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Saturday, January 31 2015 @ 03:54 AM UTC

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Gaming Widescreen Fixer - ratio & resolution

General Gaming News

There are many games that do not support widescreen properly. These games usually let you set a widescreen resolution, but do not adjust the field of view (FOV) accordingly. This causes the top and bottom of the screen to be cropped. Because of this issue, blooguard decided to develop a program that will adjust the field of view for the aspect ratio of your monitor.

       1280x960 - Fix disabled                                               1536x960 - Fix enabled
1280x960 - Fix disabled - BF2142.exe +widescreen 0 +szx 1280 +szy 960   1536x960 - Fix enabled - BF2142.exe +widescreen 1 +szx 1536 +szy 960

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with 3 monitors. The aspect ratio and HUD are corrected.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

These games are currently supported:

  • In Battlefield, you will notice a slight change when you zoom in or out with weapons.
  • If you use Microsoft Windows Vista, you need to have either UAC disabled or run the program as administrator.
  • If you're having problems with any of the Battlefield games, reapply the latest patch and see if it helps.

Widescreen Fixer v1.65.0. Updated for latest MW2 and Wolfenstein.

Download Latest version Widescreen Fixer v1.65.0

The recommended version for use with Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 with PunkBuster enabled is v1.32

Download Widescreen Fixer v1.32

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Amusing email to Activision about a MW2 Glitch....

CoD Modern Warfare 2

Evil publisher Activision may know how to make vast sums of money, but it doesn't seem to know when someone's yanking its chain. Edgy Gamer wrote a rather amusing email to Activision, talking about a "glitch" in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 's "No Russian" level where the enemy characters are rendered without guns and won't fight back. Rather than understand the joke, Activision took it seriously!

"Every time I get up to Act 1, Mission 4, the game appears to load fine at first, but then when I encounter the enemies, I discover that nearly all of them are rendered without weapons," write the cheeky pranksters. "They aren't even programmed to melee me either. There are a small number of baddies with guns, but it's not until the end of the mission that most of them have weapons."

Activision took the bait, and actually requested more information on this supposed glitch:

"This does not appear to be a known issue with the game. Does this occur for you when playing on a different Xbox 360 as well? Make sure that your Xbox 360 console is in a well ventilated area to prevent overheating."

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Modern Warfare 2 Strategy: Sniper Tactics

CoD Modern Warfare 2

CoD Modern Warfare 2 sniping tactics and strategy !

Remember to get fast on the trigger, learn to aim well, learn the popular enemy positions, dont be afraid to run from a fight and position yourself well.


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MICROSOFT Prepares PC Digital Distribution Service

Game Industry News



Games on Demand for Windows will allow gamers to purchase and download from the Games for Windows – LIVE library right from their computers - "and re-install your games whenever you want, wherever you want."

Starting December 15 Games for Windows – LIVE " It will evolve beyond LIVE gaming and include a portal for accessing and downloading your favorite LIVE-enabled titles… courtesy of Games on Demand." 

“With Games on Demand, we didn’t just want to create a cut-and-paste version of existing digital distribution services,” said Mike Ybarra, general manager of LIVE Engagement Services. “We challenged ourselves to deliver an integrated platform that takes full advantage of the unique capabilities offered by the LIVE service. Our goal has always been to create a seamless online gaming experience for the Windows community, and Games on Demand is a great step toward that end.”

The launch lineup will include recent hits like “Resident Evil 5” (Capcom), “Red Faction: Guerilla” (THQ), and “Battlestations: Pacific” (EIDOS), as well as new exclusive LIVE-enabled versions of popular digital games such as “World of Goo” and “Osmos,” distributed by Microsoft Game Studios. All games can be purchased either by credit card or with Microsoft Points. Games on Demand for Windows will be available in markets that currently have the Games for Windows – LIVE service. Microsoft is also offering an updated LIVE-enabled version of “Tinker,” formerly an exclusive Windows Vista Ultimate Extra, as a completely free download from the Games for Windows – LIVE client.

“Connected digital experiences are defining the continued growth of Windows as a gaming platform,” said Chuck Osieja, creative director of Games for Windows – LIVE. “Today marks Microsoft’s return to delivering Windows games built on unique LIVE experiences.”


Well, that's nice. They're trying to beat Steam. Hm, maybe it's actually going to be better than Steam.

Or not.

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Modern Warfare 2 Jump Tactics

CoD Modern Warfare 2

A jumping video that shows some great techniques for hopping around MW2. All the jumps done without glitch or hack. All jumps were done with Marathond Pro, Lightweight Pro, and Commando Pro Perks. Music is by Chevelle.


CoD: Advanced Warfare wallpaper

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wallpaper

wallpaper 1920x1080

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CoD: Ghosts DLC Packs

Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Maps






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