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Friday, December 19 2014 @ 07:59 AM UTC

MW3 Hardened Edition will come with FREE metal box and booklet !

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@mapmodnews Online Gaming Europe
Do you think Elite Premium is free with the MW3 Hardened edition ? Really ? Read this :… - #MW3 #codelite #Activision
19 Sep via web
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Dan Amrich
OneOfSwords Dan Amrich
@mapmodnews Maybe it's a slow news day, but your story is inaccurate in all kinds of ways, and your reputation is on it.
Dan Amrich
OneOfSwords Dan Amrich
@mapmodnews Fact errors: Elite premium offers MUCH more than "the same things we get for free from third party organisations." Check chart.
Dan Amrich
OneOfSwords Dan Amrich
@mapmodnews Math truth: Elite premium is $10 less via HE than it would be alone, and Elite offers DLC at $10 less than standalone DLC.
Dan Amrich
OneOfSwords Dan Amrich
@mapmodnews Your Elite facts are wrong and your math on the value is faulty. Check both.



Our Mapmodnews MW3 FACTS:

MW3 Hardened Edition will come with FREE metal box and booklet !

In the end everyone, and that´s Console and PC gamers, will have to pay around 100 dollars for the complete MW3 game (with Elite Premium DLC).

Activision, the Game's Publisher, uses retail prices; but you can get the standard MW3 edition cheaper and big online retailers like Amazon also sell Microsoft points with a discount.

PC gamers pay 50 for the game and 50 for Premium = 100 dollar
Hardened Edition for Console is game and Premium = 100 dollar
Standard Xbox version plus Premium = 100 dollar
And the standard PS3 version is slightly higher priced.

Keep in mind that CoD Elite Premium is set on $49.99 DOLLARS !

Normally this would be € 37,12 or £ 32,55 for Europe. But it seems Activision wants to charge the Europeans more, so Europe pays € 50 Euro for the CoD Elite Premium Online subscription. The US gamers also pay less for the MW3 game...

Atm console players are all buying the hardened edition. Not for box or book but because you can´t (!) pre-order the standalone CoD Elite Premium. So hurry, the MW3 HE edition is almost sold out.

Update Sept 23 :  Gamestop US has now started with selling Premium subscriptions.

Remember that Activision still hasn't told what the content of the MW3 DLC will be. They just say: 20 pieces. So it can be 15 maps and some weapon camos or uniform skins. And the rest of CoD Elite Premium are mostly things which other game publishers or third party organisations provide for free.


 We posted this public Twitter conversation here, because it got deleted (not by us) the next day...

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