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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 04:50 PM BST

MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator - The FIX for PC MW3 DLC files problem

CoD Modern Warfare 3

With the  MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator  you can play the regular playlist with ALL your friends again !

MapModNews created one ZiP file with ALL you need for properly disabling the 1st Modern Warfare 3 DLC files; so you can join regular lobbies (non-DLC players).

The file offers you two choices :

Creating a Deactivator Desktop Short Cut that will disable the DLC, and run it again to re-enable or using the INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator.


Using the INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator.exe file.

Picture shows the INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator will get listed in STEAM for easy acces.

Read the inclosed README file how to use both files.

DOWNLOAD the file

The above .zip file contains the MW3-DLC-1-Deactivator created by Cheat-Free and INGAME-MW3-DLC1-Deactivator created by Assimaschine.


UPDATE 05-26 :

Modern Warfare 3 - PC Patch 1.13  - Fix for mismatching files error between DLC and Non-DLC owners (!)