couple of times to correct issues found in testing. Hopefully this is the final build, fingers crossed.

Released - Patch 1.6 and Mappack 3 - PC CoD WaW

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Details of Modern Warfare 2

CoD Modern Warfare 2

As more new MW2 footage gets unveiled by Infinity Ward; like the uncut footage of Modern Warfare 2 filmed during a Capture The Flag; more new features get revealed.

Just before the latest CoD2 MW2 CTF footage ends, two brand new features of the game get displayed. One is the “Host Migration” and the other feature (either a perk or a new weapon) allows a player to throw a Knife at the enemy.

CoD Knife

And it also reveals that the knife throwing is equipped with silent kill technique.

The “Host Migration” is a passive feature of the game that automatically connects gamers in a match to a new host. So gamers do not need to shut down the match and boot back to the main lobby of the game.

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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Uncut: Flag Runner

Direct-feed multiplayer MW2 CTF gameplay footage, uncut. Official HD

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