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Wednesday, August 23 2017 @ 03:24 AM BST

Join the Titanfall Beta - Watch Full Training Video


The Titanfall Closed Beta on XBOX ONE and PC will soon start and you have only a few days left for chance to play!

To register for the closed Beta, click here and follow the easy instructions. If you are selected to participate you will be contacted by EA via email with instructions on how to access the Beta on either XBOX ONE or PC. Access to the closed Beta is limited and is not guaranteed.

The closed beta will pit players against each other in fast-paced 6v6 multiplayer combat on two maps and three Titanfall modes, including newly announced mode “Last Titan Standing.”

Players will traverse Angel City, whose massive walls provide pilots access to rooftops to attack from above and Fracture, where jagged terrain forces the pilots to use the interiors of abandoned buildings and abilities like cloaking to survive.

Beta modes include Attrition, where players kill enemies on the opposing team to earn valuable Attrition points, Hardpoint Domination, where teams capture and defend points on the map, and Last Titan Standing, a round based mode where players try to survive with one life and one Titan.

Register today for your chance to play Titanfall for the first time! Hurry up and register before signup ends on Friday Feb 14th at 4pm PST!


Here you can watch a Titanfall Beta Gameplay Video.

Titanfall Q&A Video with Joel Emslie and Abbie Heppe

Titanfall Beta Gameplay Video


Respawn's Titanfall Beta Gameplay Video

Titanfall Q&A Video with Joel Emslie and Abbie Heppe


Register today for your chance to play Titanfall for the first time! Hurry up and register before signup ends on Friday Feb 14th at 4pm PST!

IMPORTANT News for Call of Duty: Ghosts FoV Changer users !!!!

Call of Duty Ghosts

Agentrev, maker of the Call of Duty: Ghosts FoV Changer, received an important message from Infinity Ward's Community Coordinator, Candice Capen.

" Hello - Just wanted to give you the heads up,

we've started banning all third party software, including FOV changers."

Followed by :

"We're going to be adding our own as soon as we can, but you may want to update your site so players can know there is potential to be banned."

So after exactly three months and more than 105.000 downloads has now stopped with the distribution of AgentRev's Call of Duty: Ghosts FoV Changer.

And we urge all users to stop using AgentRev's Call of Duty: Ghosts FoV Changer !  


We want to thank all for trusting us and for making a statement that a FoV changer is important for so many.

We also want to thank Infinity Ward for keeping the lines for communication open.

Note: AgentRev's MW3 FoV changer (339.500 downloads) and AgentRev's MW2 FoV changer (76.545 dls) both stay allowed to use.

Interview with Distiny, a Call of Duty: Ghosts Hacker

German Interview by

Interview mit Distiny, a Call of Duty: Ghosts Hacker


Tell us something about you. What is your motivation and why do you have this ambition to hack and cheat in games? Is it just for the sake of trolling and lousing up the game for other gamers? Or do you want to show everybody how badly the game is actually coded? That would explain the chat you recently had with the Activision Support, outing yourself as cheater. Why did you take the risk?

My main motivation is to actually learn in general. How games work, how I can change things. I'm by far an expert coder by I'm persistent and with effort and time the whole internet is a source where you can study from.

Experience told me CoD games developed by IW are very easy to cheat/hack in since a lot of stuff is still client side which is a big risk for any game developer regarding cheaters. The cheats themselves I use for trolling, mainly making fun of other people when they get mad. From my pov it's only a game and I don't understand how people can get so mad in a game. I'd just leave the server if there's a cheater and try another. You got 2 kinds of cheaters, the ones who are covert about it, "the so called closet cheaters" and then you got the rage cheaters like me who go full blast every time. So after a week or 2 I was surprised that I wasn't banned yet since I'm very obvious and got reported a lot I assume. thus I looked into the Anti cheat system and their report function. My reason for the live support chat with Activision is explained below.

You claim that you have hacked Ghosts from the very first hour and even programmed cheats yourself or helped in developing tools. As you have seen behind the curtain, what can you tell us about the report function and the so-called „Live Anti Cheat“ system - „some really cool new anti-cheat stuff“ that was implemented in Ghosts, according to Mark Rubin.

As I said before previous experience taught me that IW makes it very easy for us cheaters thus I waited until game launch and wasn't surprised I was able to change my squadpoints, xp, etc only a few minutes after I launched the game for the first time. In the cheating community I'm also active in atm I shared my findings, released hacks, source coded etc because I believe that when I can teach others something new they in their turn will eventually find something that I can learn from and use.

I was happy that the game was x64 since VAC doesn't have a 64 bit version yet (though some claim it's already in Nether I haven't seen proof yet only the foundation) thus didn't have VAC to protect itself. So that only left their own new protection Live Anti Cheat. While reversing the game (parts of it) and looking at the LAC parts specifically I found out their AC is integrated into Demonware ( IW's matchmaking system) Thus it wasn't on your pc itself which makes it less effective (usually) after further testing and reversing I found that it works with ConsoleID to get info from the player (Obviously PC's don't have a ConsoleID;only consoles)

From what I further assume it only scans certain stats like for example xp at start of match vs xp at end of match to prevent boosting and exploiting on consoles. But the best part (for me) is that PC cheaters will have free reign. I'm neither an expert in reversing thus I waited a few weeks to confirm what I assumed, which did. The fact that I didn't get a manual ban then baffled me after a month so I later decided to have that chat with Activision support. Even told the guy I was a cheater but to no avail.
The report function itself (when I followed it through in the code) didn't end up sending info. I wasn't sure at first, thought I was mistaken but after all this time seeing noone is banned yet I could say that I was correct about it.

According to the recent patch notes, Infinity Ward made some improvements on their anticheat-system for PC. Have you noticed them or were there any changes at all?

I immediately checked the code after the update but found nothing new so once again PC players were hoaxed again since I ain't banned yet and I play several hours daily. 2 people claim to be banned manually but their proof can easily be countered and faked which I did since you can adjust the in-game messages yourself with a simple program.

Call of Duty Ghosts Mythbusters: Episode 3

An other episode of Call of Duty: Ghosts Mythbusters.


The Call of Duty Ghosts Mythbusters: Episodes 1 & 2

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