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Monday, October 20 2014 @ 12:14 PM BST

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CoD TV Streamed LIVE -

Call of Duty World at War

by England4eva

CoD tv Live Streaming


Hi All,

Tune into on Friday 11th September at 22:00 CET (Central Europe)21:00 GMT (UK) and watch :

Kompania Braci vs Meleeboys

CoD TV Streamed LIVE in the first round of the COD5 League Open Cup #2


Match result :  *KB* 21 vs 5 =MB=  |   On-Demand replay of this match here ! 

More games will be broadcasted in the near future !! 

(The extra Java is only required to join in the live chat while the match is played)

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Euro-gamers: Get in on Dave Perry's Gaikai Beta Test !

General Gaming News

By Bryn Williams

David Perry's new cloud computing game service, Gaikai, will go into a round of closed beta testing in Europe before North America. The man behind the new service told that Europe's response to the service has shown "enormous enthusiasm."

The beta test is currently scheduled to begin later this month, and interested parties can head over to the official Gaikai beta test application page and submit details. Perry aims to "bring the servers to their knees" during the closed beta so he can get a good idea of how many to order. He also wants to test "older" computers to make sure he can reach "the widest audience possible" at launch.


Using Gaikai requires no 3D card nor any software to be installed. Once the invite is sent you can play the test games. Those invites will go out one at a time based on location, and Perry hopes to add new players every few seconds. 

All you need is a broadband connection and a computer workable enough to display incoming video.

Official Gaikai beta test application page

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Latest News PC CoD World at War Patch 1.6 and Mappack

Call of Duty World at War

Latest News PC Call of Duty: World at War Patch 1.6 and Mappack

by pcdev - Treyarch employee

QA (quality assurance) results done by Activision are all good so far.

We are working on getting Linux, Steam, Mod Tools update, and Der Riese modding tutorial ready for simultaneous release. There is some QA required for each of these when they are completed, but these take a lot less time than the primary game QA.

I will give another update when I have something notable to share.

Released - Patch 1.6 and Mappack 3 - PC CoD WaW

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CoD Zombie Maps Download

CoD WaW Zombie Maps


CoD WaW map: Zombie Experience (v1.0) -  156 MB - Two Map Package.

Nazi Zombie Carentan & Nazi Zombie Safehouse   

The WaW maps: Nazi Zombie Carentan & Nazi Zombie Safehouse

Made by techno2sl & cobbspur & KillerCrazzy & Playername

Carentan Description:

Carentan is back. It's mid morning and the snow is begining to fall again, the players will find themselves divided with only a few scattered weapons at their disposal, team up quickly or save your money for guns, either way you won't survive long!

There are 5 buildings and 5 out door areas with a total of 9 buyable blockers that players can choose to go through. You can mount your bipods on certain windows! You can now traverse the porch roof that joins the Mg house to the middle house! Faster rounds with zombies attacking from all angles.

Safehouse Description:

Safehouse is a large map set in a pine forest in Austria. The map features 2 buildings (1 being the Safehouse itself), a cave system and several out door areas which promote exploration.

There are 2 Easter Eggs in the map for players to search for. You can not mount bipods in safehouse, instead there is a triple 25mm AA gun and a MG42 turret for people to play with. You will be joined by 1 other survivor later in the map...

Game Type(s): Nazi Zombie

Install: See Readme inside the zip file.


Download Zombie Experience

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CoD 5 Custom COOP - SP Map: Night Raid

CoD WaW Zombie Maps

This time a very, very BIG (in MB's) Co Op and Singleplayer map : Night Raid 

Night Raid


Map Title                : NightRaid

Map Version          : 1.0

Mapmaker             : Daniel "Starkk" Gavrin


Game                     : Call of Duty : World at War

Supported Gametype       : Singleplayer

                                 : Co-op (plays best with 2)

Map Size                 : 1 - Single Player : 4 - Co-op

Extra note from Starkk:

Because of a few known issues with this map in Coop I recommend that everyone first play this map in singleplayer to have the full experience then play with your buddies in coop.

This map has been in development since mid april. It has been my first real attempt to make a singleplayer map that in my opinion was worthy for public release. Through development I learned so much about scripting and improved my mapping skills. I would have not been able to finish this if it were not for the help and support from many members from the Call of Duty Community. 

Download NightRaid

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Balkan Special Forces Mod v3.0 Teaser HD

Mod made by scclan-gamers


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