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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 10:17 PM BST

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E3 DEMO : Call of Duty: Black Ops - Flying Hands On Video

Call of Duty Black Ops

Watch some impressive Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay !!!

Mark Lamia, Studio Head of Treyarch, gives a demo how flying a Hind helicopter, with direct control of the chopper's movement, looks like.


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Activision's Kotick lies about "just a share of used games market"

Game Industry News

by Claire Claws

Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick talked to investors at the E3 2010 Game Expo :

"Today there’s a $3bn used game market that we do not participate in. If we look at the share of market we have, there’s a $500m opportunity for us in used games. We want to partner with our retailers to allow them to provide products as usual but where we get to participate in the revenue streams.

Is Kotick claiming earnings from the used games sales or does he mean something completely different ?

Bobby Kotick - the master of the Game Universe

Money. Kotick is always talking about money and how Activision wants to get more revenue from every game they sell in the future.

Game Publisher Electronic Arts already has been succesfuly experimenting with ways to bring in revenue from the 'used games' market. So Kotick just need to copy this to get fresh money in. So he thinks.....

This is the EA way and can also be used for ALL Activision games in the near future * :

The Online Pass. The online pass is just a code that comes with a new game. You'll need this code to download a certain add-on and after this you be able to play with your friends on-line.

But... when you buy an used game or rent a game, you ALWAYS have to purchase a NEW personal Online Pass for $10.

So Kotick is not completely honest when he lets all think he just wants "a part" of the $3bn pre-owned games market. With this Online Pass the gamers have pay more for used games than they do now !!!

Because of the current economic situation many retailers need that bit of extra income they now get from their used games section. So will they lower their price of used games ? Fat chance ! 

And, again because of the current economic situation, many gamers already sell their old console game titles (privately) to be able to buy the latest releases. So??  Will a $10 extra for Activision help the less fortunates to sell their old game so they can buy the latest games from Activison? Nope.

Don't forget Kotick already added 10 dollar to the retail price for CoD: Modern Warfare 2 last year.....

Few options how the Kotick brain works :

Is Kotick thinking :

  1. "Just adding some extra Activision millions to the $3bn total in used game market revenue."
  2. "Retailers will lower their prices so we can take 'our' share of the used game market revenue."
  3. "Less production costs but same or MORE revenue. Higher Activision profits for all new titles."


  • " I am brilliant ! Taking an extra 500 million for nothing extra. And with this I am also ruining what is left of those small and independent game retailers. BYE BYE Free Market! In the end ALL retailers will be directly connected to me. Soon I will be the Master of the Game Universe.     I love money making.          Did I already think that I was brilliant ?                               "


All of the above is a perfect example how to manipulate. Lure the investors in with the promise of still more money can be made. 

Recent figures clearly showed that there is NO extra 500 million stretch in today's games market. Sales numbers are dropping and the 500 million has to come from unwilling buyers or from unwilling retailers.

In the last few years Activision bought it self to the top and it needs more money to stay there. Because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 never was that good and the expensive WoW is turning sour.

Some CEO's are brilliant in talking the share price up. But what if you knew they were selling their own shares?  Would you still invest in that company ?  

(Kotick Sells More Activision Shares)

(* The use of Steam already made it impossible to sell or buy an used PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 . ) 

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E3 - Microsoft's Natal project gets a name: Xbox360 Kinect

Game Industry News

Microsoft’s E3 kickoff event on Sunday night was Cirque du Soleil put on a show created entirely for Project Natal, the camera-based controller that will bring motion and voice control to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The big news? Project Natal is now named Kinect

Kinect uses multiple cameras to track users’ body movements, translating their motion into game controls. You might control a car-racing game by pretending to grip a steering wheel in the air, or a tennis game by swinging an imaginary racket.

Microsoft will release the Xbox 360 device later this year.

Will this be a revolutionary product? Microsoft certainly thinks so. “History is about to be rewritten,” boomed over the loudspeakers, “Human beings will be at the center, and the machine will be the one that adapts."

Microsoft Kinect Motion Sensor

The Microsoft Kinect Motion Sensor Launches November 4th 2010 and will cost $149

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E3 - Call of Duty Black Ops Video and Presentation

by Vrandas

At the E3 Game Expo in Los Angeles more than 3 minutes of Call of Duty: Black Ops Single Player action was shown during the Microsoft Xbox 360 game presentation. 

In the next video you can see a fight in a tunnel and a scene with a stolen combat helicopter.  A stuttering video (best there is on this moment) but it gives a good impression...

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